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  1. Haha
    Emanuel got a reaction from PannySVHS in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    I've watched it a few hours ago and recognized your name and said to myself, this EOSHD fellow is going to follow the same pieces of street videography gear as I am : D
    Kudos to your tests, pal, this is indie shooting at its best : ) I guess I won't help myself to end buying a couple of each them:
    4K 120fps GoPro 11 and now this FX30 and the lowlight performance of this thing make it priceless for the price of everything, glass you can couple included, my MFT Sirui anamorphics set via adapter and so on :- )
    Nice days to be a shooter!
    - EAG
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    Emanuel reacted to kye in A7RV announced   
    Just remember, there are two attributes that define how well IBIS works, and this is the one that doesn't matter.
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    Emanuel reacted to newfoundmass in A7RV announced   
    It looks like a pretty decent camera, and the screen is awesome, but it doesn't seem to be a vast improvement over what Sony offers. Doesn't stop the usual suspects from gushing over it, though.
    Watching the Gerald Undone video, and it's really a bummer to see how much of a Sony shill he has become. He will bring up negatives, but then downplays them or just outright dismisses them as not important. Meanwhile, he'll temper his compliments of other cameras. The titles of his reviews from the last year or so really sum it up, honestly.
    Sony a7R V Review: A Fantastic Camera!
    Sony a7 IV Review: The Best Hybrid Camera for the Money!
    Sony Alpha 1: A VERY IMPRESSIVE Camera! (Sony a1 Review)
    Sony FX30 Review: Good Camera. Great Value!
    SONY ZV-E10 Review: Sony's BEST Budget Camera
    The SONY a7S III: A Technical MASTERPIECE!
    The SONY a7C: Why THIS Camera Is IMPORTANT!
    Canon R3 Review: 10 Things I Love/Hate
    Fujifilm X-H2S: A Very Nerdy Review & Technical Guide
    Nikon Z6 II - Video Review & Blackmagic RAW Discussion
    Sigma fp L Review: A VERY CONFUSING Camera!
    Kinefinity MAVO Edge 6K: An Undone Review

    I don't even think he does it on purpose (or maybe he does?) But it feels like we're far ways from what made him appealing to me in the first place, which was a measured analysis of a camera's capabilities.
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    Emanuel got a reaction from IronFilm in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    Love this thing. For the price it is, this is really something. Handheld, available light... Handy with all these feature specs, an automated cinema camera? WOW
    Give me one.
    :- )
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    Emanuel reacted to MurtlandPhoto in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    I agree with most of your points, but this one right here is precisely why this camera is very exciting for many people. Pretty remarkable camera for the price—a worthy upgrade for many APS-C Sony shooters, a great B cam for FF Sony shooters, and most importantly a gateway camera to get people into the Sony product pipeline all the way up to Venice.
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    Emanuel reacted to markr041 in Upgrade 120Mbps bitrate and 10-bit video on GoPro... 11   
    Linear, with widescreen (2:35:1) aspect ratio:
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    Emanuel got a reaction from PannySVHS in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    Seems an irresistible tool easy to fall in love, well, I can't wait to put my hands on these small handy beasts when street photography comes like that:
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    Emanuel got a reaction from IronFilm in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    Already posted earlier by @Django
    My bad I hadn't checked this thread before, nice work guys, looks like a little gem, love the colour SOOC BTW and fairly improved this time (where's that SONY look? : D) IMO :- )
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    Emanuel got a reaction from kye in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    Seems an irresistible tool easy to fall in love, well, I can't wait to put my hands on these small handy beasts when street photography comes like that:
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    Emanuel reacted to IronFilm in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    Apparently the FX30 is doing less in camera noise reduction too than the FX3/a7Smk3. 
    (which is what some people actually want)
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    Emanuel reacted to MrSMW in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    Along with the A7RV it also appears to have better SOOC colour.
    ”Define better?” 
    In side by side comparisons, same lens, closest same settings etc, it looks better to my eye.
    Slightly less yellow than of recent (which itself replaced ‘greenish’), a fraction more muted and contrasty?
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    Emanuel reacted to IronFilm in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    You'd take the Tamron 20-40mm f/2.8 over the Tamron 11-20mm f/2.8? You don't ever need anything wider than 17mm?
    Do the Tokina / Viltrox / Sigma sets of fast f1.2/f1.4 primes for APS-C appeal to you? They're very affordable!
    https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1723065-REG/tokina_szmf33_fe_sz_33mm_f_1_2_mf.html (I'm guessing more are coming soon? To fill out the set?)
    https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/products/Mirrorless-Camera-Lenses/ci/17912/N/4196380428?sort=PRICE_LOW_TO_HIGH&filters=fct_a_focus-type_5738%3Aautofocus%2Cfct_brand_name%3Aviltrox%2Cfct_lens-format-coverage_3332%3Aaps-c-lenses%2Cfct_lens-mount_3442%3Asony-e-mount%2Cfct_zooms-primes_5903%3Aprime-lenses (I feel like Viltrox has the best range of AF APS-C primes for Sony E Mount, unless splurging out for the Sony branded lenses)
    Or TTArtisan which has lots of fast primes for Sony APS-C that are sub $100! 😮 (although, of course, they're only manual focus)
    oh just realized there is a nifty Meike 12mm f/2 Lens for Sony E at only $199! Of course with a MFT level "crop" in 120fps UHD, that's no longer ultrawide, but it is still a nifty wide angle lens with a fast f2 aperture for very little money! 
    https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1714074-REG/meike_mk_1220cfmf_e_12mm_f_2_0_aps_c_manual.html (or go 2mm wider for more than double the cost! With the Meike 10mm f/2)
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    Emanuel reacted to IronFilm in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    Or the Meike 10mm f/2 APS-C for E Mount at only $449:
    Or get AF with the Sony 11mm f/1.8 Lens:
    Or go adapt MFT lenses to E Mount, with the super super cheap SLR Magic 8mm f4 for only US$149! (I've got this lens myself)
    The image quality would be such a massive leap up for you from a FS700!
    Heck, even for me with the FS7, the FX30 would be an improvement. (well, in terms of picture, of course a move backwards in lots of other areas such as SDI/Genlock/NDs/EVF/etc)
    Exactly, people in the comments online I have seen hating upon the FX30 for its rolling shutter performance simply because the FX30 isn't the best ever possible they've seen, yet in reality vs the comparable competition then the FX30's rolling shutter performances holds up very well! 
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    Emanuel reacted to IronFilm in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    Adapt your MFT manual lenses to E Mount perhaps? 
    Helped thanks to much greater resolution of the FX30 sensor vs the low resolution FX3 sensor. 
    Another reason to get the FX30 vs the FX3:
    The FX30 has much better battery life than the FX3!
    Yup, people complain about that crop but just put a 7.5mm lens on it and you've got your wiiiiide angle sorted! It really isn't the big deal people make it out to be. 
    Venus Optics Laowa Zero-D S35 7.5mm T/2.9 Cine Lens for Sony E Mount: 
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    Emanuel reacted to A_Urquhart in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    Yeah, knocking it down it 8bit to record longer than 30min is not really an option for the work I do. Haven't used an 8 bit camera professionally for at least 5 years. Personally don't have an issue with it most of the time but my clients expect 10bit across the board, not just for some shots.
    Is the 30 minute 10bit limit due to overheating or just a cripple hammer move by Panasonic?
    Don't worry, YouTube 'Influencers' are the last people I listen to! Most of them don't even seem to shoot anything more than their own Youtube videos.
  16. Haha
    Emanuel reacted to PannySVHS in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    Never seen such a thing. You are nuts @kye @IronFilm to state otherwise. Now back to topic please to the tasty and mighty Lumix S series.😂
  17. Haha
    Emanuel reacted to A_Urquhart in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    Is this a camera thing?
    Are there forums out there with carpenters spending this much time and effort arguing about why their Makita drill is better than the others DEWALT drill? 
    Two post in a row! 🤯
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    Emanuel reacted to kye in Will Twitter be Twitter?   
    One of the privacy challenges of data is when you are able to combine different types of data.  
    Almost every useful (and private) thing that can be known about a person depends on being able to combine different types of data.  
    Knowing if someone is rich or poor only tells you about their wealth.  Knowing if someone buys lots of camera equipment only tells you about their interest in cameras.  BUT, if you know both, then you can find the people who are poor and also buy lots of camera equipment, and now you can now know that not only are they poor and interested in cameras, but you can also deduce that they're probably mentally challenged in some way 😉 
    The more you know about a person the more that you can exploit their psychological weak points, which is why governments and big business love this stuff, because it gives them more power over us.
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    Emanuel reacted to Anaconda_ in Will Twitter be Twitter?   
    Christ. WeChat sounds absoultely terrifying.
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    Emanuel reacted to kye in Will Twitter be Twitter?   
    You're excused for not knowing about WeChat - it's not really known much outside China.
    Calling WeChat a "messaging app" is kind of like calling a smartphone a "portable telephone" - it's not technically incorrect and that's what it was at the start but it's so far from the truth as to be so misleading that it's worse than useless as a description.
    Here's the first paragraph from Wikipedia:
    It also does a bunch of other things too, like payments, booking restaurants / movie tickets, calling taxis, ordering food, etc.  Workplaces use it to communicate with staff.  It's used in China as the official vaccine passport.
    WeChat is kind of like Twitter + Facebook + Instagram + SMS + Apple Messages + Skype + YT + ApplePay / your credit card / cash + Uber + Uber Eats + lots of things that are done manually (aren't apps) outside China.
    The Chinese government loves it because it's highly censored and a valuable piece of their massive surveillance apparatus.
    I read a long article about it some years ago now that a foreigner living in China wrote about their life before and after getting their WeChat account.  The account is hard to get I think because it has to link to bank accounts and other offical things, so they'd been living there without one for some time.  
    Essentially they'd struggled to do day-to-day things in China without a WeChat account, and when they got it they tried doing everything with it and found that they could do almost everything they wanted to do just in the single app.  Apparently lots of users kind of use WeChat like it's the operating system on their phone - they use their phones just like we do only they do everything inside WeChat rather than from lots of apps all written by different companies.
    If Musk can make Twitter into anything that even remotely compares to WeChat then $44B will look like the money spent buying a winning lottery ticket compared to collecting the prize.  Assuming he doesn't screw it up of course.
    But either way he's guaranteed to piss off the people who like the status quo, which is what we're seeing.  Silicone Valley types like to go fast and break stuff, and while they mostly get things wrong, they've also built almost all the cool stuff too, so we'll see.
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    Emanuel reacted to kye in Topaz Video Ai (version 3.0)- any good?   
    Here's a video showing some ARRI Alexa Classic footage upscaled to 8K with Topaz.  It's in bits throughout the second half of the video.
    (link won't expand, not sure why)
    TBH I thought the results looked quite mixed - some shots looked much higher resolution but other shots just looked the same (had the same 2K film-like rendering and noise) so I guess it depends on your tastes and input footage.
    This might be a better real-world test as it doesn't seem to be only the cherry-picked footage that gives great results.
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    Emanuel reacted to MrSMW in Will Twitter be Twitter?   
    I see you in your bubble. Do you see me in mine? 😂
    I use IG for business and another account (private) for personal.
    I still have a Facebook account but don’t use it.
    I have a Twitter account but never used it and have been locked out for years having forgotten the password.
    Just not a big user of social media and never heard of WeChat either!
  23. Thanks
    Emanuel reacted to markr041 in Upgrade 120Mbps bitrate and 10-bit video on GoPro... 11   
    I have shot everything subsequent to making the shift to 180 Mbps, usually 5.3K 60 fps or 4K 120 fps, with zero glitches.
  24. Haha
    Emanuel reacted to Grimor in Deciding closest modern camera to Digital Bolex look   
    My vote is for Cinemartin 🤪

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    Emanuel reacted to markr041 in Upgrade 120Mbps bitrate and 10-bit video on GoPro... 11   
    Native WB on the GoPro is supposed to give you more color information, but you have to white balance in post. So, I tried out this setting. With Native WB, Protune Flat, 10bit color, and the 180 Mbps bitrate, this is the best the camera can do. Oh, it is 5.3K at 60 fps also. Linear mode, so no fisheye.
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