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  1. Anyone tried this trick on an Iscorama Pre 36?
  2. Yes! http://www.kodak.com/ek/US/en/Consumer/Products/Super8/default.htm Happy I kept my Iscorama pre36 (VD rehoused) Prices will go up again!
  3. maybe you got one with the "close focus mod" ...? '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> the inner stopper for close focus got shaved off and no new close focus stopper was attached
  4. Hey. I don´t know if you saw this post: > I shot a music video with my pre36 Iscorama VD rehousing on a S35 sensor mostly with a Leica Summilux 35mm. I really liked the wide image coming from this setup.
  5. Hey. It depends on your crop. I see you are using 5DM3. On 4:3 (ML RAW) i have little vignetting on my 50mm Leica R and the VD Isco. With the 58mm Helios there is no vignetting.
  6. Hello. Here is my first "real" project with the VD Iscorama pre 36. http://www.lasgafas.at/work/das-beste-ist-noch-nicht-vorbei/ I shot with the RED ONE in 4K ANA mode with Leica R glass. 90% i shot with the Leica R Summilux 35mm. I wanted to create something like still life images (like paintings) and just used DOF very subtle to pop out the singer (also 35mm Summilux plus Tokina 0.4 diopter). So maybe no super usage of the anamorphic look - but you know - you kinda feel it. I decided to go 1:1.85 because i needed space. Here is the setup (with an ARRI FF-5): VD Mod: As Tito mentioned >jaquets VD Mod Mod: Yeah - i def. want to go this direction - Changing lenses and rearrange the Isco takes some time. And you really want to have a lens support for this heavy load on your mount. All the best, Chris
  7. I have 2 sets of taking lenses for the VD Iscorama: Set A (high quality): Leica R lenses Set B (strange bokeh): Russian lenses (helios, mir, jupiter) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ´Cause of the long focus throw: Are there any recommendations on 0.8 pitch focus wheels for a standard follow focus?
  8. No, you need a "gogo gadget-o arm" for pulling near to far!
  9. :P Thanks. Is this thing solid? I can image that it is a bit wobbly when you focus? or can you confirm that it is 100% fixed ...? And this PL adapter fits easy on the VD Iscorama?
  10. Can you guys post something about reliability ... Can this thing handle a heavy Tokina +0.4 achromat?
  11. can you give me the exact parts of the Vocas lens support? What is that ring around the Iscorama? Thanx ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I thought about something like an adapter for my swing-away-mattebox. So you can swing away your Iscorama and just change lenses. Here is my Tilta Rig:
  12. Do you guys feel like when the Iscorama 36 is set to very close focusing that the anamorphic factor is like 1.33x and not 1.43 or 1.5? (I´ve read somewhere that the 1.5x is just for infinity ...?)
  13. Ah nice! Mine arrived today: Maybe i´ll try your trick with my Leicas :) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Btw: VD did a great job. Very solid. And i was lucky because i just waited about 3 weeks ;)
  14. Hello. I really like my Artemis Android version. Those who do not know it: http://www.chemicalwedding.tv/artemis.html I shoot a lot with the 5DM3 and RAW in a nearly 4:3 crop. Can someone tell me how to calibrate the programm for this settings: 5DM3 1920x1280 & Iscorama 36 (1.43 stretch) Thank you, all the best, Chris
  15. It would be great to add a rotating filter thread to the lens so you an screw the Iscorama onto this thread without rotating the Iscorama. This rotating filter thread could look like an Variable-ND filter. One part remains fixed on the takting lens and the other part is rotating.
  16. Any news on the Iscorama 36 DP6 workflow? Can someone share his DP6 settings to properly view the right image with an Iscorama 36 ... Thanks
  17. Sent mine to Van Diemen about 2 weeks ago ... Hate to shoot the next projects "un-anamorphic" :ph34r: Three reasons why i did this: a) with the close focus mode (i did it myself) there is a chance of getting dust inside the lens when the lens is set to very close focus. b) protection c) focus gears
  18. broken link ... (something like that? http://www.amazon.de/St%C3%BCck-Silicagel-Silicabeutel-Gramm-regenerierbar/dp/B00977COAG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1391099607&sr=8-1&keywords=trockenmittel+silicagel )
  19. Hey! Any news on the donut cover? VD told me, that they are working on a lighter rear rehousing version - so there will be less vignetting.
  20. tony, can you give me some hints where to get this products in europe?
  21. Can you say something about the desiccant? What product exactly? ANY side effects?
  22. give me some infos when you´re doing this rubber mod. i thought about this too but i think i will send mine to VD
  23. My 50c after 2 weeks working with the "no stopper" Iscorama: I think a rehousing is important, because: if you set your lens to close focus than dust can enter the lens! (there is a little gap between the middle and front elements...) Has anyone tips for other rehousing factories except Van Diemen?
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