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  1. Sorry, but please point me (/us) to the quotes where the guy said he wants to learn video the way YOU understand video? Again, please quote where we (who?) said we want him to go full auto? And you know that you can use the GH4 in full auto, the same way you can do it with any other Panasonic from the GXXX lines? IF you read his request again (which I did after being astonished over your "me vs. the world" rant), he didnt say anywhere explicitly that he wants to know / use vector scopes and whichever handy tools exist (which in fact he should, if he wants to achieve his goal, to be clear!). However what he stated is that he liked stabilization - in fact that is why he is asking his question within the GX80 thread.
  2. I wont start picking here, everybody as he or she likes. However I doubt that you need all those features of the GH4 to "learn video". How do you define to "learn video" anyway? Did I not "learn video" because I did not have a GH4 and used all of its functionality but merely a GM1 and a GX80? Does this make my work less good? On the one hand you are saying basically that @jonpais is not right with his G85 recommendation because no one needs IBIS to "learn video" - yet on the other hand you practically tell him what he MUST have (vector scope, yadda yadda) to learn the craft. Seems to me like you are putting YOUR vision of how to learn video on him, the very same thing you didnt like in jonpais' statement. In the very same moment you encourage him to buy the GH4, which again is just your opinion - why is it any better than our opinions? Sounds weird to me, no offense. It always depends on what you need. @vladsaysF just need to think about what kind of work he wants to do and then pick the right camera, end of story.
  3. I agree with @fuzzynormal going down the prime route. I did it myself, too (more by accident, because I just lusted the Voigtländer). When I later tried some zooms, they gave me more freedom in choice, but I found out that I either use them at the shortest or at the longest focal length and that it distracted me a lot. So if I were you, I would try to find out which focal length I might be using most of the time and go for that. I started with 25mm and now went down to 17mm (4k crop) which suits me most. Occasionally I would love to have something even wider, but thats not that often. So, it all depends on what you need. The maybe ideal focal length compromise would be 20mm - the Panasonic 20 1.7 is just about perfect, if not for the slowish AF. If you want more tele, choose one of the 25mm lenses either from Panasonic (Summilux 25 1.4) or the Olympus (25 1.8) - both are fine lenses. If you want to go wider, go for the Olympus 17 1.8 or the Panasonic Summilux 15 1.7. In your case since size doesnt seem to matter that much, I would clearly advise you choosing the G85 based on mic-in, weather sealing and the flip out screen.
  4. I am really excited about end of 2017 when we might get some successor for the GX80/G85 with some of the features of the GH5 trickling down. GX80 with mic in, weather sealing and 4k60p would be all I might ever need. Until the next camera emerges
  5. This. The GM1 is really a gem. I would give up my GX80 in a second if they would make a GM1 with IBIS. Heck, I might even scrap 4k.
  6. Tell me more! which taking lens was used? Did you turn off the IBIS?
  7. Well, I used the extra E-stabilizer in this video here entirely and I did not notice any disadvantage except the crop:
  8. Well, since you didnt really give us that many insight into which kind of shots you plan, I would suggest going for the perfect allrounder, Sigma 18-35mm 1.8
  9. @7 Lakes: seems you are more into those stylized looks. Your sample above looks very much like the M31 Lut from Osiris / Impulz. The latter example can be easily created with the GX80 as well, imo.
  10. Afaik the performance of the IBIS doesnt really change on the GX80 in later firmware updates, yet the sound of it running does. The Ex Tele Converter only knows one option when you are in FHD (2.4x) hence the reason why you only can do it on / off. When taking pictures, you can use different amounts based on your aspect ratio - see page 151 in the manual. It shouldnt be blurry at all, at least that I cant confirm that.
  11. Bought it, turned everything into orange, asked for help, no reply given. Judge for yourself. Top is GH4, below is generic:
  12. Especially since the G85 has this awesome Mic-In which would nowadays really mean a lot to me since I discovered only recently how important good audio is. Sure, I have a dedicated field recorder as well, but I only use it for planned recording of foley - for the action that happens during the shot I have to fallback to the (quite crappy) onboard mic of the GX80. On the other hand I really love how stealthy the GX80 is... I like the tilting screen solution much more than this flipout thingy. So a G85 could not replace my GX80 but be a nice addition, the weather sealing also comes in handy when I am on the road, especially if I will ever get the Summilux 12, which is also weather resistant. Yet again, I would love to have the 4k teleconverter option which only the GH5 has. Choices.
  13. And this one was the one where I had to apply the least amount of color correction! Like you said, the Summilux lenses have some special mojo going on. Once the GH5 drops in price or a GX comes out that allows the teleconverter option while filming 4K, i am on board.
  14. I had a quick play with the new GH5 profile for Filmconvert, but since the GH5 has a different sensor than the GX80, I wasnt too convinced, judge for yourself: top is gh4 profile, bottom gh5 profile:
  15. I dont need that HDMI clamp since I dont have any monitor / recorder or whatsoever. I have put the latest Firmware on my body, which made the IBIS pretty much silent, at least I cant hear it in the recordings (which are crappy anyway, but thats a different story). Or do you mean sth else with "show in usage"?
  16. I bought it from smallrig.com right away - shipping was pretty fast and I did not had to pay any taxes which puzzled me, but I wont complain :)
  17. Thanks! Got myself a Smallrig cage as well as a top handle, improved the smoothness a lot.
  18. First project with the Summilux 15, totally in love with this lens. Great skintones OOTB!
  19. Interesting, I understood it exactly the other way round: As in that it looks way too polished - being a reason to NOT to invest into native glass. sender - receiver issue.
  20. Although nowadays GH5 and 5d 4k raw () are getting most of our attention, my partner GX80 doesnt let me down. Nothing special, yet another festival recap. This time however, I started getting used to color masks to remove the orange/green tint. Not perfect yet, plenty of room for improvement. Tell me what you think:
  21. it is quite awesome, that the losless tele converter now also works in 4K (in contrast to the GX80, sadly), so that users get a 1.4x crop which is nearly the same as having two focal lengths with just one lens. This together with the Summilux 12 as praised by @jonpais would make it quite awesome... Must resist.
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    Canon vs Sony or...

    Wow, that looks awesome!
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