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  1. So I am guessing you are very happy with you Gh5s if your selling the 1dc. Did you ever get round to doing the comparisons between the two cameras. It would be amazing to download some footage of both cameras if you have any. A lot of the Gh5s footage that I have seen, seems to be a little over sharpened and the motion can feel a little jittery. I have not shot with the camera so my thoughts on it are second hand. How have you found it stacks up to your 1dc? Mainly over sharpened image, motion and natural organic quality to the image.
  2. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the test. Chris
  3. Thanks for all the advice and comments everyone. I should have been clearer, when I said travel video, I meant making projects while I travel, most are narrative based and as someone that has come from a BMCC, the image is so important to me. Nearly every thing I do is narrative. For example here is some of my stuff www.chriscory.co.uk Of course the BMCC is much more portable then people think and with the BMCC speed booster, is usable in lower light, but you still need to attach a monitor to it a lot of the time and it does not have any more frame rates. Its really
  4. Hi everyone About two weeks ago, I purchased a 1dx Mark ii for travel video. I am really liking the image so far, dynamic range can be bit of an issue though. Are there any users on here that have used the 1dx Mark ii and the 1dc? How does the image compare between the two cameras? Would It have been better If I had got a 1dc for video work? I am well aware of the features, and advantages of each camera slow motion, used price, auto focus, etc. My questions is purely about the image quality of the two cameras. Cheers Chris
  5. I am selling my Canon 5D Mark iii In really good condition. Shutter 48,000. Comes with the battery and charger. London £1300 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282618248588?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 https://www.gumtree.com/p/digital-cameras/canon-5d-mark-iii/1263776825
  6. Thanks hyalinejim. The noise is very noticeably worse in resolve, though i'm doing a few tests now. So in the ACR box, i literally touch nothing? (apart from maybe WB tweek) just select cinelog and then export. I have been using 4444 and 4444xq as an export from AE, do you have the Gamma at automatic or switch it to none? Thanks Chris
  7. Smart import 2 is amazing! Thankyou for recommending it, its solved all the main issues I had! Such an awesome script! With Cinelog, so you buy it, install it, it appears in the camera profile section in ACR. Then just select it, export as normal. Then I can open the files in resolve and grade the cinelog. Is that right? Thanks
  8. Thanks for that mercer, I download footage app, looks cool. I will have a mess around later. Thanks for the complements kaylee! Resolve 14 is fast, like crazy fast! The render times have decreased noticeably and the UI performance, seems faster. You say you are pretty comfortable with ACR. Whats your workflow? Do you know of a way to preview a frame other then the first one? I have been using ACR with AE and making a comp for each shot then rendering, is that fastest way? And recommendations on avoiding flicker with the ACR controls?
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone. With AE, how do you avoid flicker? I've noticed some of the controls can make the image flicker a little. Does anyone have any workflow recommendations for AE? Like is there anyway to see a diffrent frame in ACR, not just the first one? So far I have been processing the shot with ACR in AE, then adding each shot to a separate comp, then rendering each comp, is there a faster way?
  10. Thanks Mercer . What's the new footage app called? any resolve settings you reccomed? Ive been noticing better colours and better shadow noise in Ae with acr, but these are early tests . So hopefully there is a way to improve this in resolve.
  11. Thanks. after a brief test, I have noticed the colours seem better from Acr and the noise in the shadows seems much better. is there any way to match that quality in resolve? or a way to make Acr less of a pain to work with?
  12. Mercer. What are you using to process your dng's? Resolve or Ae? or something else?
  13. Thanks Jimmy. So are you using ARC through after effects? What do you use to convert the MLV's? In the past I used Rawmagic, though I have started using MLVFS.
  14. Thanks kaylee, things are going well so far, just doing some camera tests now. Yes I will make an effort to make some artistic projects with it! You can check out some of my past work here. www.chriscory.co.uk
  15. thanks tihon! I went with the 5d raw in the end! Happy so far, but just getting my act together at the moment!
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