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  1. Awesome solution, thanks mates! Now to decide if I actually want the nx1....
  2. I'm looking into getting the Samsung NX1, and would like to mount two Nikon-mount lenses on it: -Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 -Nikon 50mm f1.8 What is the best adapter for this? I can only find terrible reviews of the Fotodiox adapter, and the Novoflex adapter seems to be extremely pricey for a "dumb" (ie: no electronics) adapter. Any info appreciated!
  3. how specifically does samsung fix the AGC issue? does it allow you to turn it off or does it just not produce interference anymore? the rate at which they're upgrading and supporting this camera really makes me want to pull the trigger, but with spring around the corner I expect sony to be releasing some new bodies and I'm interested in what they have in store. If sony offers something with IBIS and 1080/120fps I'm game, if not the NX1 will be my downgrade from my FS700R
  4. Thanks for the detailed response arellaTV. What is the difference between 1080p on the NX1 and UHD? And I'm assuming the lower number on that list for rolling shutter is better?
  5. Apologize for the noob question, but what is the difference between UHD and regular 1080p shooting?
  6. I've noticed quite a few videos of the NX1 showcasing some really really weird jitter, almost like someones twisting the camera side to side ever so slightly at a really fast frequency. Has anyone else noticed this? Ideally I would like to get this camera + the nikon sigma 18-35mm, and I know that means no OIS.
  7. Just got my GH3. I noticed when I have my Panasonic 7-14mm on and I'm looking at the live view from the OLED touch-screen, it's kind of laggy depending on where I'm pointing the camera. For what ever reason when it's pointed at most places in my room the feed is really choppy, but when I point it at my window it feels like I'm watching a 60fps movie.   Is this normal ?    
  8. Enjoyed a lot of your points, especially the one noting that it's ludicrous that these companies are using stupid simple 3$ features like headphone jacks to swing us around by the necks and "protect their higher models". It's pathetic, more competition needs to enter this industry and actually sell devices that are in line with what is technologically feasible at the moment. If someone came in and tried to do what BlackMagic was doing but actually thought out their production flow and business model, Canon/Nikon/Panny/Sony/Olympus/Red/etc would be forced to compete or be crushed. BlackMagic has an opportunity to exploit a VERY vulnerable exploit in this market...yet they choose to remain so small that they cannot sustain the demand for their product. Seriously, they could be industry leaders. It's suicide, because it's only a matter of time before someone else comes in and does what they're doing and does it better.
  9. I'm still cut deep that they didn't include a discrete GPU in the new mbpro 13"    Like.. I'm still hurting from that
  10. Also I noticed the price went up 50$ on Amazon it's now 799$!
  11. I have the 749$ kit on order and it's about halfway across the country to my washington residence, but I'll be sending it back once it arrives.
  12. if it's not 5-axes IBIS I'll be kinda sad. The 5 axis they throw in the Olympus is incredible. Incredible. 
  13. So from what I've read the GH3 is just as hardware/software capable of focus peaking as the cameras they're releasing now with them, but nowhere to be seen in firmware upgrades. -_- 
  14. ^ Amazon's got them, but only third party sellers sell body only.
  15. Also, anyone else ordering this after seeing this review?
  16. If the G6 HDMI out port isn't active during filming, is this something that can be worked around with a hack in the future? Or is it disabled because the hardware simply can't push a feed out while recording a feed simultaneously p.s. I just ordered the G6, kind of nervous and wondering if I should've gone with the GH3 instead (it already shipped can't cancel). How big of an issue is the lower bitrate? I film artsy fartsy stuff, no broadcasting or any of that stuff. The external HDMI out isn't actually an issue with me I don't typically use a monitor anyways. Mostly lured in for the image quality and 60fps for under 700$, really just concerned about bitrate. I may have pulled the trigger too soon ?
  17. Thinking of leaving my 5dmkiii for this. The raw stuff magic lantern is putting out is awesome but I don't think it's quite for me (I'm having a hard time grasping all of the confusing information out there). Someone tell me this is the right thing to do. I shoot comfortably with one prime and one wide currently and am able to get just about every shot I want. Sigma 50mm f1.4 and Canon 16-35mm II F2.8L For whatever reason these are the only two focal lengths I need when I film. I seem to be able to accomplish just about everything I want with them. Will I be able to achieve similar focal lengths on the g6 with say, the panny 7-14mm and some 24 or 25mm ? Voigtlander maybe? I love 60fps and want to utilize it more in my films. 720p actually doesn't look too bad with sharpening on the 5dmkiii, but this g6 is telling me I can get more for my money.
  18.   This post is of very poor taste. I'd like to think that most of us enthusiasts are past this point in our lives.
  19.   You make promises like this, you anticipate the demand for the product based on the last BMCC sales, you build your company to that scale. If they don't have a PR team that is their fault, they have the money and the sales to sustain that kind of growth and they have yet to do so. You don't seem to understand that this is how companies fail. This is also the internet age, where you can get a HUGE feel for the demand of the product by simply surfing forums for christ sake. You do not remain small as a company and throw out promises that would require a business of a much larger scale to accomplish. It is perfectly justifiable to get angry at this, it is nothing short of shitty business practice. It is entirely their fault that they set deadlines (deathlines), and unfortunately for them their product has shown the demand for these kinds of cameras at this price. If they continue to produce at such a slow pathetic rate, they are only extending the window for a new company to come in and exploit the market and do it with consumer-demand in mind. They can either: A.) Remain small and stop promising huge productions and ridiculous deadlines   or B.) Restructure and expand their company to sustain the demand for this product or C.) Burn to the ground & watch someone else come along and do it better.       I was unaware that being the moderator and owner of a forum puts you on a pedestal where your rights to argue in discussions are no longer allowed. You seem to be holding him to some sort of robotic standard.  
  20. It seems as if they either greatly undermine the demand for their own product, are too unsure of how to produce on a bigger scale, or worst case scenario just want their product to be a rare elitist item. I highly doubt it's the latter, but if they don't know how to produce on a bigger scale, someone else is going to come along and beat them to the punch. Welcome to the free market, Blackmagic Design.
  21. ^ Doesn't the GH3 do slight in-camera correction for the olympus 9-18 at the wider angles to compensate for distortion? I know it does on the panny 7-14mm, if it does on the oly then you're going to have distorted image when using that on the bmpcc because that camera won't be doing any in camera correction
  22. Is there a guide that will show you how to benchmark your card for 5th grade brains like me? It's really disheartening to know that I'm going to have to gamble with Komputerbay cards until I get one that writes above 100mbs. Ideally I'd keep playing until I got one that peaked at 120mbs.  Has Komputerbay been able to sort out what exactly causes the differences in write speeds?  The moment someone comes along and provides a card that GUARANTEES good write speeds I will be violently throwing my money in their faces. I'm willing to pay decent change to get a good write speed, I just wish I didn't have to gamble for it -.-
  23. Do the latest nightly builds include crop mark masks ? Thank you folks for the help
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