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  1. which one? uv or protection glass?
  2. How do you protect your lens (front glass)? Do you have an UV filter on it? If so: Which one? I have an Pre36 Iscorama and i want to protect the front glass... maybe with this: HOYA HD UV FILTER 72mm or just glass like the: HOYA PROTECT PRO Thanks, chris
  3. I will do this mod on my pre 36 iscorama tomorrow. Any recommendations for a focus gear? As a stopper i think i will place a zipper focus gear with the lock right where the closest focus (3,2) is. that will prevent the isco not to screw itself off ... since 90% i work with a follow focus and the zipper lock will hit the follow focus gear. good idea?
  4. what do you mean by "remove the stopper" ... i don´t understand ... ?
  5. Van Diemen iscorama upgrade: close focus is 3' 7" This is about 110 cm, am i right? How does it work? Does he reorder the lens elements?
  6. Got a answer from SmallHD. Hi, We are adding some new features to the DP6 but unfortunately that is not one of them. I'm sorry. Warm regards, Tiffany SmallHD So we have to find a workaround, ha?
  7. Here are some pics from my setup on a fullframe cam: ISCORAMA PRE 36, HELIOS 58 F2, MID-CLOSE FOCUS ISCORAMA PRE 36, SAMYANG 85 F2, MEDIUM FOCUS ISCORAMA PRE 36, SAMYANG 85 F2, INFINITE FOCUS
  8. FYI. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1sPpIhjcuT6g9OxpEil04lBkNfTFBgQFluy0NaX2WLD8/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000#slide=id.gf207d16f_24 (i just emailed them if there is a chance for 1.5x preview) waiting ... edit: sorry, forgot the link
  9.   Sorry guys - i had to! I promise i won´t put any videos of flowers nor cats into this forum with this lovely glass! (ok maybe cats) I am sure that my Leica-R taking lenses will fit perfectly with the Iscorama since these lenses were produced at approximately the same time.  
  10. Hello. So i´ve mounted the moeller to my 5DMII +VAF-5D2b Optical Anti-Aliasing Filter and recorded with the ML raw video hack (4:3). Lenses are the Helios 58mm and a Ricoh 135mm. With the Helios i´ve strong vignetting caused by the long projector lens and i have to reduce my cropping. With the Ricoh 135mm no problems - i can even record at 1600x1200! Here are the shots (x264): 1. http://www.christiandietl.at/anamorph/58mm_helios_moeller-x264.mov 2. http://www.christiandietl.at/anamorph/135mm_ricoh_moeller-x264.mov
  11. Hello. I am very new to the anamorphic section of cinematography. Recently i got two lenses (projection lenses). I´ve attached a picture of the two lenses. Are they any good? I´ve read the anamorphic guide and there is this paragraph "avoid projection lenses". So is there a chance to build a usable rig with one of this lenses? Otherwise - i really like the Iscorama 36, because of the 1,5x and the focusing! But hey, i have to eat too :(   I got a tip of the Isco Star - Is it a good start? Thanx,  Chris    
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