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  1. you need a workhorse camera that allows run & gun, so no no doubt the GH4.
  2. This lens set consists of the following Mamiya-Sekor lenses : - SX 28mm f/2.8 - SX 35mm f/2.8 - AUTO 50mm f/2.0 - AUTO 55mm f/1.4 (2 copies !) - SX 135mm f/2.8 Save yourself the trouble and time of searching for all these lenses and buy a complete set of matching lenses. I am selling these set because I've been assembling a Canon FD set, which is now complete. It took me over 2 years to gather this set, since for example the SX 35 and 28 are pretty rare. All lenses are in great condition (normal use and wear on the lens body, glass in perfect condition). Except for the second 55 1.4, which has a small scratch on the front glass (not noticeable in pictures nor video). All lenses have original front and end caps and carrying case for most of the lenses. Also included in this set are Canon EOS adapters with focus confirmation. The SX lenses have been adapted professionally to fit Canon adapters (there's a small ledge on the diaphragm that was filed away). Of course, the lenses can be used on NEX or M4/3 bodies too with the right adapter.
  3. Neither did we have one of those in Belgium. But microscopic cracks did the job. Plant is unsafe to use. I'd rather not think about what could've happened if they hadn't inspected properly. Or what is gonna happen in the future with that plant, the core and the waste.
  4. There's no such thing as a "perfectly safe nuclear industry". Try saying that to people living in a 5000 mile radius round Tchernobyl or Fukushima. There's not a single nuclear plant which has insurance, simply cos they can't find an insurance company willing to cover the risk. In Belgium, with it's "perfectly safe nuclear industry", 2 of the 3 plants have had to shutdown due to tiny microscopic cracks in the plant's core. Noone inside the perfectly safe nuclear industry knows how to solve it, or what to do with the core and the rest of the plant. The plants will very probably never startup again. Nuclear energy creates a wonderful legacy for our children and great granchildren : nuclear waste. Which will be here at least as long as we are. Plenty of it was dumped in the oceans, is leaking now and we have no idea what to do with the rest of the waste that's stored all over the planet right now. There's plenty of sustainable alternatives, the nuclear lobby is heavily subsidized (even after +40 years of development they can't function without heavy national and supranational funding). A recent EU report was censored because it mentioned how nuclear and fossil energy are subsidized more than sustainable forms of energy. I'd rather live nearby an ugly windmill than within 1000 miles of a nuclear plant.
  5. a lousy test, which seems to have been made with the goal of making the GH4 come out as the winner. and I actually ordered a GH4 and would never buy a BMPCC. but this is not a serious test.
  6. If a lens is good for photography, it will be more than good enough for video. Photography places much higher demands on lenses than video. Especially a Canon DSLR, which resolves way less detail than other DSLR's. Your footage is always determined by the weakest link in the chain, and in the case of a Canon DSLR for video, that is the sensor (followed by the codec). I've migrated from Canon to Panasonic and the sensor on those cameras make my vintage M42 glass look like it's a completely different lens. There's very little use in putting very expensive lenses on a Canon DSLR, since the qualities of the glass will be compromised by the sensor and codec Canon uses. Even if you might move to another platform in the future, it makes very little sense to invest your money in Canon glass, since it's hard to adapt to other camera mounts. I work with a professional fashion photographer regularly and he swears by Canon's regular's EF lenses (not the red L series) for his photography. This is someone who has the means to buy L series glass and is a pixelpeeper by nature. But if you have money to burn, go ahead.
  7. One great alternative is the Canon EF 28 1.8. It only costs 1/3rd of the 35 1.4, is just a little bit wider and almost as sensitive. It's a great lens for video too (I shoot weddings too during summertime). Not the best test I could find, but gives you an idea :
  8. Rich, your response is evidence of how radioactive lenses can cause brain damage. You clearly have no idea whatsoever of what firemen do and how trained/skilled they are.
  9. "I was 100% certain that I would NEVER use the 3D ability that was built into my first camcorder, and I never did. But I could never purchase the GH4 and promise not to use the exceptional 4K resolution it is capable of. Especially since Andrew has already stated that downscaling from 4K to 1080p will yield better results than shooting in HD. Come to think of it, it seems like only yesterday that I SWORE I'd never shoot with anything but a film camera." @ jonpais : My point is that my current setup (4 year old MacPro) will still allow me to downscale 4K footage to HD before I start editing. So my workflow wouldn't be too different from today : I convert all my AVCHD footage to ProRes before editing. If Rarevision would decide to develop something like 5DtoRGB for 4K footage from the GH4, I would probably face longer conversion times, but I can live with that (I mostly do conversions during nighttime).
  10. I ordered the GH4 too, but I don't plan on editing in 4K. I'll probably shoot most of the stuff I do (documentary and weddings) in 1080, since that's the delivery format (still mostly DVD, web or broadcast). When I have time to prepare and plan the shoot and where I want the best image quality, I'll probably shoot in 4K and then convert that to 1080 before editing (or work with proxies). But none of my clients can play back 4K today, so I don't see the benefits (today). I would've ordered the GH4 anyway, even without 4K. The low light performance and high frame rates are what made me order this camera.
  11. isn't this problem solved by encoding to ProRes in 5DtoRGB and choosing 701 and full range ? that's what I've been doing with my G6 footage.
  12. You can buy EF to M43 adapters with built in aperture ring. Even though it won't be as good as using the lens' built-in aperture, it does the job properly. I use the Sigma 28-70 2.8 on my G6 this way, works fine. No artifacts as far I can notice.
  13. Hi Thomas, great news ! I've been using 5dtorgb ever since I found out it existed, there's no way I could ever go back to using Mpeg Streamclip or Media Converter. Great software you guys made !
  14. Anyone have an idea if the following workflow would degrade the footage : first use 5dtorgb to convert the 4K footage to 2K ProRes 444 then start editing and grading This workflow would probably be the easiest way for people who are outputting 2K anyway, and are using a less recent editing bay.
  15. I'm prejudiced, since I own both the G6 and RJ Focal Reducer, but I highly recommend both. Of course I can't directly compare the RJ to Metabones, but for video I noticed no artifacts at all. For photography it may be a different story. Soundwise, if you use a decent microphone the G6 will deliver proper results. If I had the money or used my G6 for photography too I would've bought the Metabones, since it's the best you can get. But the RJ gives you probably 80-90% of that quality for 30% of the money.
  16. Hi Amro, I shoot 3-4 weddings every year. You can see examples of my wedding films on www.huwelijksvideos.be. We are a 2-man team and prefer to shoot that way (since it makes the edits much more interesting), but I have shot weddings all by myself before too. Which is of course more budget-friendly for the client. My wife is a photographer, so when clients request both video and photo she's part of the team. A small sample of our photo work can be viewed at www.pascalgarnierphotography.tumblr.com (click weddings at the top of the page). Also, all pictures on www.apuura.com are hers. Even though those are mostly object and model stills, it should give you an idea. My other film work can be seen at www.seenematic.com (music videos, promos, commercials, ...) We would love to shoot a wedding video in Paris, wonderful city and background for a wedding ! My wife is pretty familiar with Paris, she visits the city 4-5 times a year. She knows all the nice spots, parks, ... I don't know if you want us to edit the footage too or if you want to edit it yourself (since you're a shooter yourself) ? But we're flexible. Of course, editing yourself would be cheaper for you. If needed, I could just provide you with a couple of harddisks with all footage. We use jibs, sliders and steadicam to keep things interesting. We always lav mic both groom and bride. Currently we're shooting with a Pana G6 and Canon 5D MK IIII, but I'm waiting for my GH4 to arrive (so will be shooting with that camera this summer). Also using an Atomos Ninja 2 to capture 10bit 422 ProRes. I'm based in Ghent, Belgium, that's a 3-hour drive from Paris. Je parle Francais, Anglais et Néerlandais. I'll be in Paris for 2 days early May, I could meet then if you want to. But since your profile says you're in Dubai, I'm guessing you don't live in Paris, but will just be there for the wedding ? Anyway, feel free to contact me to discuss what you're looking for. Email me at info@huwelijksvideos.be, we can then set up a skype or I can call you. Important detail : do you already have a set date ? Kind regards, Pascal
  17. If you're considering DSLR's, I think the 5D MkIII has probably the best low light and dynamic range (better than the Nikon's) under $3000. That may change very quickly though, as soon as the GH4 becomes available : dynamic range seems to be better than any other DSLR so far, it has 60 fps, log styles which allow to shoot even flatter and it's approx. $1000 cheaper than a 5D MkIII. Also, with the GH4 comes a much more manageable workflow and reasonable filesizes.
  18. First of all thanks for the extensive tests and footage. Only makes me happier about having preordered one. Any chance you'll be shooting regular old HD with it ? Just to know what that looks like for those of us who still shoot and deliver in Full HD and look for the simplest workflow. And any idea if you can transcode 4K to 1080p ProRes directly through 5dtorgb (without having to go through Premiere or FCPX) ? If possible, this would allow us to edit native 1080p in our NLE's. And I could possibly get rid of my Ninja2, since that footage would probably have less resolution than downconverted 4K.
  19. andy : there's a big chance they use cheaper glass, which is the only way to make it cheaper. Which might introduce all kinds of artifacts. That's why the Metabones is so expensive : they use the best glass they can get. I didn't buy the cheapest adapter, but paid $30 extra for something that had already been tested/reviewed with pictures to proove it. The only way to find out how this cheaper one does is to buy one and see how it does. But all tests I've seen so far show there's a huge difference and image degradation with the very cheap focal reducers.
  20. Sean & John, take this nonsense to private messages please.
  21. that's standard ebay practice : you can only make 3 offers max. and most sellers only accept offers higher than 90 or 95% of their Buy Now price.
  22. every single person using these lenses on a M43 body mentions the lens not focusing until infinity when used wide open. like in every single post or review I've googled. The 20-40 zoom is a great zoom lens, but wont focus until infinity at the wide 20mm end. at 40mm it's fine. as andy said, you can solve this by either buying an adapter or DIY-ing by adding a fixed aperture plastic washer. I'm about to sell my 18mm 2.8 with iris adapter cos I no longer need it now that I have a Speedbooster (my Canon FD 24mm now has the same FOV as the Pentax 18mm 2.8). Selling lens and adapter with iris for $100.
  23. Henry, it's not the same as the one I got. Unless you find a detailed review or footage of the one you mentioned, your guess is as good as mine.
  24. cosign with what andy said : I have the 18 2.8 and 20-40. there's a special Pentax110 to m43 adapter online, best is to get the one with aperture control, since these lenses have no infinity focus wide open.
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