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  1. Here's an edit I put together from a trip I took in January to Cambodia. I'm not a colorist, it was done in a hurry. Anyway, it was super fun shooting with the FZ1000. Everything was shot handheld with OIS on and some stabilization in post. I was really trying to push the OIS with fake dolly and slider moves. Everything was 4k 24p except for slow motion (120fps 1080p). Edited in FCPX on a 1080p timeline. I did punch in and reframe some of the 4k shots, which was nice to have. Let me know what you think! All criticisms welcome.
  2.   The number of blogs or forums I run is irrelevant. However, if I did have a blog or forum I would act as respectful and professional as possible.   Who says criticism has to make sense? Couldn't all criticism be "annoying" depending on the individual? What makes sense to one person might not make sense to another. It's how you respond to it. You obviously responded negatively and with profanity. Good luck with your blogs and forums that you run.
  3. Wow, looks like someone can't take a little criticism.    Bruno in no way sounded malicious toward you yet you come back at him like a middle-schooler. He was simply pointing things out.    EOSHD I don't know how old you are but you come across as very immature, at least when someone else points something out about you. Good grief!
  4.   You can't support what BlackMagic are doing? Lines we've been fed? Blackmagic is clearly trying to put high quality motion picture capture devices in to the hands of those that can't afford higher-end cameras. Would Blackmagic purposefully try to sully their own name by not shipping on time? I think not. What it comes down to for me is that they're TRYING. They're TRYING to get cheaper, high quality cameras out there. They succeeded with the 2.5k, albeit with some heavy downfalls but, hey, that's part of the process! They were never a camera manufacturer. Now, they're trying. I can not fault them for that. There will always be shortcomings, that's part of life. I like AaronChicago's question, and to go along with that I sure am glad BlackMagic is trying to make cameras. No ONE is perfect and no THING is perfect. Let's just all take a step back and be glad that there is someone out there trying to put high quality imagery in our hands at an affordable price.  
  5. http://www.cinema5d.com/news/?p=17976 Mark III RAW vs. BlackMagic RAW
  6. It is not down for the count. Just because one person won't have a use for it doesn't mean you won't have a use for it. Also, has anyone entertained the idea that this RAW hack can do long-term damage to the camera/sensor? Overheating, etc.?
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