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  1. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1346693989' post='17229'] Because 1080p doesn't upscale to nearly 4K anamorphic as well as 2.5K does, that's why! You could do that but why bother? 1920x720 shows what most people who will shoot ProRes will do - a crop for a wider aspect ratio on Vimeo, and no anamorphic lens. [/quote] Won't you have to compress your Raw footage anyway back down to 1080p to be viewed on vimeo and other limited net streaming, for those who do not have 2k monitors ... etc. I know and heard that technology is getting ready for 2k and 4k projectors but that would be great for film festivals and showings but for most people who view online, etc.. How versatile and open are you able to show and distribute and others to view your 2.5k projects vs. 1080p projects..?
  2. I'm in Southern Maryland looking for some GH2 shooters, too bad were far away...
  3. What are you trying to do??? if your just trying a nice hack for better mbits.. use the regular eoshd hack and leave settings alone or just change numbers for greater mbits.
  4. [quote name='Markus' timestamp='1345626255' post='16193'] Insane how fast cameras are becoming. I would be a bit worried about wear of the physical shutter, a camera like the 1DX is designed for what, say 300.000 exposures or something? If you record 6 hours of video like this that's your 300.000 exposures done. Shutter can be replaced by Canon though so I guess it's not a biggie. [/quote] wow, that is something to think about!! I doubt the owner has taken that into thought
  5. Ok, Is the Anamorphic lenses worth getting over shooting with regular primes and cropping the image.. I've read reviews and forums, and seen Andrew Reid's videos with them, but they cost just as much as a good prime lens, and its additional attaches to your prime on a rig, etc... is it worth it in the end, money wise, and headache wise, when you can shoot with only your prime and crop for the extra wide aspect ratio...
  6. Kudos mate! I upgraded from the Olympus E-420 10mp beginner DSLR.. I was about to upgrade to OMD E-M5!!! I pre-ordered and everything!!! I saw that camera as dominating in photography, olympus being an underdog in photography.. It had 5 axis IBS (which I miss but for photography only), built in HDR (which I wished GH2 had but..), Olympus signature art filters (GH2 are filters are not as good, but looking better with LX7), and FULL HD video.. THIS was Olympus FRANKENSTEIN!!! The GH2 turned my head a FULL 180, when I saw it's awards and credits from its image and recording capabilities, it had 24fps, (OMD don't), Cinema mode (OMD don't), so much more for a filmmaker.. but Olympus m4/3 lenses are superb quality.. I wanted 12mm F2 but for $800, I saw the CINE lens by NOKTOR 12mm T1.6 for $550 does the Olympus 12mm AF and AE work with the GH2??? if so, that will persuade me to lean more towards their lens.
  7. [quote name='nahua' timestamp='1345287337' post='15958'] Sorry I don't have any videos of me using it, I'm usually the one taking videos. It's really great for weddings. I'd like to rent it too! LOL I have a SmallHD DP4, so I could get the eyecup option, but I usually use the fabric hood (sorry not shown). In any case it works really well even though it cost me an arm and a leg!! [/quote] ok, which Follow focus is that? is it Edelkrone? and I notice your Matte Box isn't rigged to the 15mm rods, does your mattebox accept rods? or is GH2 sitting too high? Maybe Christmas time, Edelkrone has a big sale going!
  8. Yeah, great tutorial, thanks for sharing... however, i'm just a one man team, a zoom lens does make sense more so than all primes, but 45-200 panasonic lens, which should get more options and field of view than 70-200 to cover more action. 2-3 GH2 would be a blessing, but I just have to wait until I get more money to spend, but I think planing ahead before the wedding, attending rehearsal and finding the pauses within the ceremonies... one may be capable of capturing atleast have of those angles with one camera..
  9. ok, whats BMD? did you see that Rokinon is making a CINE version of their lens, starting with the 24 and 35, so the aperture ring will be smooth instead of clicks, and will have teeth for follow focus, and markings on lens.. Interested in those as well for my prime list.
  10. AGREED, wow, you own GH2 and 5D mk3.. Congrats! I will use this as all around but primarily features, cinematography and weddings, Which one do you choose as your photography camera? I have a nice little list of primes i have yet to buy.. the NOKTOR 12mm T1.6 is one of them..
  11. Thanks for the pass on! now I have so many options!!! I'm so glad the prices on the Matte boxes have REALLY gone down.. D/Focus, and other ebay stores have them for less than $200! Come my next check I have free to spend, I will be getting Matte Box, Follow focus base plate with rails, then next time will be an actual Rig!
  12. could have been hate from other cinematographers with other company's like sony, panasonic, etc. I have GH2 love it.. but I do know and show respect to the big dog 5D mk2 and mk3! I just love Panasonic and Canon too.. I wonder how NIKON's new D8000 with Full Frame and 36mp will do against the 5D mk3??
  13. yep, I already checked out the flicks on flickr.. so you do more photography than cine? what camera do you use?
  14. [quote name='nahua' timestamp='1345110906' post='15797'] Sorry it took so long for me to upload this. Edelkrone Modula 5 w/ Focus One follow focus. SmallHD DP4, Zoom H4n w/ Azden shorty shotgun mic (going for a Rode NTG2 soon) and generic LED light up top. [img]http://www.eoshd.com/comments/uploads/inline/13677/502cc27749ed6__OB_2194.jpg[/img][img]http://www.eoshd.com/comments/uploads/inline/13677/502cc33a26d2d__OB_2204.jpg[/img] [/quote] WOW, looks GREAT MAN!!! I need a setup just like this for Weddings!!! and for filmmaking too. Is it up for Rent! Lol So which EVF did you go with? you got any videos of it in motion? if not, can you do some!
  15. Hey Thanks alot, I will definitely check out Andrew review. Also do you have any videos up with the 2 Rokinon/Samyang lenses? Do you use them for photography and cinematography? Have any low light videos up? if not can you shoot some? : )
  16. Hey guys, GH2 owner.. I have seen Rokinon's 7.5mm Fisheye they have for m43'rds and then I saw their 85mm F14 telephoto lens made for 4/3rds (on my wish list) for $300!! http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/769411-REG/Rokinon_85M_O_85mm_f_1_4_Aspherical_Lens.html So I decided to take a look at their site and find out they have some also a 24mm F1.4 lens for $800.. I know its not as popular as the Voig F0.95 http://www.rokinon.com/product.php?id=191 Furthermore, they even have CINE lenses coming soon, including a 8mm HD Fisheye T lenses http://www.rokinon.com/product.php?id=206 and 35mm T1.5 CINE lens for Canon (for now hopefully).. http://www.rokinon.com/product.php?id=202 under $600 !!!!!! deal or no deal?? Wanted to get other people feedback about Rokinon and their come up with lens for both photographers and now cinematographers...
  17. Hey wondering why using a long telephoto zoom lens for wedding.. I see the F2.8 is it because you want a nice shallow depth of field, which the 200mm + 2.8 will get you, but you will have to be so far away from your subject and the framing will be small to work with.. why don't you use a medium telephoto size like 50 or 85mm with big aperture? I'm just asking to hear your answer, you could teach me something new.. but here is a lens you can add to your option, its fairly new by Rokinon.. not many ratings or feedback yet but its great price.. The lens structure and build is not a great as that nikon lens but its a 85mm with F1.4 for $300! this lens is on my wish list http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/769411-REG/Rokinon_85M_O_85mm_f_1_4_Aspherical_Lens.html
  18. [quote name='jeffdeponte' timestamp='1344482475' post='15167'] OMG... NOT Film City! Take it from me: I love a deal, and I have bought their stuff in the past. But, do yourself a favor, and only buy QUALITY gear. Their stuff is awful. I took a couple their castings to my local machine shop, and my buddy there almost threw up. The worst thing that happened to me: the first follow focus I ever purchased was from them. The gearbox broke, on its own, while in transit in a Pelican case. What a waste of money. [/quote] OH MAN,,.. why you say " Not Filmcity!" lol... I just watch their video of their Mattebox, it had me sold!! until I read your comment.. Fine, say I don't get their Follow focus.. I'll probably get D/Focus, but what about their Mattebox, it looks solid... even though it looks exactly like D/Focus Matte box set.. What do you think... If not, I will go with D/Focus Matte Box.. quality looks good, and they have a name I heard before.
  19. [quote name='marcuswolschon' timestamp='1344408467' post='15112'] Filmcity/DFocus has issues with the screws loosening and it's huuugely oversized for a GH1/GH2. More something for a full frame body with battery grip. The Queenox/Koolertrom/... from china has hexagonal instead of round shafts and is much smaller. [url="http://www.amazon.de/Quenox-Sonnenblende-Kompendium-Systeme-Schulterstativ/dp/B005TQ1J9G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1344408317&sr=8-1"]http://www.amazon.de...44408317&sr=8-1[/url] It isn't as fancy but works and is lightweight and small. No filter holder. You have to cut some foam rubber for the back side yourself. [/quote] Hey your link wouldn't load////
  20. Hey guys.. I need to hook up with some Panasonic buddies!!!! I have no body in the area who loves and shoots video like me. Its dead over here as far as filming and cinematography community.. I'm in Clinton MD, southern md, by the Andrews Air Force Base. Any one else happen to be close by like within 50 miles... Trying to hook up, go out and shoot anything, talk about our cameras and lens and parts, go check some new movies at the theatre, grab some food n' Shoot!! Whose down? B) Here's my Facebook; add me and hit me up. https://www.facebook.com/Mr.YoungandSuccessful
  21. [quote name='andy lee' timestamp='1344464391' post='15166'] Yashica 24mm f2.8 (contax/yashica mount) Zeiss sharpness very good lens on the GH2 works out at 48mm full frame eqivilant .... so its like having a 50mm standard lens on your GH2 I use this lens alot also Carl Zeiss Flektogon 35mm F2.4 - killer lens on the Gh2 [/quote] COOL, that's what I did too.. I have Olympus E420 has my photography DSLR, and Canon Vixia HF20 as my video camera.. I was ready to upgrade, and decided to get in the HDSLR uprising.. Got by with Panasonic (My favorite Video Company) and research GH2!! I have Canon FD 50mm lens for my close ups, paid $100.. It's GREAT!
  22. The older vintage lens, I notice have few optics and none of the updated technology like aspherical, nano, and the cinema lens like the Noktor's, Canon Cinema lens, and Carl Zeiss CP 2, etc. are designed some what different or more geared for cinema on the barrel of the lens, like the aperture rings, numbers, etc. and I've seen Cinema lenses say T1.6 instead of F1.6
  23. Hey guys and fellow GH2 owners.. I'm trying to decide between the Pancake 20mm F1.7 or the Leica 25mm F1.4... I know right, I don't owner either of these two lovely lens.. I may end up getting both in the end, but because have to buy one at a time, I ned to choose between them.. I'm slightly leaning towards the 25mm Leica, because of it's name, the nano lens that 20mm does not have, and F1.4 vs. F1.7... However SO many more people own the 20mm F1.7 and it may be because its cheaper.. at about $356 vs. $500... Any one have some nice photo shots of the 25mm leica and 20mm pancake? Would like to compare them through images.. Also the Panasonic Fisheye is a bit expensive, and the Panasonic 14mm F2.5 Prime pancake looks nice, wish the aperture was bigger.. I would get the Noktor 12mm T1.6 before the 14mm.
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