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  1. I was going to say CGI the sunset shot but no idea how you wold go about the interior.
  2. I just think we should be happy with what we have because it's amazing and will only get better with time. Canon's "mistake" has changed everything and we should be grateful, not whining about what we don't have all the time. Yeah there are limitations but story is king and always will be, make something great and no one will give a fuck what it was filmed on. 
  3. I do not understand your obsession with video on stills cameras. Video is an added feature on a stills camera so how can you compare them to a BMCC that is made purely for video? Stills cameras will always be stills cameras, the video will get better as the tech gets cheaper but it will never be the main focus. We are a small market and will be treated as such.
  4. Thanks for the rundown.   The battery issue really kills it for me, other issues are workable and some will be fixed but having to carry, charge and swap a ton of batteries all day is super annoying.
  5. I have a Z-Finder Pro and it's so fucking well made it's crazy, you really are paying for quality. 
  6. The footage from this thing looks great but those highlight blobs are a real bummer.
  7. This is my first real attempt at a music video. This was made for Frank Loves Joan a new artist from Adelaide, South Australia.   https://vimeo.com/73212331  
  8. Most TV shows shot on digital are prores as well. 
  9. Pretty sure he has done this a few times now. He isn't quitting, he is just taking a step back and working behind the scenes.
  10. That is nowhere near MoVI, why even mention it? It does look nice but not in a natural way, something about it looks off but I can only imagine how good this will get in coming years.
  11. And people cried about pros not being excited about the raw hack..
  12. They never asked if anyone was interested in seeing a Lone Ranger movie and that is why it failed.
  13. 7D is not looking promising due to it's dual processors. Do not hold your breath.
  14.   This is exactly why "some people" aren't jumping up and down about this HACK. Is it a cool and interesting development? Of course. Would you rely on it working for a paid gig? FUCK NO. For hobbyists this is a great thing and if they can extend the recording time from 40 seconds to several minutes that will be fantastic. Yes 40 seconds is ok but in the real world it will not cut it at all.
  15.   All this coming from the guy who blocks anyone on twitter who disagrees with him.
  16. Other than the form factor these cameras are very interesting. I hope we will be seeing footage from all over the world in August this year, sadly we might still be waiting mid 2014. Hopefully that isn't the case. 
  17. Lets hope they can actually get these ones made somewhat quickly.
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