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  1. I mean if I do not use it as a watch and to put it in a pocket, it would be nice if it can be blocked
  2. Hi, really nice! I would add a blocking mecanism, to block all buttons. Keep on
  3. excuse my ignorance, but I would prefer not to give my credit card or paypal to the smartphone (play store). Is it there any alternative?
  4. I use just duck tape https://www.amazon.es/gp/product/B00XTV96K2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. Lars Steenhoff has put the video, min 11:06
  6. Didn't know Ming Thein. Interesting. Thank you
  7. GH5 and Iscorama pre36. The way I saw Japan in a 9 days travel. Thanks to webrunner 5 for his help. or https://vimeo.com/271896481
  8. Yep, I am referring to the buildings, roads, lack of nature in esssence. Thank you very much !!
  9. Hi, sorry, here is the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R1LMfM8hIk Still, I´m LOst in Traslation
  10. Hi, I've just finished editing a video and I would like to translate the title into english and japanesse wich in spanish is: JAPON 02/11: LA VICTORIA DEL CEMENTO wich would be the correct one in english? JAPAN 02/11: THE VICTORY OF CONCRETE JAPAN 02/11: CEMENT VICTORY And in japanesse? DeepL gives me this one: 日本02/11:セメントの勝利 Thank you very much, Any japanesese over there? you can see the video now in youtube if you search for it...
  11. (sorry to be so rude, english is not my language and usually I am very direct, dont want to hurt sensibilities but to expose my opinion) I see many contradictions here... You say you are independent and you are aside the brands; and by on the other hand you desperately want to be includes in the inner circle of the big brands, to count on you, almost to read your mind: If you wanted to review the camara before the release, perhaps (and only if BM wants) they could let you one IF YOU WROTE THEM BEFORE. John Brawley has nofhing to do with what you have patheticly and publicly exposed here. You have attacked him with no reason. He shows much more empathy and respect and humildity to his coleagues than you do, little dictator. I wish I will be able to read John Brawley at BMCusers, or at BlackMagic forums in the future, because here sure I wont.
  12. Well, I usually read this place and I thouht you Andrew lived in Berlin.
  13. Hi Aaron, the 50mm exhibits quite a lot of distortions as well, and it is more noticiable as the main actor is the city and its buildings. The stablilization in camera doesn´t play well with anamorphics together and doesn't help. But I like a lot your skills (all the other related things were the tools), the colour you've done and the shoots in general, the composition, your eye.
  14. Jase, the taking lense was a Nikon 24 f:2 . It vignetts but not so much when you are recording 4K. Was my first time using it with the Pan GX80 and IBIS was ON. Now I´ve learnt not to do so, is like it affects the alignement, what happends with IBIS and anamorphics?¿
  15. Iscorama 36. I took this photo 3 days ago. Camera: Panasonic GX80. .
  16. Hi, is this actually true? New 5d Mark III are enable to downgrade firmware?
  17. After 4.0 firmware I would expect a huge rise price as it is now a new camera, the lowest in price for what it offers.
  18. IMHO, your Killary wasn't better. At least now her bloody hands are out of Libia, Irak, Siria, etc. Mine is another useless post, nothing to do with the camera world (sorry)
  19. I think that Yihua did not say the whole truth and they are shipping but for testing, and it is not ready. When in April he was saying it would be ready for May-June was it realistic? At the end I think their clients patience will be compensate and the camera roks but meanwhile I've bought an ursa mini 4.6 and I'm very happy
  20. Speaking about the Iscorama 36, I´ve put the taking lense at f:2 and IMO it is sharp. All depends on what taking lense it is. (I'm use to the Nikon 85 F:2)
  21. This is yours, what f stop was it taken at?
  22. Congrats! Now with the FW3.3, seems to be fixed anyway (and for those...I love freedom of speech: perhaps I was unpolite but said what I saw)
  23. terrible magenta corners, hope new operating sistem fixes it
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