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  1. This is a very powerful impressive camera. However the motion cadence of my A7s annoys me and the video is good enough for me at the moment. So no buy, I still want a MKiii with Ml or a BMMCC for the look I want.
  2. Very good test, thank you for doing this mate. A valuable resource for anyone shopping for these cameras.
  3. I'm always so pleased with the ML footage. I have an A7s and like to do astrophotography and would like to do some short films/doco. Think i'll get this as it is good enough as a second astro camera and it smokes the A7s for video! Now for some advice. I have primes 100mm to 600mm (with teleconverter.) Do you think a canon 24-70 will fill the gap and give a good result for video? I know it is great for photos. Back on topic. Long live ML RAW!
  4. Okay I'm interested. It'sl iike they read the forum and then chucked everything into the camera (with the paid and future firmware upgrades,) I'll be looking to buy in about 8 months and this has my attention. Mix it with a speed booster yum yum.
  5. True, that can be a plus of the mjpeg codec. The motion cadence of my A7s *seems* crappy in comparison. Watching the strange stuttering motion of cars for example.
  6. Indefensible indeed. At the moment for my needs I'll be getting a mkiii and putting magic lantern on it. If Canon didn't go full retard preventing ML on the 1dx, I'd be going that route, i'm happy to lose warranty if it is my choice. I need the best image possible (i'm a hobbyist for now,) and a stills camera in one to compliment my A7s. I do astro time lapse and nature videos, I'll start doing short documentaries next year but they will be for learning and not raking in income. Without magic lantern I'd just get an a7rii and be done with it, however I like the colours and motion of the Canons and Black Magics. If they would put a few different flavours of Pro Res (or something similar) on the Mk4 and cfast for higher data rates then, it would be a done deal. If Sony would do the same on an A9 then I would splurge on XQD and enjoy a fantastic stills camera with great video. A good rugged stills/video hybrid without the gimping to protect their $10000/$25000 cinema lines would be a dream. They could always include h.264 in the menu for the event shooters. I'm not in the position to pay for a Scarlet or even Ursa mini at the moment. I guess the thing for some of us is that because of Black Magic and Magic Lantern, we know technically it is possible to have great 1080p video in a small package. It is just frustrating to know it won't happen because Sony/Canon wish to protect their cinema lines. It's their choice and I understand their side of things. I guess i'll get a second hand MKiii to hack and then get a bmmcc or kine terra later to compliment. I'm happy to deal with the data. Anyway, if they use motion jpeg it will be high data rates with 8 bit. 16mins on a 64Gb card for 8 bit video does not suit my needs Canon. Peace.
  7. I also am considering this. Both for a trip to northern India and later Peru. I have an A7s but am not happy with the quality compared with 5d mkiii raw. Additionly I am getting a second body anyway, so I can get two cameras rolling whilst I do my astro time lapse. I have mostly canon glass anyway so for me it will be a good combo. Most video will be ML raw but the A7s will help out if extra low light is needed. The only thing I need to sort is offloading the data. Do I take my macbook or get a netbook just for data offload. I shall practice on local trips first.
  8. If this gives me better video on my A7s I might not buy a 5diii for the Raw Video. It's a long shot though, I won't hold my breath. Still pretty neat though, thanks to those who worked on it.
  9. Awesome thanks guys, didn't know about that. That's one more tick for the mkiii. Love the features of the FS5 but have not yet seen footage from it that's even close to being as yummy as the ML raw.
  10. Thanks to Hans and Mattias for you clarification. Now 5diii is back in the race to be my next camera. I want slow mo from fs5 (plus I already have a A7s,) but have not seen any footage that I really love. BMMCC looks good but have to rig it up and add on the cost of a speed booster. That leaves the beautiful footage of the MKiii raw but no slow mo, yet also a fantastic stills camera.
  11. Wait so to clarify SQUIGS post above, if I were to buy a mkiii in the store today, I could 100% downgrade the firmware to an older version and install ML? Because MKiii is only on my list still because of ML.
  12. This is how I feel dammit. I don't buy that they did it because the file size was too big either, that does not quite make sense. Anyway speculation on a web forum will get me nowhere. So close dammit.
  13. Yeah, what gives, did they just want to sell us the brick? If a BMPCC can do it for $999 why did panasonic CHOOSE not to do it? They held themselves back so they could sell us a brick? Or are they not as competent as Black Magic? I find the second one hard to believe.
  14. Dear NIKON, you have lost me. This is especially true as I have just fallen in love with video. Other reasons too numerous to list. Dear Canon, now that I'm in love with video, if you kill or block magic lantern, I will not consider. Dear Fuji, with your amazing handling, sensor and lenses, please unlock full manual control in video. Also a better video code please. Raw on Fuji X-trans, hhmmmnummm Oooh yeah.
  15. I bought a d3100 for travelling when it was new. For the price this little camera can deliver some great images, and if the light is perfect and your skills great the 1080p video for its time was a great addition. I know it's an entry level camera but a few things were omitted that I feel were omitted JUST for up selling. Bracketing and intervelometer and mirror lock up (you can do it for cleaning but not for photography). I was surprised when my friends much older Nikon had this and mine did not, surely this is software? Basic control over video functions. Basically they made an auto mode which sucks and even though it shows that your manual controls are working on the screen they do nothing. Things like this are evident going up the line year after year. Mixed with the response to their quality control issues (I would prefer they admit mistakes and address them instead of the cold expensive shoulder), lack of firmware updates, locking the firmware, locking out 3rd party lenses on d5300 etc etc. I no longer have love for Nikon. When I upgrade next I will sell my Nikon lenses and change systems to a company that wants to push the boundaries (or Canon thanks to ML). They are very short sighted indeed, they could have put a class leading video mode in the DF with that sexy sensor, but they chose to gimp it along with the autofocus and other features. At least I came to my senses before I bought all of that full frame glass. Sorry for the long post, I only get one as it's my first, seems like a great community to learn from and discuss with so I'll see you guys on the next Angry Couch Show 😉.
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