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  1. Didn't know that, that is great. I doubt that my Nikon D750 has that option, but I will dig into the menu. I get your point, but I was thinking more about some kind of street/nature/whatever is interesting spontaneus practice shooting, not for regular work... but if some great shots would happen that would be even better in color, well I would just look at the bigger picture and remind myself why I shot it that way in the first place
  2. It just crossed my mind a few days ago that maybe I should shoot monochrome in my spare time as much as possible, so I could train myself to frame better and maybe see better compositions without the distraction of colors. Sometimes when there is some fast and spontaneus shooting involved, my mind simply blocks and I hate my average framing/composition in those scenarios, and I find myself thinking if I just had a few more seconds to let my brain to catch up. It seems to me that with b&w I could force myself to pay more attention to composition and contrast, and simply see the details that are important for my framing more clearly. It certainly won't help over night, but I feel it could pay off in the long term. Just a tought, what do you guys think?... and don't laugh at me you naturally gifted people
  3. Now I use Nikon D750 and love the small files, neutral/natural colors and DR, but I miss some of that 5D + Vision Color mojo.
  4. This profile worked great for me back in the 5D mark II days, especially with Filmconvert. I don't know if its compatible with new Canon DSLR-s. http://www.vision-color.com/visioncolor-for-canon-eos/
  5. IMO this camera would sing if it had C-log, the color and the detail are there, it just lacks that fine tonal transitions in highs and lows that 1Dc has. As things stand now, 1Dc image looks much better to me.
  6. Judging only by all the videos linked on the forum, all the great things in the 1DX II image are unfortunately destroyed IMO by terrible and abrupt highlight clipping in high contrast situations. The one on that girl's hair looks especially ugly.
  7. I'm not sure there will be C-log in 5D IV if 1DX II doesn't have it. As for the color issue, I really don't see it. I actualy am one of those that don't like Sony colors and JVC footage shot in J-log that I saw on Vimeo really looks great and very natural in terms of color to me.
  8. Unless someone as a hybrid shooter is really interested in good stills/video combo, I don't really get why to even bother thinking about 5D IV. It will probably shoot cropped 4K, and previously the greatest appeal of DSLR-s over regular video cameras was FF look. I guess the price will be around 3500$, so as a video shooter if you're ok with 4K aps-c / S35 video, why even consider it when for a similar price you can buy something like JVC GY-LS300. I think this video speeks for itself.
  9. I guess you read the topic title a little bit to fast
  10. It most certainly would , but I still think that the Zeiss ones have some appeal with quality all metal construction, I just think that the brand name doesn't justify such prices.
  11. Great and simple solution but it feels a little bit overpriced. http://lenspire.zeiss.com/en/zeiss-lens-gear/
  12. That is what I meant, so Hassy V Speedbooster for Nikon mount instead of regular adapter for example. I don't see why it couldn't be a relatively big market because there are many FF Nikon users(video and stills guys) out there who would probably be thrilled to get MF look with their cameras, also the same could be probably made for EF mount.
  13. Because I don't have any experience with MF glass, I was just curious is there something to gain with that option, like maybe more 3D pop, creamier backgrounds and such. Judging by responses from you and others, It's clear to me that it would be better to build a set of FF primes and only go to MF glass if some speedboosters appear in the future. One other thing... I see that Hassy V to F mount adapter is quite thick, so I guess there is more than enough room for speedbooster. That would be really great if possible.
  14. Yes Andy Lee praised them all the time on the forum, but since there is no info on Leitax page about the compatibility for remounting to Nikon it would be a risky buy, because some of the CY Zeisses are also not compatible without a little bit of rear lens barrel shaving. http://leitax.com/Zeiss-Contax-lens-for-Nikon-cameras.html
  15. Actually I was thinking about slowly collecting a Nikon AIS or C/Y Zeiss set but instead of 50's to throw in a Voigtlander 58 f1.4. I guess it is more similar to Zeiss in image rendering. That MIR test on D750 would be really great, thanks.
  16. Thank you guys, I really appreciate this... and Rich is right, Fotodiox adapter for Contax 645 that is linked in my previous post has built in iris control So Rich in your opinion am I better of with remounted CY Zeisses than Nikon AIS... and also do you maybe have any experience with MIR 35 f2 (there is a version with Nikon mount), I saw that some photographers are full of praise and call it "poor man's Leica", some stills that I've seen really look great
  17. I currently use Nikon D750 as my main camera for shooting video and just out of curiosity I searched the web for some lens mounts that can be adapted to Nikon, and found that Fotodiox has adapters for Mamiya 645, Contax 645 and Hasselblad V lenses that maintain infinity focus without additional glass elements. I saw on Ebay that Mamiyas are reasonably priced, so I'm intrigued. I don't have any experience with MF glass whatsoever, so any advice/knowledge on performance and usability of MF lenses on a FF camera would be very helpful, and generally is there any gain in image quality vs regular FF lenses. Edit: by regular FF lenses I don't mean Zeiss Otus/Milvus or Leicas Links to adapters: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/995110-REG/fotodiox_hassy_v_nk_p_pro_nikon_f_mount_lens.html http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/995105-REG/fotodiox_m645_nk_p_pro_nikon_f_mount_lens.html http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/995112-REG/fotodiox_ctx645_nk_pro_nikon_f_mount_lens.html
  18. Well look what you have done now... I went to look for OK Go and started to watch the first video that Google offered, and immediately felt the urge to go and drink a brandy with bunch of aspirins.
  19. To be thrilled or scared, the question is now. http://www.wired.com/2016/04/microsoft-holoportation-star-wars-hologram/?mbid=social_fb
  20. You are right, but still I think it would be about time to have it internaly in all future cameras in enthusiast/pro range. It seems the way the things are going now, when BBC decides that it requires 10bit 422 for broadcast, maybe than we will get 9bit 210
  21. I saw an article on News Shooter, that lights could be really something http://www.newsshooter.com/2016/04/09/softpanels-led-lights-with-autocolor-and-skin-tone-enhance-features/
  22. Apparently these should be quite good for the price, maybe even better and cheaper than Zeiss CP2... but still mucho dinero. Edit: Sorry, didn't know that the price has gone up after 1st March https://celerelenses.com/
  23. sudopera

    Sony RX10 III

    Apparently RX10 III is not meant to be an upgrade of RX10 II, but more of a second option with different lens
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