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  1. Sorry , I haven't red anything. Why waste time with all this shit?
  2. At 6:40 I see you with a steady going downstairs, it would be good to give notice.
  3. Hi Andrew, make a journey, alone, to a very different country. Just my two cents.
  4. ​loved that film. Funny promo:
  5. Sorry, I can't put the photo directly https://500px.com/photo/86593839/anamorphic-3-by-ignacio_carrere?from=user_library
  6. I am wondering if It would worth it to buy a Tokina 11-16 to use it in APSC mode and if I buy a Tokina Sony mount if I could use the autofocus (face recognition mode) ... Anybody knows?? (excuse my english...)
  7. Uf, Terrible flares. I would rather not to have ... Have you added grain, haven't you?
  8. Thank you, very interesting! Can we see it 4K anywhere?   I've understood you've got an ISCO 36 too...Would love to see those images too!
  9. icarrere

    music video

    Hi,   Few months ago, a sound technician who helped me once told me to make a videoclip. The next day we went to make locations and do it. It´s my first video clip. It´s rap and the lirics here are very important. sorry if you dont understand spanish. But image is anamorphic. Perhaps you can enjoy it. ISCO 36   https://vimeo.com/57083218
  10. Thanks Andrew ! How do you see it, Scarlet compared?
  11. I use to shoot with a 5D MKII and a 7D, and I´m agree that, when oversharpened in camera is very uggly. Regarding the GH2 I´ve seen some footage taken with vintage lenses, with details but no oversharpened, it has less vibrant colours, but for me that´s no important. I see details but no alising. EF mount is frustrating for anamorphic shooting. I would like a Canon mirroless (so I could put any lens) full frame with crop mode. and then ask for the rest. Excuse me, I don´t know englsh so well and I have to make an efford. Katon, I was interested in your experience editing and mixing footage from Alexa, Red and "minor" ones.  Thank you
  12. katon, I was enjoying your point of view, try to explain your experience, thanks
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