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  1. A rig is not 100% necessary with an anamorphic lens of that size, all you would need is a clamp such as the Red Stan anamorphic clamp. You really only need a rig when shooting with the larger anamorphic projector lenses. If you're looking for a budget anamorphic lens I would recommend a Sankor. I had one and loved it very much. They are also small in size and can just be attached with a clamp. Mine was sharp even with a wide open taking lens ( I also used Nikkor primes with it ) and it produces great blue flares if that's what you're looking for.
  2. Hey all, Haven't posted here in a little while but I thought I would share something I recently put together just for fun. Might be helpful for anyone looking for some Sankor footage shot with Pre-AI Nikkors, a combination that I personally love.
  3. Wow that is awesome news, not sure what led me to believe it wouldn't work.... Can you use any combination of adapters with speedboosters or is this just a special scenario because of the larger image circle? And same goes for the BMPCC specific speedbooster? Thanks guys
  4. I have the 50mm and 80mm and love them both. I would really like to get the 120mm and 180mm as I am getting more into the aesthetic of longer focal lengths for ordinary shots. I currently use them with adapters on a t3i but I've been looking into switching over to a m43 camera, most likely the gh4 or a blackmagic. However, with the crop of a m43 camera, these lenses would be VERY long. I'm not opposed to the idea but having a speed booster for them would be pretty neat. I was under the impression that you could only use the mount-specific lenses with the speedboosters, only being able to use c/y glass with the c/y booster, so no putting a c/y adapter on a nikon lens and then onto the c/y speedbooster for example. Is this actually possible? For instance if I had a p6 to nikon mount adapter, could I then use them on the nikon speedbooster? Thanks for the help
  5. Super glad this is going to be reviewed, I've had my eye on it for a little while now. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the feedback, Chris, I appreciate it. For taking lenses I used all Pre-AI Nikkor lenses. I think the very last shot, the weird driving timelapse was with the Helios 44-2, but everything else was Nikkor. The stuff in the car I'm almost 100% positive was all the Nikkor-H 85mm F1.8, mostly stopped down but there are a fair amount of shots that are wide open when the sun goes down a little. I did try to stabablize it a bit, unfortunately the movements were too much and I would have had to blow the picture up a little too big, and ones where I didn't have to blow it up too much, there were weird artifacts and morphing from the shutter I think, blurred movement where there shouldn't have been. The sunset and clips looking down at the beach were either with the 105mm F2.5 or the 135mm F3.5. The timelapses of the rocks actually on the beach level were with the 50mm, very pleased with almost no vignetting. I think the pier shots were with the 85mm, having a hard time recalling now haha.
  7. Hey all, So I've finally gotten my hands on an Anamorphic lens (Sankor 16C), and made my first quick video with it, testing it out. I absolutely love using it, I'm surprised how sharp it is when shooting wide open. Focusing hasn't been an issue yet, it's pretty simple and straight forward. I'm also impressed with how the image shoots at 50mm, 85mm is the recommended focal length for no vignetting on APS-C, but a few of the time lapses in my video are with the 50mm, and while the vignetting is visible, it is so slight. I shot a lot of time lapse, and anamorphic time lapse isn't something I've seen on here before so I thought I'd share it. Critiques are welcome, but I already know the handheld footage is shaky, hard to shoot handheld with a 85mm lens.
  8. Interesting, well, regardless, I love mine. I think they create a very cinematic image, and they are plenty sharp.
  9. Oh, interesting. I always thought the Mollers were much more expensive than the Sankor or Kowa.
  10. I believe the pre-ai Nikkors have a single coating, but I've never experienced any issues due to the fact that they aren't multicoated. Sure they flare if you point them directly at the sun or directly into a light source, but almost any lens will, and I don't know about you, but I enjoy the occasional lens flare. I don't think they are any harder to find either, and usually right around the same price as the AI or AIS. I built the entire set in about a month's time, and spent under $700 for... 20mm f3.5 24mm f2.8 35mm f2 50mm f1.4 85mm f1.8 105mm f2.5 135mm f3.5 ...all in great condition. I think they are a great choice because they are built like tanks, cheaper than most primes, and produce very beautiful images. They have been nothing but good to me so far, but to each his own I guess.
  11. Everyone seems to be suggesting the AIS primes, but I think you should also consider the pre-AI primes, the black and silver, all metal ones. I have a complete set from 20mm-135mm and they are all lovely lenses and all create beautiful images. I actually prefer the pre-AI lenses to the AI or AIS because they are all metal, and I like the scalloped focus rings as opposed to the rubber rings. Ones that stand out in particular are the Nikkor-O 35mm f2, the Nikkor-H 85mm f1.8, and the Nikkor-P 105mm f2.5. All relatively fast lenses and they all create superb images, even wide open.
  12. Thanks for the input Rudolf. As far as research goes I've watched just about every video on vimeo and youtube for all of the lenses I'm interested in, read every review I could find, and searched this forum high and low for any information I could get. That is what I consider research. Unfortunately I don't have access to every anamorphic lens I would like to try, so I've done my best. If I was actually using them I would consider it "testing", not researching the lenses. Good to know that the macro tubes don't help with close focusing, and it looks like I'll definitely be getting a redstan clamp. You mention the Moeller 32/2, is the company who makes it called Moeller or is it made by another company? I've heard of the Bolex Moller, but never of a Moeller.
  13. Sorry for the double post but another question just came to me. I have a macro tube adapter set for the Nikkors, if I used a macro tube on the lens with the anamorphic on it, would it help with close focusing? Or is that only possible through diopters? If I did have all that stuff attached to my lens I would probably set it up on some rails.
  14. Awesome video Chris! Just makes me more excited to get my own. Like you said, very usable, I think it all looked great. I have a full set of pre-ai Nikkor primes, the lenses I'm most excited about trying it out with is my 85mm f1.8 and my 105mm f2.5. They both look pretty good wide open so I'm interested in how they will perform with an anamorphic. Thanks for the continued help and advice, Chris.
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