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  1. Broadcast is a concept that now is dead. (Un)fortunately, most tech people at TVs are engineers and they want to have a say. But if your docs are properly graded and delivered on a decent codec, they probably can pass the technical tests. Truth is that for how much we masturbate our minds about cameras, once you watch the final video, nobody can tell exactly which camera it was recorded with in the beginning. 

  2. 6 hours ago, Lintelfilm said:

    You can stop to think about image quality while watching Narcos!?!

    In fact I forget about everything technical and get caught, but then there's a night scene and I miss grain!!! Plata o plomo o ruido!!! ;-D

  3. 1 hour ago, Jonesy Jones said:

    Question, since this lens can be fitted with nearly any mount, is there a reason you couldn't fit it with the Nikon F mount, and then speedboost it to a Sony E mount and make it a T1.9 or whatever?

    It would probably vignette!

  4. For those that think FCP X is not a pro app, this guy edited a 2 hour long concert with like 50cams with a MacPro and FCP X. Good luck to those wanting to do that on Premiere!!! The only smart alternative to FCP X if you don't want to go Mac or don't like magnetic timeline, is Da Vinci Resolve, imho. 


  5. On 8 July 2016 at 0:28 PM, ricardo_sousa11 said:

    This is almost an impulse buy, because the price seems quite low..

    Maybe too low, in Amazon Italy it costs 3300€

  6. 23 hours ago, Mikaelj said:

    What do you guys think of this, I am doing multicopter aerial shots of houses, boats, cars, landscapes etc.  I need a small camera with good image quality and will be using a gremsy h3 gimbal. What camera would you pick of the bmpcc and the gx80?   I can buy them for the same price.

    In theory is a very good camera. It's MUCH better to use a 4K cam for drones. But if you are money tight and can't fail, I would search the gimbal+camera combination in YouTube. Too many anti-vibration systems can conflict instead of help!

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