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  1. @timmyturntable Thank you! That's kind of you to say. I really enjoy using FilmConvert. I started using Andrew's Gamma DR settings, applying his LOG LUT, then using the Sony A7S slog + gamut profile and I really liked it. Now I use Ricardo's standard profile settings and use the Red Epic M Redcolor3 - Redgamma3 profile and I love it! It's hard to get bad colors out of the NX1. Right off the bat it delivers a great image and colors, especially for the price. Using the bit rate hack (180mbps) and downsampling to 1080 ProRes HQ is amazing. The image is very workable and you can pretty much achieve any look you want in post.
  2. Well, I gave Ricardo's settings a try. I really like it! Here are a few grabs from a recent promo video I did for the band I play in. You can watch the full video at our Facebook page. Really quick, no budget. I'm a noob when it comes to this stuff and enjoy doing it for fun, the process, and for promoting my band. Rokinon 12mm F2 for the ultra-wide. Canon FD 24mm F2 for the wide and close-ups. Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/4 and Genus Eclipse ND Fader were on the FD 24mm. Grading was FilmConvert Red Epic M Redcolor 3 - Redgamma 3, FJ Velv plus FCPX Color corrector. Audio was Rode Video Micro straight in to NX1 UHD-1 24p with Vasile's latest nx-on-wake mod 180mbps downsampled to 1080p ProRes HQ using RockyMountain then upscaled to 2048 X 1080p in FCPX edit: It seems the jpgs added a little yellow to the images
  3. Downloaded. I can still seem some in the original file, just not as noticeable as it is on Vimeo. Examples: 0:31 very left side of the frame. 0:35 the black under-side of whatever that is. 1:11 basically everything in the shadows. After you open the iris it's just in her hair. What kind of file format is the original file? When I downloaded it and opened it in QuickTime it had to convert before it played.
  4. Ahhh, right. I don't see an option to download on the vimeo page.
  5. Honestly man this looks great, but I still see macroblocking in the shadows at times.
  6. Gorgeous! What are Ricardo's settings?
  7. DIS does not work with 120/100fps. If DIS is enabled, you will not be able to choose 120/100fps
  8. Audio preamp is pretty noisy using an external mic.
  9. No adapter needed as long as the Pro-Mist is 77mm. Pro-Mist will attach to the lens then variable ND will screw right in to the Pro-Mist.
  10. Are you sure? I'm shooting with Vasile's newest 5.02 patch and even at 120mbps I'm getting a variable frame rate when shooting 120fps, instead of a constant 120fps. edit: Just tried 60fps at 180mbs and getting a constant 60fps. I wonder what's up with the 120mbs 120fps. With KS mod pack I was getting constant 120fps with 120mbps edit: Tried 120fps at 110mbps and got a constant 120fps!
  11. Dropped frames at 0:20? What bitrate were you using?
  12. @Andrew Reid recommends the 0.95 green in his NX1 guide. Although, in this article he states "Alas the NX1 has a screen of RGB sliders for each picture profile and a hue adjustment. Does dialling down green or shifting the hue away from green and towards magenta solve the problem? No, it just desaturates the greens!" The problem he's talking about is how much green the NX1 renders (at least compared to the 1DC).
  13. And the bit rate hack is working for the NX1 with the new firmware and new Kinoseed pack?
  14. No this is with one of Kinoseeds mod packs for 1.40 firmware. I didn't see any reason to upgrade to 1.41. I use an iPhone, and I love the bit rate hack! edit: wait, what new hack for 1.41? Vasile's? edit2: just read through the dpreview thread on vasile's new hack for 1.41 and saw that someone claimed to have true 120fps at 180mbps. Guess I'm going to have to test it tomorrow!
  15. 120mbps for 120fps HD. 160/180mbps was fine and kept a fixed frame rate for 24p/30p/60p HD. Again, this was limited testing. What I've done for HD is set the Pro to 180mbps for when I want to use 24p/60p and the HQ to 120mbps for 120fps. It's a lot quicker than going in to the hack GUI and changing the bit rate manually.
  16. In my limited testing I've found that 180mbps is too much for the NX1 to handle for 120fps. It records at a variable frame rate instead of a fixed 120fps. Bumping the bit rate down to 120mbps has kept the fixed 120fps for me.
  17. True Back Button Auto Focus http://***URL removed***/forums/post/57788933
  18. So, now what? Do they have another round of voting of just the top three?
  19. I think they only updated the firmware because they were getting so many complaints about the Samsung Camera Manager App not working with Android or whatever. I won't update until Kino's modpack get's updated and is sure to work with the new firmware.
  20. What's the difference between 1.40? What was added? I can't seem to find any info on 1.41. edit: seems the only thing is Fixed Bluetooth Connection with Samsung Camera Manager App and Android
  21. The motion looks jerky to me. Look at the flags in the first clip. Dropped frames? High shutter speed?
  22. For me it's the playback button.
  23. and the behind the scenes...
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