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  1. dude i dont even know lol the image i posted is one of the steps in the process of the Display Calibrator Assistant found through System Preferences > Displays > Color > Calibrate one of the places i work at has a bunch of brand new 27" imacs and i was just wondering the general limitations of those screens for serious color grading + vfx work like is it worth it trying to calibrate one at all with or without an external device? i honestly have no idea, although im not blind and i can see that those monitors are hella blue and high contrast out of the box... perfect for this lol
  2. when you guys say that the imac screen cant be calibrated, what exactly do you mean? is this here useless?
  3. id love to hear g6 specific tips and tricks from my fellow owners!!! its day one for me with the camera; never owned a panny before so this is all new to me :o what do I need to know about this lil guy? :) one question right off the bat: so i see that 24p is available in avchd but not mp4 (?) whats the easy way to deal with avchd files on a mac running mavericks? no idea wtf is going on with the file structure/whatever. i have cs6 software btw P L E A S E H E L P G U Y S also, generally, id love to hear about what youre doing to make that g6 footage look more organic and less electronic, more cinematic and less videographic~! PLEASE SHARE!
  4. anybody who makes a theatrically released film gets a salute from me; the more democratic the materials the more impressive the achievement so good for them
  5. thats a good point zach yes, op, its hard to consider your query without price being a factor? but in the event that its not then 5d3 all the way or 6d, if we're just talking about stills and you want to save some money
  6. lmaooo this is one of the reasons i love andrew what a breath of fresh air
  7. kewl i have my own thread new day new pic
  8. thanks a lot chrisso ill check them out ive just barely started getting into what my options are for [FRUGAL but effective] cc monitiors ::sigh::
  9. ok ill start making a good movie without a cat in it is literally impossible discuss
  10. i think we should have a new pinned thread for "PICS OF TEH DAY" and general discussion photography is the essence of cinema holla if ya hear me
  11. dam son this shit complicated rlly tho guys thankx for the info :o
  12. id love to hear more about this im going to be getting a new 27" imac and i assumed id need a second monitor for color (not to mention convenience) recommendations welcome :)
  13. would you be kind enough to elaborate on this friend? how so? no irony meant whatsoever
  14. oh man~! lol i got excited speaking of prices going down in amazon shopping carts, just noticed this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CFCTDD6/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER $500.00 G6?!??????? wow you cannot argue with that kind of value #frugality buy one for yourself and one for me. pm me for my mailing address guys
  15. me too B) nice, jg. for me a great word to use is simply: photographic it looks like photography weird how i would want a camera to shoot photographic images i kno lolol
  16. @maxotics, thank you for the explanation i must say that i find this work both technically fascinating and aesthetically compelling youre definitely onto something here id love to see more of this your ambition to show "something recognizable, like someone's face" is very intriguing tbh if i wasnt such an 'original' asshole i would TOTALLY steal your idea for some kind of art installation B) love that 'bayer' image kinda just wanna curl up in that sea of green and sleep forever
  17. hmmm whats that all about...? i was thinkin about picking up a g6, you guys experiencing this as well?
  18. @maxotics, wow, i saw this at work earlier today and it blew my mind SO interesting. thank you may i ask how in the heck you created this video exactly?? i would love to know a bit about the process here :huh:
  19. Congratulations maxotics~! looking forward to seeing what you do with it B) also: this is a great thread v interesting thanks guys
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