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  1. 11 minutes ago, Vesku said:

    I mean if the image has no blacks the feeling is foggy and there is an urgent need to check eyes or wipe glasses.

    I assume you are being sarcastic and are saying the image is a bit faded or washed out for your liking?

  2. Interested in feedback from people who have used the electonic image stabilsation function ? I have the GH5 and have never gone near it as heard horror stories about using this with warping etc in previous cameras with this feature.

    The dpreview says the crop is minimal when in use and no obvious loss in quality?...makes me think it might be worth a try?

  3. 1 hour ago, bunk said:

    Thanks for sharing. This not OOC footage is it? It looks recompressed, but I could be wrong. Nevertheless nice to grade.













    Sorry yes it is compressed.. my broadband is too slow to upload the originals, so these have gone through transcoding to pro res in final cut then Outputted as h.264 file

  4. 1 hour ago, hyalinejim said:

    Thanks! Checking it out now. Would love to see some Rec709L samples, if at all humanly possible.

    PS: What happened to the fine weather? It's the same over here in Ireland - glorious over the weekend and now back to business as usual!

    I would love to see other peoples grades on my files!

    Yeah the weather was great up until yesterday!....I was really looking forward to filming in the sun..until I woke up!!

  5. Have to say the inbuilt stabilisation is amazing. I bought the 42.5 1.7 iOS lens solely because I didn't own a fast stabilised prime for my gh4. I had the 25mm 1.7 LUMIX lens but that had no iOS and was unusable handheld.

    now with the gh5 I can happily use the 25mm 1.7 handheld.. and find myself using it more than the 42.5 because of the better focal length.

    i honestly cannot tell much difference between the stabilisation the inbuilt gives with a non stabilises lens and dual is 1 with something like the 12-35 mk1!

    oh and low light is a lot better, as is noise reduction.. pretty much shot in the dark at 3200 with minimal noise and after some neat video you would think I was shooting at ISO 400!

  6. On 25/03/2017 at 3:52 PM, Ken Ross said:

    Imackreath, it's hard to tell from that clip since it's only in 720p, but have you seen this on a 4K monitor or UHD TV? Does the extender actually retain 4K resolution? IOW, because it's creating a 4K file doesn't necessarily mean it's doing so in 4K resolution. 

    The transcoded clip from final cut pros resolution is 3840 × 2160 so it is 4k

  7. 29 minutes ago, MurtlandPhoto said:

    Andrew, can you only load LUTs when shooting in V-Log? Can you load your ProColor LUT when shooting in a baked-in profile?

    yes you can only load luts through activated vlog

    what settings are people using for auto focus for video?...afs, afc, aff? face recgonition or 255 points

    and what about peaking?...peakingset to low or high?

  8. There is a menu option to set how sensitive the eye sensor as I found the same issue, you can set it to low so it is not that sensitve or you can stop it auto changing altogether, and you can press the LVF button to switch between the two

  9. After a weekend playing with the GH5 and 2 years of the GH4 I am happy with my purchase. Did the improvements warrant the hefty cost and the upgrade in general? probably not for me, as I am just an enthusiast who loves filming family occassions and taking his camera around with him whereever he goes. I am sure all the fancy stuff under the hood would be more noticeable to those using the gh5 to its limits for paid work. I was looking mainly for stabilisation as most of my work is handheld, and this camera delivers on this in leaps and bounds, especially noticeble with non OIS lenses. 

    I purchased vlog and after some initial trials I am back to using standard profiles. I shot some standard footage over the weekend and showed it to my wife and mother in law , 10 bit 4k 150mb in standard profile and the first thing they both said is "wow look how amazing that looks...it feels like you are there!" Now these guys are not pixel peepers, and they watch my footage all the time and are used to high quality hd footage, but this change from the gh4 to gh5 was instantly noticeable to them, the humble viewer who normally wouldnt care if something was shot on an iphone or not!

    Low light seems to be better as well, and with a bit of netvideo you can get really clean footage....

    All in all if I hadnt have managed to sell my GH4 for £1000 I would not have been able to consider and\or afford the GH5. As it was though, it was a £700 purchase for me, I already had lenses so as it stands I am very happy!


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