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  1. @abds69 yes I recorded footage with histogram on.I'm still trying to figure out how to properly expose for this camera. No I haven't tried any of the picture effects.I like portrait and neutral creative styles but tend to go with neutral the majority of the time. Yes I will upload MTS file when I get a chance.
  2. I know the moire isn't much but for those who claim it doesn't exist I just wanted to share my findings.
  3. https://vimeo.com/97883321 Take notice of sleeve and back side on the man's shirt. Excuse the shaky camera work. I know the pattern of the gentleman's shirt is a known cause of revealing ugly moire. I personally never saw this in the A6000 until I was going through random clips and discovered this. Yes it does exist, to what extreme? only more time with the camera will tell.
  4. Example of flat footage from A6000,neutral creative style -3 -3 -3. Footage is straight from camera. frame rate-24P creative style-neutral -3 -3 -3 shutter-50 iso-100 filter-neewer variable nd glass-sony 35mm 1.8 OSS editor-Vegas Pro 12 Download footage re-wrapped in DNxHD MOV. files. we.tl/MUqMeZDdQO
  5. https://vimeo.com/97877583 Just a test with Neutral Creative Style. I tested DRO at Level 5 and on OFF to see how it would impact the image. I can't say I see a real big difference if any at all,at least in this shooting scenario. frame rate-24P creative style-neutral shutter-50 iso-100 post-curves,color corrector,saturation eq filter-neewer variable nd glass-sony 35mm 1.8 OSS editor-Vegas Pro 12 Download footage straight from camera re-wrapped in DNxHD MOV. files. we.tl/hpFXN2C0pO
  6. GX7 VS A6000 which is better or more capable is truly in the hands of the shooter in addition to some factual specs. I suggest people go shoot something and bring it back here afterwards to show the merits of the cameras. I have yet to see any video evidence that clearly shows the superiority or inferiority of either camera "image wise". I know after I shot the two videos I posted here it cleared up a lot for some people which I hope was helpful. Lets start shooting and let the cameras speak for themselves, it's the only way to get a true account of the cameras abilities. Edit: After thinking about it more I would say overall I may give the GX7 a slight advantage in actual video use. What I mean is I have never known for a PanasonIc to overheat in video mode GH1/GH2/GH3 so I have to give respect for that. It also may be true the AVCHD is better implemented but yet to be proven visually. All in all I just like the overall image of the A6000 better.
  7. @Inasuma thanks for the test but can't say it definitively proves anything far as camera merit. I will say the GX7 definitely has a finer noise structure and is more detailed so to speak. Saying that I still like the image and feel of the A6000 better "Subjective right?". I think some people automatically think when a image is so-called sharper it equates to a "better" image,not true. It's just like lenses,a particular lens may be sharper but that doesn't mean it has the character or renders more pleasing imagery. I also wouldn't call the little moire and aliasing a "issue" for the A6000, It may be present but far from a issue. I have had the A6000 a while and have yet to encounter any real issues with that. You also didn't mention specifically what your in-camera settings were. I have had the A6000 for well over a month and I'm still trying to discover the best combination of settings to dial in. In all honestly I don't think you can have these cameras for a short period of time "non exclusively" and think your going to get the best out of them. For example, just yesterday I learned if I set the A6000 to natural picture profile, -3 -3 -3, with DRO on level 5 you get the flattest and most neutral image,with no apparent degradation. Good for daylight shooting. Far as the A6000 user interface,though not perfect I find it hard to have a real issue with it. It's quite easy to navigate,touch-screen would have been great but all in all I find it quite pleasing and quick to use. Final words,I do wish the A6000 had a more robust codec and that the hdmi out actually translated to better image quality "via ninja". I also wish the body was textured like the Nex-6 and that it didn't suffer from potential overheating. I guess if all those wishes were granted it would be the perfect camera for me but in a imperfect world I have to make it work "as is". I ultimately think the GX7 and the A6000 are both great cameras whose true super powers get unleashed by even greater shooters,who also know the limits of their tools.
  8. The A6000 is great, it proved to me it is, I'm now a believer! Submit to it's greatness and you to will become a believer. It even told me if my content is good it will surely benefit the both of us, I thought for a second then nodded in complete agreement. I got to stop drinking, I'm hearing camera voices and seeing visions of Phillip Bloom's over sharpened cat.
  9. In my opinion this camera would be great for documentary work. I know it's frowned upon to use auto-focus but this is the first DSLR type camera where the auto-focus really may do a better job than me for run & gun. To be honest I don't think I have manually focused since I had the camera lol. If the subject is static I tend to let the camera lock focus with C-AF, then toggle to M-F to keep focus,and if the subject moves,quickly toggle back to C-AF. The A6000 is really innovative in that department, I use and have it setup like my old RX100 but with the advantage of having a more robust image in the box.
  10. I think Glenn Thomas's video a few post up is a excellent example of what image the camera is capable of. I have only good things to say about the camera, I have yet to see a real issue with the internal recording quality far as artifacts and such. The way I see it is, if the external recording quality is indeed a "little" better compared to internal recording you still really can't complain. I have did a lot of testing and seem to come away more impressed than disappointed,considering that I'm a lite pixel peeper I think that's good news. I must ask,has anyone else had a real issue with image quality being compromised far as mud or color banding when recording in-camera?
  11. From my test -3 sharpness using my 35mm 1.8 is still sharp to my eye if I nail focus correct. It seems this camera sharpens up real quick going from the negative into the positive. I prefer to add sharpening in post,it seems the footage retains a more organic look far as edges are concerned. just another 2 cent.
  12. Hey everyone! I just wanted to say before I picked up the A6000 I was really in the market for the D5300 being that I had the D5200 and wanted to upgrade do to the improvements. So one day I walked in the camera store with every intention on buying a D5300 and just happen to inquire when the A6000 would be in-stock, to my surprise they had it in, this was way before the projected release date. I asked to play with it a bit, long story short I left the store with the A6000. I very much liked the images out of the D5200 with no real complaints other than the FPN in the shadows and the aperture issue. I had no intentions on changing brands but when I put the little thing in my hand I just fell in lust, the form factor,the features and the rumored video quality basically made me buy a camera that was on my radar but not a definite purchase in my mind. After I got home I wondered had I made the right decision and even thought about taking it back but in the end I kept the A6000 and have no regrets. I feel the negatives of the A6000 are maybe the absence of a mic input and the codec but other great features tend to make you not care so much about them, personally I haven't ran into a issue with either thus far. I think the big thing with this camera is dialing the in-camera settings far as picture profile to a good starting point,considering you plan on grading your footage. A lot of sample footage I have seen online really doesn't do the camera justice, too much sharpening and other degrading factors in my humble opinion. In the right hands and when people really get to know the A6000 I feel some great images will be produced with it. Sorry for the long drawn out post.
  13. yea after watching that video I set my focus settings up the same way,The auto focus in this camera and the way it locks on is amazing.
  14. I possibly could do that test if no one has done it before I have a chance to post. I can get that up tomorrow.
  15. Another thing, I have been shooting portrait all -3 and it's amazing how slight treatments make the images pop.With the GH2 and D5200 I have to do much more surgery to get a desired look. I also think the A6000 handles highlights better. I know we have a lot of 4k going around but I feel you won't be disappointed with this little beast for what it is,"again" that's if you shoot within its realm of power.
  16. I think the A6000 is more than perfect for what I will use it for,1 to 2 minute properly lit scenes. I personally haven't seen the codec break down to a unusable degree yet,mainly because I keep in mind the weak areas of the camera. I have a GH2 and I enjoy the images out the A6000 just as much,it's not that it resolves better but its images have a certain texture and feel to them. At this point I'm just trying to figure out the best combination of settings to get a desired result. On this specific footage I shot for almost 2 hours nonstop,1 to 2 minute clips every couple of seconds with no overheating. I like this camera a lot. Random photos taken during photo shoot..35mm 1.8 OSS.
  17. yes I was in the sun but only ran like 2 to 3 minute clips for over a hour period doing some testing. I'm no colorist or anything but here is a example of images straight out the camera and another version I graded. I feel with this camera if limitations are kept in mind you can capture some great images. frame rate 24P creative style portrait -3,-3,-3, shutter 50 iso 100 post-curves,color corrector filter-neewer variable nd glass-sony 35mm 1.8 OSS editor-Vegas Pro 12
  18. yea I did some testing today and I could not get it to over heat in the hot sun,I also let it run three 29 minute cycles and it didn't over heat,but that was at room temperature..I have to do more testing but I'm loving this little camera.
  19. Good read.I hear everything you spoke about but can't help but notice how impressive the video quality of this camera actually is.You can laugh at the baby mode all you want but the images out this thing seem rather mature to my eyes.
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