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  1. the concept of a world where you can deliver amazing image quality on netflix is blowing my mind :blink:
  2. sorry to hear that friend~! ugh i wouldve thought a 2012 imac would be ok with this workflow? dunno which model you have... i was thinking about a new high spec 27" imac is that a bad idea for this kind of workflow? :/ may i please ask what you guys like about capture one so much specifically? im not familiar with it but i read a bit about it and id love to know why its a preference for you! its new to me and lastly: wait so is the moire and aliasing going to be a deal breaker on bmpcc raw or what
  3. do you mean in terms of raw video specifically?
  4. aww ily max <3 anytime youre in socal beers on me no joke B) (im proud to say that san diego is one of the beer capitals of the world) also: @germy1979 - lmao
  5. yeah everything ive done to these files looks amazingly good the grain in amazingly filmic with zero sharpening in acr the point of focus certainly has enough clarity for me rn and then, sharpening it, bit by bit...the reaction seems amazing to me, how well it sharpens in acr without falling apart im delightfully surprised i KNEW the prores was way off of what this lil guy was capable of :) that being said bm needs a new pr guy >EDIT: OH. AND? THANK YOU ANDREW FOR POSTING THESE LOVELY IMAGES IMAGES THAT REFLECT WHAT I MIGHT ACTUALLY DO WITH THIS CAMERA, NOT SOME HIDEOUS MONKEYSHIT I HAVE A GOOD IMAGINATION BUT YEAH YOUR LITTLE AESTHETIC GESTURE HERE IS NOT LOST ON ME
  6. UHM HELLO FRIENDS so ive had a few beers but THIS IS A LITTLE DIFFERENT FROM THE PRORES??? AMIRITE??? uhm yeah unless im freaking lost u can massage these dngs pretty good this is seriously not a rhetorical post i was reading an article about rec 2020 last night that literally talked about imaginary colors i was like f this im going to sleep im losing my mind here but pretty sure i kno how acr works tho and im impressed :) what do you guys think?? how does this compare specifically to the bmpcc prores
  7. im pretty stoked on the gh4 is the 1080p gonna be rad or what? sounds good on paper right definitely NOT buying a 5d3 til we hear about this thing B)
  8. helllll yeeah if you guys come across test videos/samples please post :)
  9. dude! EXACTLY. an actual video camera––a freaking great one :o ::sigh:: idek also, @maxotics - very interesting
  10. maxotics this is exactly the shit that im talking about, the insight im looking for   and i commend your effort with the EOS-M, seriously   may i ask: how are you so smart about this stuff??? rocket scientist???? :o   at the end of the day, although of course the 5d3 shoots great stills, and i have a need for that, im ONLY looking at it as a video camera because i am soooooo subjectively in love with that image, both because i think it looks amazing and because i have a history of shooting canon slr raw stills... and thats just what it looks like. so the color science is very familiar to me in that respect   but yeah, blackmagic would be soooooo much easier to deal with!!!! ugh. thats why all this is driving me crazy   like i feel like shooting an indie feature with this "hack" is a little insane because (thank God) there ARE other options today that are affordable?? for great cinematic video??   and?? it fucking scares me that something wont work on the set and ill just be like "Well citizenkaden thats what you get for using this hack bullshit on a freaking movie you moron"   i just wish i could count on ml raw becoming stable smh :(
  11. Sandrapank I feel like we're getting along great so far   top 5 things about me: hella sick totally cool very v handsome?? ???? do u like weed tho
  12. Hello Sandrapank!   What a great addition to this forum!
  13. Thank you so much for the feedback guys, that's what I was hoping to hear~! lol   The heart wants what the heart wants –– and my heart wants a 5d3 to f**k around with for the next year or so while I figure other things out for my lil production   I'm sold on image quality, moreover I'm in love with it.   What pitfalls are there that I need to be aware of? It's ultimate goal is being used in my lil low budg feature... which is in terms of production a bit like My Dinner with Andre meets Trainspotting     Hmmm that's something to be aware of, thank you ScreensPro   dont rlly know what I'm dealing with there, I'll have to do some googling
  14. What's going to happen in the future for Magic Lantern raw video, specifically on the 5d Mark III?   Where will that project be in a year, two years?   I'm in a position where I'd love to invest in a 5d3 and accompanying lens system if I felt that I could reasonably predict where the Magic Lantern team is going   Undoubtedly the firmware will improve by leaps and bounds   As a film maker working on my first feature which will not be shot for, let's say, several years, I just wish I could say I might have an idea of where the future could lead––regarding ease of use and speed in workflow primarily. I'm already thrilled with the image: that's why I'm interested   May I please ask for your subjective speculation?   To put a fine point on it: is it completely insane to invest in that camera system anytime soon given the rapid changes in the market, assuming that one wants it as a learning tool in the present, in order to do much more serious work years from now? Please consider that shooting stills is an ongoing need   Is there any reasonable chance that the ML team will abandon further development of raw video features in the near future?   I would love to hear your input. Thank you in advance you guys r v smart
  15. personally i like the 16x9 ratio for what it was supposed to be... a letterbox/pillarbox compromise that works for delivering tv   also, empirically speaking, i think its a nifty rectangle to design in, when its horizontal   but as Ben mentioned, for better or for worse, a LOT of phones/tablets/mobile devices have adopted that 16x9 ratio, and I expect that trend to continue   what does that mean for us as film makers? idk   i watched the dark knight rises on blu ray with a friend of mine the other day and i succeeded in keeping my mouth shut the whole time. when it was over i asked her if she noticed the aspect ratio changing during the film and her response was "no"   so theres that too 
  16. Idk about lenses but I like your username Mr. Pumpkin welcome
  17.   tbh no not really, I dont think we're on the same page here. All good friend :)
  18.   hmmm well literally ever single one of my favorite 20th century artists would disagree vehemently with that statement; moreover most of them would echo the assertion that art is defined by the artist's intention   then again, this is a distinction between a fine art discourse and another kind of discussion
  19.   You know what you would love? Watching the entire Cremaster Cycle*     I assume that discussion on this forum excludes "films" and "videos" which exist within a fine art discourse––but I have a fine art background and I find all that very interesting~! Apparently you do too Dr. Smith. Do you have a fine art practice?   The feature film I'm making functions both as a fine art piece and as a commercial film product––it's both.   But yeah Andy Warhol's Sleep wasn't meant to entertain, quite the opposite lol. That's not what I'm making.   *I am joking u would want to kill yourself do not watch 
  20. guys,   is it fair to say that a desqueezed anamorphic image effectively widens the angle of view of a lens without being distortive in the way that wider lenses typically are?   like a 50mm lens still looks like a 50mm lens...but... theres more of it   know what im sayin?? im new to this trynna understand whats goin on here   how do you describe this phenomenon. you guys must know what i mean   edit: yeah im hella confused
  21. a great contrast to the walking dead which in my view is a production pretty well served by that 16mm film grain sure beats that digital puke huh
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