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  1. http://gamerzone.avermedia.com/game_capture/extremecap_u3 The gameplay capture field has been advancing fast. Looks like this literally just came out this month. You'll have to tether it to a laptop or desktop with USB 3, but this is the first capture device that can do full HD at 60fps recording and uncompressed to boot. You can record with the supplied software at a max bitrate of 30 mbs in MP4 or use FRAPS or another program to get uncompressed 4:2:2 recording. Amazing that the first capture device to do 60fps at full HD would be designed for video game capture and costs $180. Wow.
  2. I've always felt this...the people who would buy the cheap knock offs would NEVER buy the name brand product at the list price, because they don't have the money.  So Zacuto or whoever wouldn't get that money anyway.  I don't have the $8-900/1k for the Zacuto product.  I do have the $2-300 for the no name brand.     Either way, I either don't buy anything in which case Zacuto get's nothing.  Or I buy the knockoff, and they get nothing then as well.  Also, since I'm not a "Pro", I don't need Pro stuff at Pro prices.  Even then half the pro's think the cheap stuff is pretty good.   I was on a shoot a while back and I had this rig: http://www.amazon.com/Polaroid-Stabilizer-Support-Cameras-Camcorders/dp/B005MRXPE4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1378104276&sr=8-1&keywords=polaroid+shoulder+rig  I had 2 photo/videographers ask me what it was.  I told them and said the price....they were stunned at how good it looked and how cheap it was.  One was using a T2i for video and the other was using a Nikon D800 for stills.  The stills guy was especially like, "$60 bucks, seriously?"   I appreciate Zacuto paving the way, but they ain't getting money I don't have.
  3. Followed you from the BMCuser post.  I'm so tempted to do something like this.  I found this cam:  http://www.ptgreystore.com/blackfly-23-mp-color-gige-poe   Which can do 1920 x 1200 at 27fps for $315 usd.  That might be a nice starter cam.  What cpu and motherboard are you using janosch? I don't need high fps, just something that would work with 2k raw/uncompressed for now.
  4. Also why you shouldn't record an expensive scene with ONE camera.   I may just go for the Pocket cam with external recorder and record both simultaneously for the added safety.  Pocket Cam looks like the cheapest new cam that outputs true uncompressed HDMI.  A ninja or BMD shuttle recording to ProRes would be a decent alternative, price wise, and of course I wouldn't shoot hours of RAW.
  5. I had high hopes the KineRaw S8 would come out and would really shake up the industry with's it's supposed around/under $2k price...then BMD pocket happened...then they dropped the price of the full version...S8, Digital Bolex, DOA.   It does kinda suck that we're now in a time when you can buy a cam and have something better come out for the same money in 6 months or have your cam lose half it's value in that same time....Damn you Moore and your damn law!!! :P
  6. I was watching closely and after the raw announcement the cams went up around $50-100 for a month or so and now they're back to the same prices.  The 50D is too old and the raw capabilities too limited vs other Canon cams for it to get too sought after, IMHO.   It definitely would be a great raw starter cam for the money.  Get it, do some tests and figure out your workflow, then jump to BMD or Kine, etc..., once you've mastered it.  Personally I don't trust hacks anymore.  I had my GH2 freeze on a critical moment on a live shoot I did the other day, and that's it, no more hacks, that includes ML.   I'm either going to get BMCC MFT or Pocket cam with external recorder for safety.
  7. Bait and switch, to what?     How is their R&D different from other companies who make raw?  We're not talking about a completely new recording process.  DNG has been around since 2004, BM didn't invent it.  This is off the shelf technology, BM just put it in one box at a price that properly reflects the hardware used.     Then don't forget Moore's Law.  For those who don't know, Moore's Law basically says every 18 months computer power doubles at the same price or the cost of current computer power drops in half.  BM is the only company that really gets that and is pricing their products accordingly.     I firmly believe they're making money and even IF, IF they're not and are breaking even or using the cam as a loss leader...I'm not complaining.  ^_^ Only thing BM really has to worry about is GoPro, if they can make a 2.7k camera for $400...what can they make for $1000?
  8.   I can vaguely understand your reasoning, but IT IS economically viable what BM is doing.  The guy testing the KineRaw camera in the U.S. said he went to a manufacture(a bit before BM released their cam) and tried to get them to make a dumb body raw camera.  It was just a passive mount, no screen, no viewfinder, basic controls and the standard outputs.  He spec'd it out and said it would cost the manufacture $300 USD to make.  $300.  They wouldn't do it and/or wanted a huge amount down to prototype.  Then GoPro releases a camera capable of 2.7k and limited 4k for $400.   Again, basic body, no screen, limited features, etc...$400.    So $300 for basic hardware, plus touch screen, lens electronics, metal body, etc....  I would bet, it costs BM between $1000-1500 to produce a Cinema Camera max, and that was at the start.  Now, it's even cheaper like they said, so selling it for $2000 means they're still in the black.   When you look at what the GH1, then GH2, then Canon was capable of doing with the hacks, it's obvious the companies are selling hardware that's artificially limited for one reason or another.  Biggest reason, IMHO is they don't want to give us what the camera's are fully capable of at the lower price so it won't compete with their Pro, higher priced models.  Since these are the only camera's BM makes, they don't have that problem and can give us the max hardware for the minimum price, and still make a profit.
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