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  1. So for someone who still is more then happy with 1080p output projects, I'm assuming shooting 4k as much as I can and downscaling with this camera is going to be the way to go? Also, now that the cameras going to do 10bit goodness internally and deliver to dual sd card slots, is it safe to say for a lot of people they can scale back on monitor purchases? I mean now it sounds like I don't necessarily need an external monitor and recorder combo? Just a monitor that can do live luts, desqueezes and the likes should be dandy? Please share what monitor you'd pair with the GH5 !
  2. For those of you who dealt with the GH4 preorder: I want this camera, have the money for it but don't want to preorder yet (would like to get a new CC and get a min-purchase bonus if I'm going to do this). How long are cameras out of stock for when these things first unroll? If it's anything like a freaking iPhone release then I'll probably just suck it up and preorder now but I'm also weary of being a first adopter, I'd like to see how the camera fares first. Just don't want to be stuck months without a camera when the time comes. Also going back to my CC bonus minimum purchase thing: I'm assuming B&H doesn't charge your card until the preorders become real orders?
  3. Thats what I figured, Ultra it is for this camera. I think the XL was Metabones' response to the gh4 doing 2.3x crop in 4k. With the gh5 that's no longer an issue.
  4. correct me if im wrong but doesnt the 4k on the gh5 now use the entire sensor (the gh4 was 2.3x) thus negating the need for the speedbooster xl? Unless of course you like the oddball spot of 1.3x crop? 1.5x with the speedbooster ultra seems to be a better fit for super35mm/aps-c reference
  5. Putting the BMPCC/BMMCC in the 1500-2000 dollar bracket because it needs to be paired with at least an external monitor. I kind of want one for my main personal camera... is that weird? I feel like working with raw will help me learn a lot as a colorist. Idk. It just seems weird to consider a drone camera for passion projects.
  6. I've completely tuned out of camera releases for years now, what's this HDR standard you speak of? Unrelated: With the GH5 doing all the 10 bit and 4k stuff internally, this should save money on monitors because we don't need one that records now, right? Can anyone suggest a good monitor? Also did the GH4 do anamorphic desqueeze preview? And if it did was that output-able to a monitor? Would like to pick up a GH5 when it's released and do anamorphic stuff, but would like a monitor to go with it, not sure what exactly is out there and not sure if I need one that has a desqueeze function on the monitor. Cheers for any answers.
  7. dude that inspire 2... the operators are using it as a gimbal, a drone, and the main cameras. I'm assuming you can't, but will the camera be able to be used on it's own rigging solution or are you forced to carry the whole quadcopter around? That was slightly funny, I saw they had a monitor mounted on it. $6k for the interchangeable lens camera, copter, and cinemadng/pro res license. Will need an extra couple grand for storage and other accesories... so like... $8k for a raw camera / gimbal / drone setup. Someone talk me out of this? Am I the only one considering this?
  8. People should take a look at this. This footage looks gorgeous, I only saw a couple strange jitters when the camera was suction mounted to the car, might've given the camera body too much vibration for the 5 axis stabilization to handle. Overall though, this was done with a BM Video assist, occasional bounce light and the Oly 12mm and the Oly 9-18mm. That is fucking GOOD LOOKING STUFF for what is used here. Olympus is unmatched with stabilization, this is all handheld and it looks outstanding. Still 8 bit but hard not to be impressed. The narrative and song are not my cup of tea at all, but the imagery is great. Direct link to video:
  9. Ah you caught me before my edit. I did see some initial jello vids, in fact one of Andrews tests has some weird jello in it. Watch the dock in this one, looks pretty interesting
  10. Here's the a7sii stabilisation with a unstabilized 50mm lens. Looks like a very healthy departure from the extremely jittery a7s I just sold. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fd58XjJrgCw
  11. Looks like no 4k for aps-c mode
  12. Ive owned the a7s for a little over a year now, and I've played with the a7rii and the a7ii. I will be selling my A7s for this, despite the price increase. Being able to shoot handheld is my go to thing, I just love the look and it's beautiful when executed well. The IBIS, though not as good as Olympus, still puts out a beautiful motion picture when hanging off an easyrig or something similar, a very genuine looking handheld feel that I love. Is IBIS worth 1k? Absolutely not, but my favorite low light camera + that I'll pay it. It's the one thing I've wished I had on the a7s.
  13. No clue. Something to note, that reflective screen likely sucks balls outside.
  14. http://nofilmschool.com/2015/08/atomos-announces-brand-new-4k-recorder-ninja-assassin Savage price point. Looks awesome, and should be quite a handy tool for my a7s!
  15. Would be really interested in any sample footage you guys might have. PS thank you for chiming in. Has the lens worked for those doing primarily video stuff, even with the fly by wire focus? I'm on the fence purchasing this lens and the Loxia 50mm f2, but at these prices I think autofocus for stills would be pretty dang nice. And I really enjoy the bokeh rendered by the Sonnar (not to say the Loxia is bad, but the Sonnar is extra special)
  16. Asked over on DPReview and apparently at infinity focus the FOV is significantly wider. This does not bode well with me, does this bother anyone shooting with this lens? Curious on other filmmakers input, most of the folks over on DPR are photographers. I know it's not a manual focus lens but I've seen it used in quite a few "test" videos so I can't help but wonder if people still find it a suitable tool for their shoots.
  17. Can anyone confirm if this lens suffers from lens breathing? If so I'm going to assume it's not suitable for video. I was able to borrow it briefly from a friend but he's now out of town for the next few months and I was only able to take a few stills (albeit beautiful stills!). Despite the fly by wire focusing I actually really enjoyed the lens, but will be torn if there is an awful amount of breathing. All help is appreciated.
  18. Still jittery, Sony didn't seem to have the IBIS nailed when this camera came out. Anyone know if the A7RII is improved?
  19. So does everyone who uses the a7s typically shoot with a light meter ? And what kind of work are you doing? I would find it hindering for my shooting to have to run out to my subject every shot and figure out exposures, is there simply no real way to get workable exposures for slog2 within the confines of the camera itself?
  20. Is there a decent method to expose SLOG2, particularly on the a7s, correctly WITHOUT using an external monitor that includes waveforms and such? To be more exact does anyone expose SLOG2 with their a7s using the LCD or viewfinder? After spending almost a week reading on SLOG2 and two somewhat conflicting methods, the only thing I can seem to garner is that you need to overexpose, and some people say 1-2 stops while others say 2-3 stops and DON'T mess up your white balance. Is there not a way to nail these exposures with the camera itself with the built in light meter/exposure compensation dial/zebras? It seems as if the a7s community never really did quite come to an agreement on this outside of that it should be over exposed, but I'm curious to find the best way possible to do it without additional monitors for a lightweight setup. This isn't for gigs, just my own personal freedom to shoot things, I've been reading and reading and reading and my mind is grasping SLOG2 and how it functions with the a7s but it would seem as if there isn't a workflow that just "works" and everyone seems to have jumped ship and is no longer talking about the a7s. Any help is really really appreciated.
  21. Wait the a7rii doesn't do 120fps at 1080p? Surely it's possible with being able to write fast enough for 4k, that's absurd
  22. Hope they roll out more adapters for other mounts, Canon to Sony E would be savage!
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