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  1. Of course you can't critically mix on Macbook's speakers! But as Andrew said, they are great for what they are!
  2. I will rant a bit, sorry! I miss when clients knew they didn't know anything and they told me: "Do your job". And they payed 5x what it is payed now. Now in this world of influencers-wannabes everybody has opinions, no idea what is needed to do what they want and ridicule budgets. Dream of escaping up, becoming a great documentary filmmaker!
  3. I dreamt it or Fuji opened their system to third party lenses, allowing AF lenses from other vendors? Any new in this front? I love the kit lens and have a 23mm f2 and 50mm f2. I am very happy with them, but would love more choices!
  4. Thanks Anaconda. What cpu do your iMac have i5, i7 or i9??
  5. Thanks for your answer. I use FCP X, I don't know if that would change things or not. I read the T2 chip on Mac minis help to decode h264/h265, I don't know how efficient it is in doing it.
  6. I have a computer question. Anybody has a Mac which can edit 4K60p h265 10 bit footage easily without using proxy?? I am wondering if an I7 Mac mini or a new MacBook Pro 16 can cope with it.
  7. Did he missed the Ricky Gervais speech?? I think racism is a very important problem, but I don't know how much naming it in a ceremony will do something to solve it.
  8. The only mount that Sigma didn't put on the 18-35mm
  9. Those are all pretty wide angle. Focusing a 70-200mm is harder
  10. I passed to Android recently, I will check at least five of those apps! Thanks
  11. Try 200 and 400, if you see any difference feel free to use 400mbps. If you don't you can 50% of hard disk space by going 200.
  12. Truth is I never use proxy. But I think you can import your footage, asking to make Proxy versions. While those are being rendered, you can just edit in Original/Optimized mode. 4K 50p and h265 surpass my old Macbook capabilities. I should use Proxy for those. But I hope I will be able to get a Mac Mini or an iMac with six cores.
  13. I don't know if the dynamic range advantage F-log will give you, would compensate for your hard time to focus manually/properly.
  14. Being poor I have tried so hard to like DaVinci, but I can't. FCP X is so smooth even in my late 2013 Macbook. These new Macbooks seem good, I can't understand how they can legally sell soldered RAMs and SSDs. Oh, they don't even pay taxes...
  15. Throw some light instead of noise reducers.
  16. Joker is and infomercial on Joaquin Phoenix. The formats are so overrated. Make good films!
  17. Eterna is so nice that I didn't bother with the others yet. In any case, with film simulations, you really can create the look you want and have it while recording. With 10 bits you can always adjust something.
  18. Thanks for the info! I need to upgrade my late 2013 Macbook Pro and I had the Mac Mini in mind.
  19. I am pretty sure that button should be red!!! ;-DD
  20. In fact, technology arrived to a point where most of us have cameras that have equivalent or better IQ that the equipment used in our all time favourite films. About the beginnings of RED I remember that a lot of normal videographers bought a RED camera + accesories, thinking they would become either Kubrick or Warner Bros. That was not the case. Cameras are tools, I can't imagine carpenters talking about hammer or nails...
  21. Throw your Blackmist 1/4, when 8K cameras will be common, we will need a Blackmist 2
  22. Marketing was/is always half lying. But RED adopted a politics of FULL LYING.
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