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    Emanuel got a reaction from filmmakereu in Canon EOS R5C   
    In fact, I praise Canon's efforts to give us this marvelous 2022 device, I'm sorry guys but I don't buy the customary negativism towards them this time ; ) Without mention the 5D series since the legendary and really re(D)volutionary Mark II and the M... let alone coupled to ML ;- )
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    Emanuel got a reaction from filmmakereu in Canon EOS R5C   
    Seems first production units have landed...
    And that eye detection AF is simply sweet:
    No idea on settings and setup but that handheld stuff looks like pretty decent to me:
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    Emanuel got a reaction from filmmakereu in Canon EOS R5C   
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    Emanuel got a reaction from filmmakereu in Canon EOS R5C   
    So, no IS provided in-lens going with 8K 50p/60p?
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    Emanuel got a reaction from filmmakereu in Canon EOS R5C   
    As far as I could understand, we strictly need external battery to reach 8K RAW LT 50p going with AF + IS but both work with RF lens (I guess with EF lens adapter too?), correct?
    How come and from where comes that information you mention to be more precise mate @gt3rs?
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    Emanuel got a reaction from filmmakereu in Canon EOS R5C   
    In the meantime... who doesn't like slo-mo 8K? ;- )
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    Emanuel got a reaction from filmmakereu in Canon EOS R5C   
    ...and it's not April fool's ; )
    Versatile enough... looks like pretty clear to me we have here a hell of a camera :- )
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    Emanuel got a reaction from Nath in Canon EOS R5C   
    To those who still complain on lack of IBIS...
    Here is a test made without it on the inexpensive RF 24mm f/1.8.
    It's not the R5C but just for the sake of it shows how it does the job done though, eventually more suitable than any wobble/jerky artifacts for poor handheld work anyway.
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    Emanuel reacted to SMGJohn in 2022 AF & the Panasonic case but what about Fujifilm?   
    Panasonic should make a LiDAR adapter that just plugs into the hotshoe and firmware update to their 2018+ cameras and allow it to communicate with the DFD system, Panny boy would make a boatload of money doing that.
    As for Fujifilm, in my experience its marginally better than Panasonic, the GH6 is kind of on par with the XH-2 series cameras so long you have contrast and good lighting, problem with Fuji seems like they do not care, they did not fix their IBIS during video mode at all, still horrible, worse than Sony (hows that even possible???) and their AF performance is massively dependant on their lenses, absolutely terrible design if you ask me, a lens should never impact AF performance other than speed of transition thats mostly down to the motor in the lens. 
    Fuji cameras all seem made for photography specifically with video being afterthought, but then they release stuff like XH-2s which is a video beast if you ask me, its got the lowest rolling shutter of a semi-professional camera, shoots crazy good video apart from its 4k120 which is very noisy. 
    But then you get stuff like poor video AF and poorer IBIS.
    Whereas Panasonic nails the IBIS and are absolute feature beasts even their 1 inch pocket cameras are specced to the limit.
    Its soon 2023 and manufacturers are bent on making sure no one makes a camera that is jack of all trades, why buy new products when camera that does it all exist? 
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    Emanuel reacted to ntblowz in Hollyland... Any experience?   
    The transmitter can record 40hr of audio (not the battery life) so if not using the wireless function the wireless go II is nice little audio recorders to put anywhere.
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    Emanuel reacted to IronFilm in Hollyland... Any experience?   
    (plus for focus pulling you'll usually want to use SDI wireless/monitors, otherwise the delay becomes too much via HDMI)

    Suitable for casual youtubers or cameraman on simple nondemanding / noncritical shoots. 
    There are many deal breakers with it:
    1) 2.4GHz
    2) low power RF
    3) no locking connector 
    4) no swappable batteries
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    Emanuel got a reaction from Rhood in Fujifilm AF system lenses   
    No, not at all! : ) Thanks for asking, wondering about the same!
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    Emanuel reacted to Beritar in Panasonic GH6   
    Maybe on the S1H, but not on the S5 and S1. The 4K of the GH6 is very clean compared to the GH5 but it uses more noise reduction, I compared with the GH5 and G9, and while the GH6 looks better with far less noise, there is less details. 
    You can see the difference in this video : 
    The 5,7K is really good though, there is better details and less noise reduction, too bad for the small crop, and the IBIS is bit weaker than on 4K.
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    Emanuel reacted to deezid in Panasonic GH6   
    Not using sRGB/Rec709 profiles here

    Used standard settings? Sharpening/NR are super aggressive with standard settings with Rec709 profiles, which is definitely visible in your Video. Looks like when I push NR all the way up in V-Log, super mushy.

    With V-Log the amount of noise reduction by default is super low, much lower than on the S series line up as well. There's tons of Chroma detail even in shadows which isn't really the case on the S series and other Lumix cameras.
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    Emanuel reacted to Rhood in Fujifilm AF system lenses   
    Slightly off topic.
    But how do the Viltrox XF lenses compare to the Sigma XF lenses and  Fuji XF lenses regarding the AF performance?
    Especially asking AF performance for video. I sometimes use AF for slow motion detail shots, following/tracking shots. So not asking for talking heads, Youtube or such.

    Interested in these focal lenghts
    13mm f1.4 vs Fuji 16mm f1.4
    23mm f1.4 (viltrox vs old Fuji)
    56mm f1.4 vs Fuji 56 f1.2 old version
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    Emanuel reacted to D Verco in Fujifilm AF system lenses   
    Yes. I shot 5 weddings recently and it worked pretty well on all of them. This is the only one I've edited so far (a few shots were MF with an old nikon lens)
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    Emanuel reacted to TomTheDP in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    It crops in on the sensor in 4k 120fps, which makes noise larger and less fine. You just have to expose more carefully or over expose a bit. The good thing is that it's still high bitrate, 10 bit so you have that dynamic range and color information to play with. 
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    Emanuel reacted to Trek of Joy in Fujifilm AF system lenses   
    As much as I want to move to Fuji, this is what keeps me in Sony camp. The subject/face/eye AF is just remarkable - with both photos and video - on my a7IV and the 2.5 year old a7sIII. And you don't need the latest GM linear lenses for excellent results, I use the pedestrian 35/85 1.8's and they're brilliant performers. I'm farsighted with glasses for reading, when shooting outside its tough to see both my subject and the LCD without constantly shuffling my glasses around. So I mostly rely on either the EVF or Sony's touch tracking (something Fuji also lacks) and I rarely miss a shot.
    I really want to see Fuji reach Canon/Sony and even Z9 levels, but they just can't seem to crack the code. I was about to sell my a6300 and some other rarely used gear (looking at you Ninja V impulse purchase LOL!) to tinker with the XH2, but I'm pausing that plan until Fuji addresses this with an update.
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    Emanuel reacted to IronFilm in Panasonic GH6   
    Sony has their Sony Catalyst Production Suite, and with their gyro sensors as well then they can get very good stabilization indeed. 
    And Sony's color science in their latest generation cinema cameras are a massive leaps and bounds ahead of what their early generation a7S cameras were like. 
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    Emanuel reacted to D Verco in Fujifilm AF system lenses   
    I've got the 16-55 f2.8 on the xh2s and the autofocus is excellent 
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    Emanuel reacted to deezid in Panasonic GH6   
    Hoping for an update to the GH6 for that 🙂
    Thankfully the GH5 II also barely has any NR, so the image won't be as mushy as on the GH5s or A7sIII/FX3.
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    Emanuel got a reaction from John Matthews in Panasonic GH6   
    I told you, I didn't want to believe that from yours, so all OK : ) But serves to those who may read you and think otherwise : D Much nonsense a pissing contest between camera brands with people trying to piss farther than "the other side"... LOL 
    Oh boy, after all we share the same opinion ; )
    With the exception that for first time in 30 years I cannot ignore them anymore as no less investment this occasion. GH6 purchase would be a good excuse to still stay away from Sony or delay it at least.
    Well, I am in trouble though, if Amazon or Panasonic will reach me to accept my rant anyway! haha
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    Emanuel reacted to markr041 in Your E-mount fav lenses   
    E 15mm f1.4 - great low-light lens, no focus breathing, fast quiet auto focus:
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    Emanuel reacted to Rinad Amir in Your E-mount fav lenses   
    35mm 1.8 best e mount there is 
    Zero focus breathing (very important)
    Perfect focal length 
    Silent auto focus
    Amazing price for lens
    Small light weight 
    It stays on my A7S iii even tho i own 24.35.85 gms waste of money 😑
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    Emanuel reacted to John Matthews in Panasonic GH6   
    Well, if Sony is what you're looking for, just buy that and move on. Why would you be so insistent on a GH6 if all is good on the Sony?
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