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  1. Hi guys!! I shoot with a 50D in h264, iso 400 and 800 top. Is not a camera for low light, but well feed with light, and it renders sunlight beautifuly, the grain is like film! I should post some screenshots or a little of the documentary iam making. I had the oportunity to use the panasonic g7 and after some tests, it was pretty clear that, for this project, the caracteristics of the 50D were the best... I am amazed!! There are the issues with overheating and no sound what so ever. It fails some times but i would buy a "pro" version of this camera just to be stable. Would really use it a lot
  2. This camera is SICK!! WOW. For a HD production, the downscale looks amazing. I wonder who it goes in 2k! I am shooting with a 50D and I have managed to have some great results by nailing the clients expectations. It is time for me to upgrade, so I think my investment will defenetly be in the Panasonic gh4 and for the movies and series production I will wait for some reviews of the KineMAX camera (looks to be a monster!). But have to wait on the last one, to have the best buy possible! Every penny counts... But the gh4 footage looks amazing. And the workflow will be faster and "unmessy" l
  3. Just noticed a new thing.... If I change my ISO levels, the SHUTTER speed gets different values!!  Really dont know what is going on
  4. Really?!? So, i am not being able to work 100% with my camera because the "power button" needs to be "above" ON? oh my god!! And I was almost killing myself because of this!! Just one little thing more if you can help me. I bought a KomputerBay 64GB umda7 1000x card and ive done benchmark testings. it does not go above 53MB/s writing speed. There must be something wrong with the card, or whatelse could be the problem for me to have drop frames? Really tricky to get all things running in this camera!   PS-Even going all the way up in "power button" the only think chaging in "Shut
  5. I have done one morning shooting MLV... What is the problem with MLV?  It appears that I have a problem dealing with the SHUTTERSPEED, it looks like it is locked in one value, and whatever I do, it wont change... Dont really know how to work around this. Been in the ML forum and didnt found any answers... I really dont like to be a noob, but im working to "get out" of this skin...  :(
  6. Thank you. I bought the Guide and printed it, just to get everything "on the go" for testing! 8 batteries and 1 komputerbay 64gb and a amazing dit should keep me out for a full day shooting...  Although, I still have some doubts about the crop mode and the aspect ratios! Do I need anamorphic lens to get those amazing results or is just by doing all in Post?  Should I keep the Cinema DNG forever, or convert and delete after?  thank you
  7. The ZEISS company sugests to go with the NOVOFLEX adapters... I am going to buy a Zeiss SLR lens (nikon mount) to fit on a Canon 50D. The lens manufactor told me to get Nofoflex... In theory, they must be the best ones!
  8. Hello EOSHD community, I am new to the DSLR RAW filmaking, and I've been introduced to this "new world" in a time of intense change and breakthroughs in terms of Hardware and Software to the movie making industry. I was used to film with the classic compressed DSLR, when I would press the button, it would record, than I get home, dumped the videos in PREMIERE and than export in whatever I wanted and... DONE! Now I bought the Canon 50D, because I was told that was a really amazing camera with great 14-BIT RAW video capabilities with this Firmware called MAGIC LANTERN... (and than, tragicla
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