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  1. Canon should be feeling embarrassed for a lot of things. But, I'm convinced that Canon's MO is they can't feel embarrassed for things they know nothing about, i.e. turn a blind eye and deaf ear to what's going on around them.
  2. Like sands through the hourglass....so is the progress of Canon.
  3. They forgot to cite their own lack of innovation as a reason for sales slowing. Day by day, the NX1 appears to be the best alternative. I can buy an NX1 for the cost of selling off one of my Canon lenses, which is a very likely outcome for all of my Canon lenses considering I have no intention to use Canon DSLRs if these new 5D series cameras are indicative of what to expect from them in the future. Canon, y'all done eff'd up. Y'all done eff'd up real good. Congratulations!
  4. It can't be reduced to an "American" thing, IMO. Though, this might be a shade of capitalism run amok. With this issue as well as many other issues that stem from the corporate takeover of net neutrality, I don't think the public's level of urgency is high enough. Wait, let me rephrase that, I don't think the American public's level of urgency is high enough. Maybe if more American citizens made themselves aware of the situation at hand and got involved, then to your point, Americans (the majority - i.e. 98%) ruling the world may not be such a bad thing. At least as it pertains to securing freedom and access to information.
  5. Does Cuesongs come pretty close to accomplishing that? http://www.cuesongs.com/
  6. X? I realize you don't want to divulge too much info. but can you elaborate any further on what the purpose is of the "X" you are testing? Is it an adapter of some sort?
  7. I'd like to see this designed with the image originating from an APS or full frame sensor.
  8. Just get the 5DIII, or something else that's readily available. If the speculation is to be believed, and Canon doesn't release anything until late 2014/early 2015, while also factoring in the innevitable ML hack for that camera, it may not be until May 2015 that you see a fully optimized successor to the 5DIII. While patience is a virtue, putting your dreams/visions on hold for a year for something like that is a sin. It's still no guarantee that the 5DIII successor will be worth it, because as more cameras become available and more accessible within than time, the next Canon will appear as more of a "me too" camera than a "hey look what I can do differently" camera. I'd like to be wrong on this, because I have nothing but Canon lenses. However, it's become evident to me Canon's primary objective is not to step on any other major camera company's toes. They're comfortable with their place in the digital imaging Oligarchy of planned obsolescence, and wouldn't want to do anything that might rock the boat, like actually innovate and improve.
  9. Planned obsolescence. It gets hapless consumers every year. However, thanks to hackers, the hardware doesn't get relegated to paper weight status quite so soon. If there is a hack that enables onboard recording for the a7s, it might keep the camera relevant beyond 2015. We'll know that's the case when we see all those used atmos recorders flood the ebay market.
  10. This is what tripped me up and tripped me out: I guess this means we can expect to see MFT camera sensors grow a little more. Here I was thinking they were stuck to 17mm x13mm standard for MFT. Guess those lenses can cover a little more area. Thanks to JVC, now I'm already thinking, will the GH5 have a super 35mm sensor? Well, it should. So now I want the GH5.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to conduct this comparison. I am still however undecided, and most likely won't get either one. But if I were forced to pick one today, I'd get the Panasonic. Mostly because of the ability to record 4K internally, and less roller shutter shenanigans. It also appears more time and thought went into executing the overall form and functionality of the GH4, whereas the a7s seems to have been cobbled together within the last few months. I'm hoping that Canon releases a full-frame camera that competes with the a7s in low light image quality, and also records 4K internally like the GH4. They would however charge more than either Sony or Panasonic for such an offering. Although, Canon could put a 12MP APS-C sensor in it instead of full-frame, and still get comparably good low light quality images from it, while recording 4K internally, and ultimately keep the costs down below $1500 because it's a 1.5x sensor. They might even be able to get the price closer to $1000. Now, that would be interesting.
  12. Canon is only choosing to be responsive to their competitor's decisions to improve video functionality on DSLRs. They aren't necessarily taking the initiative to be responsive as a direct result of consumer demand. When it comes down to it, they prefer to follow the lead of Sony and Panasonic.
  13. Are there special footnotes or caveats within the book that specify what will and will not work with the 5DmkII or must we sort that out on our own?
  14. 5D MkII soon to be resurrected? Let it be. Oh please, let it be.
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