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    Emanuel reacted to newfoundmass in Another one bites the dust   
    This is really unfortunate.
    DPReview seems to still be active. It's strange. They even posted a video (not by Chris & Jordan) on YouTube. 
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    Emanuel reacted to hyalinejim in Another one bites the dust   
    It's a pity to see it go. I used it from time to time for reviews and to check out RAW files from various cams.
    Here are some other sites from the old days of the internet that I still use for researching contemporary and vintage lenses.
    And for RAW files to mess around with:
    Any other interesting sites to add to this list? (before they all disappear and we're stuck watching gear reviews about what gear to buy to make a gear review... for eternity)
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    Emanuel reacted to Marcio Kabke Pinheiro in Another one bites the dust   
    Yep. Their comparometer image test, together with DPReview one, was one of the best ways to compare cameras.
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    Emanuel reacted to ntblowz in Another one bites the dust   
    Part of the camera history just gone like that
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    Emanuel reacted to Chxfgb in RAW Video on a Smartphone   
    All I can do is rule out the Mi 10T Pro. It doesn't do 120fps. It isn't an option for any resolution. Maybe it's because frame drops are common. It just goes up to 60. I recommend you ask on their Discord server, where you will probably get a fast answer in the dedicated Xiaomi room.
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    Emanuel reacted to kye in Another one bites the dust   
    I don't think so.
    Most of the photography blog were just endlessly repeating "more resolution cameras, more resolution lenses, more resolution computers" but using different words over and over again.  The odd post of "15 things to do with a fisheye lens" disguised this myopia, but it was the water that the entire camera internet swam in, and still mostly is.
    Now cameras have huge resolution and social-media can sustain the endless resolution-navel-gazing that people seem to want.  I think there's room for one or two blogs that discuss non-resolution-based-topics, but that assumes that the writers actually have enough knowledge of non-resolution-based-topics to keep a blog alive.  That's drastically fewer people than there were camera blogs, thus the "market correction" we're currently experiencing.
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    Emanuel reacted to Chxfgb in Another one bites the dust   
    I don't understand why they can't leave the website live and just stop updating it. Web hosting can be very cheap. They can leave affiliate links and ads to pay for the hosting. I have used the site many times when considering lenses and probably have clicked an affiliate price link, I expect the same applies to a big percentage of photographers and videographers.
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    Emanuel reacted to Marcio Kabke Pinheiro in Another one bites the dust   
    Imaging Resource is gone (really), without announcement.


    Was my preferred, above DPReview.
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    Emanuel reacted to herein2020 in Another one bites the dust   
    The only good news is that cameras are so good these days and social media has reduced most forms of produced media to warranting barely more than a passing glance so no matter what camera you buy your biggest competitor will be the cell phone vs the camera you did not buy.
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    Emanuel reacted to markr041 in Sony New Camera Launch - 29th March 2023   
    That's an important question.  Two advantages of an external mic mounted on the camera over internal mics that are now negated by the ZV E1 are that you can choose directionality and conveniently use a deadcat to muffle wind.
    So that then leaves pure audio fidelity, which might vary by sound source.
    The ZV E1 videos I posted have recordings of various instruments including voice. So one can judge whether the audio is good enough for these sources (forward direction was used; uncompressed 16bit 48Hz audio was recorded internally).
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    Emanuel reacted to markr041 in Sony New Camera Launch - 29th March 2023   
    Here is a third test video I shot with the ZV E1, kit lens, and internal mics at 4K 60p in the sun at 70 degrees F:
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    Emanuel reacted to newfoundmass in Sony New Camera Launch - 29th March 2023   
    I think it's ridiculous that people need to even come up with their own solutions to a problem that shouldn't exist to begin with. That's just me though!
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    Emanuel reacted to ntblowz in Sony New Camera Launch - 29th March 2023   
    This guy managed to get 4K60p recording from 40min to over 1hr 40min with this fan kit

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    Emanuel reacted to Django in Sony New Camera Launch - 29th March 2023   
    So I just tried the ZV-E1 among other recent releases and here are some quick thoughts:
    The build quality is better than I thought, nothing like the previous toy-like ZV cams and much closer to current A7 series, probably closest to A7C. Unit carries a certain weight so balances ok even with bigger (prime) lenses.
    Very minimal design and button layout. While this may seem like a con its also a pro, kind of reminds me of Leica philosophy. Yes sometimes less is more. 
    Set the shutter speed with the dial, aperture with the thumbwheel. Zoom with the rocker switch. Jump to stills/video/S&Q with the mode switch.
    Just about everything else is done on the touchscreen like a smartphone. This is where things start to go a little sideways. The tiny 3" display and small fonts of the settings require precision, and the Sony menu and overlays don't help. But it is still more handy than most other A7 cameras with their limited touch capabilities. 
    By default just about everything is automatic, like a smartphone. Basically point & shoot. And it works pretty well as in no major jarring issues. The AF is top notch, I tried several lenses including my F1.8 Zeiss and it didn't skip a beat.. smooth AF, pun intended. 
    No surprise about the IQ, its an A7Siii sensor. Clear image zoom via the rocker switch is killer though, really like that function lifted from FX3. 
    Tried the AI reframing stuff, didn't gel with it. Applies a huge crop.
    Now about the overheat. After 15mn of shooting 4K60p indoors using lowest bitrate codec, the camera shut off with no warning. I thought the battery had died lol. That was on the normal level heat setting, so I put it into high and didn't run into the issue again but I was shooting short clips, changing lenses every 5 minutes and didn't spend more than an hour with the unit. I didn't have a fast card so wasn't even able to test out the higher bitrate settings or ALL-I. The camera did feel warm after about hour.
    This pretty much confirmed my suspicions through the reviews that this camera is not fit for pro/extended use but rather casual shooting. I still find the price of 2799€ pretty bonkers for a camera with no EVF, single card slot, zero cooling, no mechanical shutter etc. But the IQ and snappiness is impressive.
    That being said, it does make the A7SIII feel somewhat sluggish & dated. And all this tech in an A7 body would be nice. I guess its a good preview into what's to expect in upcoming higher end Sony bodies..
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    Emanuel reacted to markr041 in Sony New Camera Launch - 29th March 2023   
    Very nice write-up. But one advantage of the ZV E1 is Dynamic Active Stabilization (DAS). It turns out that what is going on is that Sony is exploiting Clear Image Zoom technology, now much improved by AI - you can use all the tracking AF features with CIZ - CIZ is better on the E1 than on any fx camera (and the a7s iii) because of the AI (you lose tracking focus with ZIZ on all other cameras). Anyway, the DAS uses the augmented CIZ to zoom out to accomplish the crop. So the loss of resolution you expect from the crop is not there! Moreover you really can walk and shoot with the camera with no gimbal and it looks good  - much better than the simple crop you get using gyro stabilization in post, and a smoother result.
    I will have a 4K 60P real video soon, which shows off the audio (live music), focus pulls, CIZ, DAS, and AF. Shot in 4K 60P HEVC 200 Mbps 10bit 422 Slog3. And I used the kit lens. First time with the camera. As you said, the images look as good as the fx3 (a7s iii), but the capabilities are really enhanced for using in the field.
    And, in a 2.5 hours shooting with clips ranging from 10 seconds to two minutes exhausting 96 GB's of storage and 76% of the battery the camera never even got warm (65 degree (F) weather and humid).
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    Emanuel reacted to markr041 in Sony New Camera Launch - 29th March 2023   
    And her it is, with the Dynamic Active stabilization demo at the end:
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    Emanuel reacted to markr041 in Sony New Camera Launch - 29th March 2023   
    I agree that ambient temperature really matters - even the Sony manual reports shot durations by ambient temperature, which shows a real gradient. I would have wanted to shoot in a hotter setting, but I cannot control the weather!
    I will be disappearing into China for 4 weeks tomorrow and I was seeking the smallest rig possible, which got me interested in the ZV E1. I had two days to try it out (delivered yesterday) - I will be facing some days in China in the 80's (F).
    I was very pleasantly surprised by the camera. It is actually hard to go back to the "old" technology!
    It is the fx30 + Sony 18-70 f4 lens versus the ZV E1 + Sony 28-60 lens. I prefer the 18-70 lens because it is faster and has a larger range, but that combo with the fx30 is just much larger. And an equivalent range and aperture lens on a full-frame is a monster. The compact 28-60 has good quality, though. I will take one faster prime for night, likely the small Sony FE 24 f2.8. That is fast enough for the ZV E1 sensor for any light.
    A key advantage of the ZV E1 too is the built-in mic and deadcat - no need for an eternal mic mounted on the camera with a deadcat, which basically makes one look like a professional, but adds no real extra quality in audio. There were some folks at the park with cameras and mounted mics and they attracted attention. But no one cared about my tiny camera. I was also considering using the white version, so no one could possibly take me seriously.
    I do have experience with overheating cameras - I shot 8K RAW video with the Canon R5 in summer before the firmware update that extended durations. In those days, the limit was 5 minutes! I could take similar videos as above. The most important trick was to turn off the camera after each shot (I did not do that with the ZV E1). Cameras now turn on instantly so this is not a real constraint, and one just gets used to shoot, turn off, see something, turn on and shoot, turn off. Shade is a friend, and so is a breeze, so when I walked with the camera from place to place I would swing my arm with the camera so air rushed by it like a fan. It all worked and became second nature. So I think I am prepared for the worst.
    Btw, setting up the camera using the menus to suit my preferences (button/dial assignments etc.) took 10 minutes and the camera got hot - this really scared me. Others have reported this phenomenon (one person experienced the camera turning off). But it appears this says nothing about actually shooting with the camera. It is odd though.
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    Emanuel reacted to Django in Sony New Camera Launch - 29th March 2023   
    Yeah I had similar experience with the R6, learned how to get around overheat but it was a constant stress and I vouched never again but for casual shooting, travel etc was never really a concern. The ZV-E1 during my one hour test did shut off while in the menus with no warning which is what made me think initially the battery had died, but it was still on default normal temp setting. When set to high I didn't get an overheat warning but I didn't stress the camera much.
    I've done some gigs in China with an FS7 + A7iii. Needless to say the A7 was the only camera used in public. Looks like you'll be able to put the ZV-E1 through its paces on your tip. Don't forget to grab a VPN beforehand so you can access google and such and hopefully give us some feedback! Safe travels.
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    Emanuel got a reaction from PannySVHS in Dedicated Camcorder vs Mirrorless?   
    Only you Marty? LOL : ) Where is Juan these days, by the way?
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    Emanuel reacted to PannySVHS in Dedicated Camcorder vs Mirrorless?   
    Though 8bit the JVC provides 150 Mbit for its 8bit 420 4K mode. In HD it puts out 50Mbit 422. DVX 100, I used to have a little obsession with the Andromeda hack a few years ago. 🙂 @Matt Kieley 
    Love the video and colours! @hyalinejim Too bad about the temporal noise reduction. I read the XC15 has it too unfortunately. Otherwise great concept and camera.
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    Emanuel reacted to kye in A6700?   
    The number of stops in IBIS is irrelevant - except for marketing purposes.  
    The difference between a great IBIS and meh IBIS systems isn't the number of stops, it's things like the travel of the system (how large the movement can be before it runs out of travel to compensate), how fast it can react (high-frequency performance), motor strength, etc.  When you see an IBIS system failing to compensate for camera movement it will be limitations of these aspects.
    The GH5 has similar number of stops as many other cameras at the time with inferior overall performance, it was some combination of other factors that made the difference between them.
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    Emanuel reacted to MrSMW in A6700?   
    This forum needs a section called 'Ask Kye'.
    Again, I'm just messing and do enjoy your posts 😘
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    Emanuel reacted to Django in Sony Fx30, Pana s5 ii, Fuji xh2s   
    Doesn't sound like nitpicking to me but rather valid concerns. Every time someone brings criticism over anything on YT now people call it clickbait but this guy also praises the camera where it shines so I really don't think its that. @hyalinejim has had the S5ii for a while too and agrees with him so again seems like genuine observations.
    Anyways, I don't have a horse in the race but I do think its pretty widely accepted that Sony is the new king of AF (especially now with all the crazy AI processing). I still prefer Canon UI but that's entirely personal. Panny is making breakthroughs within the Panny system and will surely improve over time, but Sony level it is most certainly not as of today. Of course YMMV depending on your overall video AF expectations..
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    Emanuel reacted to hyalinejim in Sony Fx30, Pana s5 ii, Fuji xh2s   
    It's not nitpicking, he's 100% right.
    That suggestion in the comments doesn't work.
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    Emanuel reacted to IronFilm in Sony Fx30, Pana s5 ii, Fuji xh2s   
    It just feels like nitpicking to me (and meh, you can find plenty of people complaining about Sony AF too! People can nitpick anything). And as people in the youtube comments point out he's mistaken with some of his points, he was just using it wrong. Heck, the YouTuber himself admits workarounds exist! But he just doesn't like them. A rather weak objection, just doing it for the clickbait and the views? As he himself says, the AF is very powerful, and he likes it and uses it all the time. 
    Feels like 90% of his objection is with the UI, rather than the AF. That's certainly one of the easiest firmware fixes. (welllll... if the objections are genuine, sometimes UI "flaws" are more to do with personal preferences than objective flaws)
    And Panasonic is better than most with firmware updates. Thus the key takeaway is: Panasonic's best AF is already very good, and is only going to get even better. 
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