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  1. Hello EOSHD community, I am new to the DSLR RAW filmaking, and I've been introduced to this "new world" in a time of intense change and breakthroughs in terms of Hardware and Software to the movie making industry. I was used to film with the classic compressed DSLR, when I would press the button, it would record, than I get home, dumped the videos in PREMIERE and than export in whatever I wanted and... DONE! Now I bought the Canon 50D, because I was told that was a really amazing camera with great 14-BIT RAW video capabilities with this Firmware called MAGIC LANTERN... (and than, tragiclantern to get the raw) The thing is, I dont understand 10% of the options that come in the firmware, and the worst part is that I dont know how they are affecting the image!! Besides that, the workflow of getting all those files (thousands of pics) into 1(one) video, I didnt find the way. The MagicLantern forum on this issue is very confusing!! I lost myself reading that because is not very (or any) organized! I really would like to know if anyone can help me get to know the MAGICLANTERN firmware from bottom to top. Get full knowlodge of how it works and what single "spec" change affects what and combined changes affect  what... and so on! I really would love to get the camera and shoot, the best way possible, and, by now, I can't even set it right... If anyone can help me! I would be really thankfull!! I am really a noob   :(  Thank you all very much.  Looking forward to "dominate" the machine!!!!  
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