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  1. No worries, thanks for the reply back... Will eagerly await for some samples
  2. The title says it all really.... Am looking to purchase one of these but am just wondering if anybody has any hands on experience with them? I like the fact that these can be adopted to a number of anamorphic lenses and I have read are also somewhat more "neutral" than SLR Magics rangefinder but it is also a whole lot of cash for me to throw down with hearing from anybody who has first hand experience with the product... Anybody? Are these even shipping yet? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I know this is a bit of a strange one but I am looking to attach a video viewer (Zacuto, LCDVF etc etc) to the rear of my newly purchased Sony A7RII... This is largely due to me wanting to shoot stills but in a ratio that better suits my Mamiya 7 and large format cameras that I am more accustomed with (6:7 and 5:4) This would involve me taping off the rear LCD to my desired format and the cropping the original 3:2 image in post... I figure I would have more success on this forum than on a purely "stills" forum.. Just wondering what the smallest video viewer is for this purpose? I would rather not be adding anything to the camera and that Sony just give us these crop modes in camera but this does not seem to be the case at this point.. Hopefully in a firmware update... Thanks so much, any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Thanks for the reply Hans Punk, great information! Could I expect roughly the same results (sharpness wise) from a slower 2.8 prime, as compared to say a 85mm 1.4 that is then closed down to 2.8? As you have mentioned, I still think that you can get desired shallow D.O.F results shooting anamorphic with these variable diopters, so a prime of 2.8 (or even f4 if they exist) is not a problem.. I do dislike the hexagonal bokeh that you can get by possibly stopping down a lens that maybe does not have very circular aperture blades.. As Zak has pointed out previously, the SLR Magic seem a great choice due to their very rounded aperture blades but unfortunately, they only cover aps-c at best.. Any suggestions for full frame?
  5. Thanks again for the response, much appreciated! With regards to the SLR Magic Rangefinder, when people talk about using it a couple of stops from wide open to obtain acceptable sharpness, would it be possible to achieve the same level of sharpness with a slower lens? An 85mm 2.8 for example? Or is there something about having a lens designed to be a 1.4 and then stopping down that improves the sharpness better? As mentioned earlier, I don't think I would have an issue with shooting with a slower lens but if stopping down (with a faster prime) was to cause "hexagonal" bokeh, then that is more of an issue
  6. Thanks Zak, Just to clarify, what reason are you talking about referring to the Rectilux optics? The fact that you can shoot wide open without much loss of sharpness? I am pretty much invested in full frame lenses at this stage, any suggestions to some lenses that have rounded aperture blades for this format?
  7. With regards to the SLR Magic Rangefinder, I have noticed a number of people note that it sharpens up nicely between one to two stops from wide open.. It has also been noted that with regards to pulling focus, this is not a bad thing at all... I am curious to know how the aperture of the taking lens affects the "look" of the anamorphic bokeh.. I have attached some screen grabs from the movie Heat to try and illustrate my question.. I feel like the bokeh that is as close to a pure oval in shape is the nicest and the bokeh that is more hexagonal in shape is least attractive.. So I feel that the more wide open the taking lens is, the nicer the look to the bokeh but then the harder it may be to keep things in focus... Also, with the SLR Magic Rangefinder, if it is really useable a couple of stops down from wide open, does the bokeh turn hexagonal? Or do you really need to stop down to f8 onwards or so for it to be as hexagonal as illustrated in the second, third, fourth and last Heat examples (one, five and six are examples of nice bokeh)? I know there may be a lot of variables but if anyone else has any information on this, it would be greatly appreciated...
  8. Ha Ha!! Yep.... One thing that I noticed that looks interesting and potentially sets it apart from the Rangefinder is this line in the product release... "F1.2 maximum useable F stop (full frame camera)" If this is true and lenses at f1.2 are useable and sharp, then I am in :)
  9. Sorry, I also do not want this to turn into another "Rectilux vs FM Module" forum post that goes on forever Am just really keen to see which one is better, as that is the one I will purchase! As for the price, I really hope SLR Magic have not increased it..
  10. Am extremely interested in this product and thank everybody in advance for the test footage that is to come.. I just noticed this quote on the Rectilux Facebook page... " QUESTION: SO WHEN IS A RANGEFINDER NOT A RANGEFINDER? ANSWER: WHEN IT IS AN ORIGINAL RECTILUX 3FF Say NO to those who willfully copy and plagiarize the original work of others. " I was just about to order a Rectilux when these original tests surfaced and now I am holding off.. Ideally, I would like to know the difference between the two. The FM module is out for me, as it looks quite big and seems to be quite fiddly.. Also, I have a Kowa B/H and it seemed I needed to alter it to make it work.. Zak Forsman, as far as I can tell, you are the only person who has access to all three special ingredients for such a test... Your tests so far with the SLR Magic Rangefinder have been really impressive and I really hope you have the chance to do a side by side comparison of the two... Andrew, do you plan on getting a Rectilux to pair with your Kowa? Any chance of seeing a side by side comparison? Also, does anybody know if these should work with fixed focus anamorphic lenses like the Iscomorphot 8/x2 ? Any issues that might be had with these lenses? O.K, thanks so much once again, I really look forward to seeing some more! :
  11. Am not sure why it did that to the link... If you clink on the "view on Facebook" little icon or just look on Rectilux's Facebook page, you will see the samples... I think they look good but would love to hear some other opinions :)
  12. Just noticed that the first samples of customers using the Rectilux are up on its Facebook site... What do you guys think?
  13. So this only works for the SLR Magic Anamorphics? I am guessing this is the case right? I have the Kowa B/H and an Isco Ultra Star and would love to have singe focus (especially for the Kowa B/H). Am waiting for some news on the Rectilux, as it has been a while since any...
  14. Thanks so much for the insight Richg101, will hold onto the Tokina 0.4 and wait patiently for the FM module to be announced :)
  15. Apologies if this has already been posted but I was just wondering the relevance of Diopters (such as as the Tokina 0.4) given that the new FM module is able to focus from 50cm to Infinity? I have the Tokina 0.4 and have barely used it to be honest and would potentially look at selling it to help fund the purchase of the new FM module. Like many others, I will wait for more samples but from what I have seen so far, is looking pretty good :) I guess there are always Iscorama users who would still have the need for such a diopter (as it is already single focus). Are there any other anamorphics out there that will not be covered by the FM module and would still demand the use of the Tokina 0.4 diopter? Also, given that the front of the FM module is so large, there is no way of using the Tokina 0.4 Diopter if I did want extreme minimum focus? O.K, thanks so much in advance :)
  16. Hi Caleb, Thanks for the response back, much appreciated! So with regards to the "Grey Vignette", is it something that you can avoid? That is, if you are still wanting the flares from shooting straight into a light source? I have seen other Anamorphic videos where people have shot straight into headlights and it has produced a clean, horizontal flare.. Or is this something that is maybe more pronounced with the FM module? Or even just particular to that lens/anamorphic/FM module combo? Well, either way, I look forward to more samples coming from this, is looking pretty awesome :) Thanks again.
  17. Wowsers! That looks awesome! Is anyone able to explain to me what is happening when you get a direct light source shining into the lens? Sorta looks like you can see the inner part of the Anamorphic or something.. Is this just that they are using a lens too wide or is it something particular to the Moller 2x ? I have a Kowa Bell/Howell and a Isco Ultra Star.. O.K, thanks so much :)
  18. Wow! This looks awesome, look forward to some real world results! Just wondering if the Hypergonar Hi Fi 2 will work with this adapter? I don't see it listed but it is essentially a cinema anamorphic projection lens right?
  19. Just saw this on the Letus website.. http://www.letus35.com/letus-anamorphx-pro-1-8x-adapter/ $3500! Ouch! She had better be good :) Not sure if it is preorder only but the site let me go all the way to entering my address, so I presume it is good to go. Any one with any more information or maybe test footage I have missed?
  20. Hi, I recently came across this listing and was wondering if anyone may have any information on it? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Anamorphic-Lens-SINGLE-FOCUS-RACK-FOCUSING-1ft-3m-Sharp-Iscorama-/181432817277?pt=Camera_Lenses&hash=item2a3e3d167d So, basically claiming to have modified an anamorphic for single focus AND close focus.. If this is true, which I do have my doubts about, it would be the first time that someone has done this? Well, apart from Markus Houy with his design but I have not seen much development on that front Not much information is given really, doesn't even list what the Anamorphic was originally.. States that there are no returns either.. Ok, thanks a lot, look forward to hearing your thoughts :)
  21. So I have been following the Canon Raw development and like everyone else here I am sure, think it is exciting times indeed!  Now with the price drop of the MIcro 4/3's BMCC, it makes it both confusing and exciting times ahead...   So, this potentially a very stupid newbie question but here goes anyway....   Does the new Canon Firmware that enables you to record to an external recorder have any place with the Magic Lantern Raw developments with the 5DIII?  There seems to be so much talk about recording with a fast enough CF card for shooting RAW, does there exist or is it at all likely in the future to exist, a possibility to record RAW on the 5DIII onto one of these external recorders?     Ok, thanks so much, look forward to hearing any thoughts or responses.
  22. Hi, Was just hoping someone may be able to tell me what a "Trump 58" sells for?  I really like the ideao f the 1.5x and 2x oval apertures and the fact that they can be swapped over is very appealing..   I have also been in contact with Rich but as of yet, have not heard back..  There is no pricing on the Facebook link..   Thanks a lot..
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