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  1. Absolutely sir, one of the finest 1,5x out there
  2. Andrew is right. It has a 30mm rear element. The Lens is single coated and flares absolutely beautiful in a warm tone.
  3. No, it hasn't been sold yet. But there's certainly some demand ;)
  4. @ jijas hey, yeah I still have the diopters. The thing is, when I sell these seperatly it's much harder for me to sell the rest and I couldn't use the iscorama properly in the future if there is no one to buy this beatiful lens. That being said, I'd like to sell it in a set. @ andrew Just measured the diameter and ,well, your right. This lens is the predecessor of the Iscorama 36. It is single coated and flares in a warm/orange color. On a 60D I could use down to 35mm without vignetting too much. 28mm was okay when cropping to 2,35:1 instead of 2,66:1 thanks :)
  5. Hey there I want to sell my lovely Iscorama 36 Nikon 50mm 2.8. It's really hard to give this beauty away but there are times where you have to do what you have to do. This lens is in a perfect condition, all glasses are free of fungus, dust, oil or scratches. The only marks of usage are visible at the white numbers on the focus ring and at the rear barrel due to too cheap mounting bracket. This bracket caused some minor scratches which doesn't effect usability at all. The optics are perfectly clear and focus ring runs very smoothly. I've got also the very rare and high quality achromat TOKINA +.4 72mm, which is used to reduce minimum focus distance with the iscorama. The Package includes: Iscorama 36 anamorphot Nikon 50mm 2.8 taking lens Nikon to Canon adapter     Original Iscorama packaging with instruction manual TOKINA At-X +.4 Achromat 72mm     little Tokina leather bag Soligor +1,+2,+4 Achromat 72mm     little Soligor leather bag several Step rings/distance rings to fit other lenses (which is in my opinion the safest and fastest way to use the anamorphot)    52mm->49mm    49mm->52mm    58mm->52mm    67mm->52mm    2x distance ring 52mm some photos of the optics and filters are attached below Pricing for the hole package with national shipping (incl. insurance): 3200€ with paypal Collection also available, current product location: Germany, Nuremberg international shipping is calculated as soon as I know the destination country. customs duty may be added within non EU countries! I bought the lens on ebay US and i was lucky enough that customs haven't charged me,  just FYI.     [url=http://postimg.org/image/kzc0wvc31/][/url] [url=http://postimg.org/image/cng9vmep9/][/url] [url=http://postimg.org/image/5vpusrppp/][/url] [url=http://postimg.org/image/r1jnnd0j1/][/url] [url=http://postimg.org/image/4ztddbg19/][/url] [url=http://postimg.org/image/6wq3hw6p9/][/url] [url=http://postimg.org/image/5y9qfltd9/][/url] [url=http://postimg.org/image/mbtpyr9il/][/url] [url=http://postimg.org/image/evzia2s4t/][/url]  
  6. Hey Andrew, the video says, it is shot in 1080i. And I thought, if they shoot 60fps and the nikon is only cappable of shooting it in interlaced mode, maybe so I think it is possible that it has also 24/25fps Progressive mode. Just a thought, though
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