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  1. 42 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

    And there is No way this thing is not weather sealed. A sports camera Not sealed?

    havent seen any referene about this camera being weather sealed, i think is a reasonably big selling point for ignoring it in any product description

  2. 2 minutes ago, dantheman said:

    It was a paid upgrade before so it's nothing new, sony charges 500dollar for a 4K upgrade on their x70. Panasonic has always released their camera's at a very competitive pricepoint and cheaper then the competition, also, not everyone needs or wants VLOG and for those who do it's 100 dollar which is peanuts.

    What I think is unfair is the fact that GH4 users that already paid for VLOG need to pay again if they want it on GH5. Panasonic should at least  provide a reduced "upgrade" price.

  3. 3 minutes ago, premini said:

    So this and a speedbooster xl is an 1.3x crop with 10 bit video and no rolling shutter....


    Hope they provide VLOG , paid or not

    I just saw this on Cinema5d

    GH5 Firmware Upgrade Path:

    4:2:2 10bit – Available April, 2017
    6K/24p Anamorphic Video Mode (4:3) – Available Summer, 2017
    (200 Mbps) FHD 4:2:2 10bit ALL-Intra – Available Summer, 2017
    (400Mbps) 4K 4:2:2 10bit ALL-Intra – Available, Summer 2017

    V-Log Color Profile  – Available at launch, Cost: $100

  4. Hi all. I am selling my beloved Iscorama 54 MC. 
    It is in very good condition. Glass has no haze, particles or fungus inside. Cosmetically is in excellent shape. (You can see that from the pics) .
    I include the original caps and box. 
    I also include a 0.25 Nikkor achromat in 82mm that allows it to focus from 1.3m (4,27 ft) 
    Here are some pics i took in a hurry. Feel free to ask for more details. 
    Asking 2900 USD.
    PS: if you are in Argentina, Brazil, Chile or Uruguay price will be lower.









  5. 4M=+0.25, since 2M=+0.5, 1M=+1, 0.5M=+2....

    Im sorry i forgot to give you an update on this. 

    I bought one of these for around 80$ and i works! It makes the Isco 54 focus from 1.3m to 4m, which is great!

    It also improves the sharpness a bit.


  6. The camera market is getting smaller. This in part due to cell ptones and also because of people that are happy with their cameras from 3-5 years ago and don't see the point of getting a new one (i know many of these).

    I think that's the logic behind Sony's strategy of putting a lot of new features in order to allure people that don't see the point of getting the 7d II instead of the 7d.

    That's also why all of the manufacturers , not only canon, are thinking about diversifying. People wont change the camera 2 times in a year. not even once.

  7. So basically you need to tape the lenses to infinity? maybe using some sort of mounting  clamp to place the rangefinder in front of the lens could fix the issue, i really dont like the idea of put tape on my lenses, but i do like this marvelous invention though....

    Also, I'd love a baby version for my mini petit cinevision anamorphic.


    +1 on that!

    this could take the already wonderful bolex 8/19 1.5x to the stratosphere.

    i wonder also if this can make delft vistascopes something usable...

    lots of ideas coming to mi mind

  8. Thanks Russell! I did email him but he is really out. He has some test diopters left but they are a higher strength. I was looking at the Angenieux you picked up off of Ebay. They look nice!


    ​I emailed Alan on May 20 and he found one 82mm 0.25 achromatic a bit dusty. He didnt know he had it.

    It was over my budget so i didnt continue, but maybe youre lucky and its still available,

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