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  1. Ok, for my first hack of GH2 I used eoshd unified preset. And I used 5dtorgb lite to transcode my rush with preset you gave in your post about GH2 and FS 100. The result is what you watched on youtube. I tried other preset, same result.... I tried with log and transfer in FCP7 no problem but black are crushed. So I tried a rush from no-hack GH2 same problem.... I' d like to know if someone had the same issue before. Thanx
  2. Hi everyone, I recently try 5dtorgb to transcode gh2 rushs. I use the eoshd patch and log and transfer in fcp 7 give some normal rush. But in 5dtorgb I have the same issue within different preset: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSzasN6F1yQ&feature=youtu.be[/media] Thanx
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