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  2. It's a cheap price for sure, but just note that I highly recommend the micro over the pocket, because the micro has much better battery life. Those 10 batteries you are getting will last you about 3 hours total (15-20 min each) on the original pocket. So if you want an all day shoot, you will need 10-20 more. Yes, the battery is that bad. Where as with the micro, you can use NPF and go about 4 hours on 1 battery and you can rig it much easier. Obviously that price you are getting offered is dirt cheap, so I don't think you can go wrong. But that 250 can go a long way toward a micro these days, as micros are also going for pretty cheap.
  3. So what temperature SHOULD Canon cameras be used at? Does it void the warranty if used at other temps? I love Canon tilt shift lenses and the 17 is my all time favourite lens but for me, it works much better on Sony E mount than any Canon DSLR camera I have used and I guess the same will be true for other mirrorless cameras for which smart adapters are available.
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  5. A big part of me would like to see Canon do away with any video in their dslrs so some folks could finally get past the bane of expectation and move on. But then there'd most probably need to be some other leg to hump...
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    iTunes Replacements

    Swinsian. Hands down. It is what the old iTunes used to be without all the shitty that Apple has become. https://swinsian.com
  7. It is not what I've heard about... Right wing neighborhood? Really? Mention one, please? If you mean Neukölln in Berlin and the most recent news, have you ever been there? Maybe better to ask to Andrew about it who has lived in the town? We're speaking about a large area, a middle town inside the big capital as matter of fact. And plenty of a multicultural atmosphere BTW, don't compare German organisation (i.e. order and discipline) to any other in any part of the world. There, rules the law, the ruler rules. Just two cents of Euro coming from a former foreigner inhabitant in German sovereignty (it's all a matter of that, whether in 30s of a century ago or nowadays; pools hint wherever you are, not else, I'd be much worried if I'd be living in the other side of the Atlantic today... ; )
  8. I'm glad that I am down to just two canon things now, a 16-35 lens and an intervalometer. Maybe one day I will be able to sell them.
  9. OMG please panasonic give us this. I thought for sure the S1 would have this
  10. Canon's recent marketing strategy (last decade) has been driven by scarcity, manipulation and fear. This is NOT how you attract customers or create brand loyalty. With so much emphasis on post-processing these days even their color science will not save them. I'm an architectural photographer who bought my first Canon 30 years ago and was loyal up until recently because of the quality optics and especially the tilt-shift lenses. And yet, here I sit waiting for my Panasonic/Lumix S1 to arrive.
  11. Cinegal seems pretty good too. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH_3RfdCXKUSYM3dcsgic9g
  12. No you won't. If you look like a rival gang member, maybe, but gangsters are not so stupid as to think a tourist is a rival gang member. In Europe try dressing up in ethnic clothing and go for a stroll in some right wing neighborhood, see how well that goes down. Don't think you are immune from that kind of shit. No, there is hardware associated with it, it still requires development resources to implement and it will have licensing costs associated with it. We are not talking about a lot of money here, but it is probably more than enough to exceed any losses they might incur for omitting it. If you are running off narrow margins cutting frills that otherwise cost you money is important.
  13. It's f... useless... Come on, like you have to export the serial number from your camera and upload it to their servers... It's like harassing...
  14. I would have understand that in the 90s, but that was like 20 years ago.
  15. Cost saving how? It is likely just a compiler flag they set when compiling the firmware. Don't think it requires much testing.
  16. The FW code is really ridiculous. I get why they do it but a 4 week wait?!
  17. That is not it. It is a cost saving measure to improve their margins on consumer products which are becoming increasingly pressed by alternative competition such as from cell phones. They will never tell you that however, instead they will tell you some bogus technical "reason" so you will stop asking why.
  18. I did that one time too while interviewing people at my work. I was so pissed at myself!
  19. How do we do this in Europe them? We have 25fps and most monitors are also 60 Hz somehow.
  20. Where exactly? I am not Italian but I can tell you there's no one Italy, but much distinct ones... As much as many places ; ) You instead risk to be killed at the hands of a gang in LA if you go for a walk in certain parts of the town and you pick up a T-shirt to dress with the wrong color. I can assure you this won't happen in any place in Europe as far as I know or had heard about. There's no even (we will) mention mass shootings, go figure... ; -)
  21. Let’s not forget Matti Haapoja and Peter Mckinnon! Their subtle CineLut advertisements along with titles and thumbnails that force you to watch the entire video to have any idea what it is about really pushes me farther as an artist and filmmaker. Inspiring!
  22. I always leave the audio meters on display so I can check prior to recording ....
  23. Yea i did - BMD-709 with Sat Map - didn’t go Alexa color, just LogC
  24. I can’t wait for @Mattias Burling to tell us how great the camera is. You know it’s all about the image. Forget the specs. The Canon mojo!!
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