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  1. What does chocolate taste like? Sweet? What does sweet taste like?(not trying to sound rude) You know it when you taste it. I would say that filmic, which is a term I use a lot when talking about video is: Has A Surreal feel to it, dream like, definitely not in the present, different from real life Unlike the immediate presence of being "live" whether being live in person or on something like television or video. Plus the other qualities mentioned above DR, sometimes shallow DOF etc.
  2. I would highly recommend Andrew's 50D Raw guide to anyone who owns or is thinking about owning a 50D for raw video. It answers a lot of questions and should get you up and running. The ML site: magiclantern.fm) additionally will continue and increase the ML Raw user's knowledge base. Albeit that commercially created raw cameras are possibly more user friendly; there is still a learning curve for almost any camera. There is also a learning curve for shooting and post for raw video.
  3. Andrew's EOSHD 50D Raw Shooter's Guide and his subsequent posts; have been pretty helpful to me. Not just for the 50D or the 7D but in helping me to understand the tool(s) that we have here and the potential use and actual practical uses for a relatively small entry fee (the cost of the camera & CF cards). @Maxotics you see the potential in it and so does the guy that brought the 50D to the US Open.
  4. I think that this camera is in the same category as the BMPCC. It's raw image is very filmic. Very 16mm like and in many ways unique. At least very good for internet type productions that you can devote time to.
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