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  1.   If you don't think the MoVi is going to change the way movies are made you may as well give up now.
  2. Sony seem to love making announcements about announcements, show us a product with a time frame or go home.
  3. I just saw this too. I think there may be some annoyed people who ordered the previous model. I am very interested in that pocket camera!
  4. Why people still expect Canon to go out of their way to improve video on a stills (especially a budget) camera is beyond me. They released the C300 etc, that is their focus for video. Their stills cameras are stills cameras, video is just an added feature because they can.
  5.   I noticed this immediately. Not a fan of the 3:56 at all but the footage does look nice. Indoor/low light shots look a lot more "video" to me.
  6. The mini rant against Windows is truly mind-boggling.
  7. Black and white is beautiful. Why wouldn't they do this?
  8. Yeah it is odd they didn't do this from the start really, especially when a mft mount can be so diverse with different adapters. That said this IS an excellent move on their part, one that the camera really needed.
  9. Hmmm, couldn't they have delayed the launch and announced the new mount before people bought them? I know not many are in hands but still.
  10. [quote name='Jaime Valles' timestamp='1346988778' post='17491'] Thank you for this article (and lovely short film). All you really need is a camera, a lens, a recording medium, and a dream. [/quote] If you want to make the next Clerks, El Mariachi or Primer then yes, if you want to make the next Transformers not so much. Film making can be easy and film making can be very complex.
  11. Well, I was not expecting that. I can only assume the C100 will perform the same.
  12. [quote name='FrankatCoffs' timestamp='1346804478' post='17338'] Andrew, as wonderful as all of these features sound mate, I fear it's all too good to be true and especially for the price. Based on these features the GH3 sounds like a quantum leap from the GH2. I love my GH2 and have made good money off it & would love all of these new features on the GH3, in fact Ill buy the GH3 whatever it has. But after being disappointed so many times from 'rumours' I will wait for the official Panasonic release. But please keep the rumours coming, it gives a lot of hope. I'm not the slightest bit interested in the Black Magic camera, I think it's a fad because the sensor is so small. By the end of 2012 there will be so many sexy new cameras to choose from..... AND, let's see what the Sony Full Frame video camera and the Canon EOS 1DC are like once released. My 5DIII is pretty good and is a great fill-in till the rest of the new gear gets released. Hopefully the 1DC will have 4K 25p added for us PAL users. [/quote] Yeah, I'm not holding my breath on this. Seems very over the top right now.
  13. This camera is great but I don't see it taking away very much of Canon's DSLR market. RED Scarlet, C300 etc market? Yeah maybe some.
  14. Really love the idea of this camera but wish it wasn't so much of a 'B' camera ergonomically. I'd love a more hand held body as I can't see this being usable without buying a lot of extras. But I still love what they have done and the footage out of it looks fantastic and the price is amazing.
  15. This is their budget camera and the video is aimed at mums and dads who want to take family footage with their photo camera so I don't see it as a big deal. If the new 7D doesn't have the new tech that's in the 5DMK3 then ok that will be disappointing.
  16. Don't forget that this is and always will be a stills camera and that is how Canon sees and will continue to see it. There are some great improvements on the 5D3, the low light performance alone is fantastic. Why everyone expected such huge improvements to the video when Canon have brought us the C300 is beyond me. But keep crying about technology we would have KILLED for just 10 years ago.
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