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  2. I think it’s going to potentially get interesting when the full lineup of f1.8’s are available; the 24, 35, 50 and 85, the latter of which is now shipping. Hopefully by the weekend for me and then I will know more. A few have reported MUCH improved AF after the firmware upgrade, but they may be smoking something... I really need to experience it to believe it as I’m pretty sure it’s marginal at best.
  3. The guy @Matt Perks is actually a member of this forum.
  4. Canon EF lenses on an MC-21 Adapter on Panasonic S-series cameras only provide AF-S. There is NO AF-C available using EF lenses on the MC-21, neither when shooting video nor when shooting stills. Maybe if / when metabones comes out with an EF-L mount adapter there will be AF-C available on Panasonic S-series cameras. I only have one EF lens and that is the 16-35 f/4 and it seems to work fine when using AF-S (haven't tried it with the new Ver 1.6 firmware though). Even when shooting video in V-LOG at 24fps (where the Panasonic S1 struggles the most) the AF-S is fine. However, I normally sh
  5. Thanks for the share, but the most important part of the video was how much he could improve the thermal management with a small piece of copper and some thermal paste. That seems to be enough to solve it for most of us.
  6. I'd be willing to do this. The R5 does have amazing image quality, at least in RAW. Hopefully they give CLOG2 and 3 in a firmware update soon.
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  8. Phones are definitely eating up the camera business from the bottom up. First they replaced point and shoots, now they are replacing low-level DSLRs. This should tell us they will continue upwards eating up more and more professional equipment. However, there is also one thing speaking in favour of the camera business. Photography and videography is simply MUCH MUCH bigger today then it has even been before. Wanting to become an influencer, instagrammer or youtuber is so common you can't throw a rock without hitting one, and since the userbase is so large there will be a lot of people who
  9. The A7s3 is improved over the R3 but I don’t know I feel like you won’t be happy with it. The Sony A7s3 IQ is amazing but the colors are still Sony. I think you’d be happier with the R5 or R6. There are workarounds for the record limits and there’s always 1080p
  10. Rent a R5, test it and take your own conclusions. There is so much bla bla bla just to get viewers.....
  11. Check my latest Musicvideo for the wonderful "Ducks on Drugs" Shot on A7iii in HLG2. Was very happy how natural the material looked compared to Slo2 , of course had to ramp up the colours for the final rendering.
  12. Not sure what you are reading? R5 does not overheats in 4k 30 LQ and 4k 30 APSC, there is no LQ in APSC..... The above table is correct. R6 is not surprising is there since day one.....
  13. Found this chart here that has a comparison for the different modes (I think it's from Canon?) It looks like there is overheating after all in APS-C mode, just not when using the LQ mode, hmm.. Also seeing overheating in crop modes on the R6 is a bit surprising. It doesn't even list a mode that is free from overheating
  14. I am using 1080p mainly because it's the limitation of my EOS R. The main reason why I want to upgrade is 4k, 10bit, 120fps and IBIS. And frankly I'm just disappointed with canons releases, artificial crippling, omitting of features and lack of innovation, so as a consumer I don't want to give them my money. I could probably make an R5/R6 work and dance around it's overheating issues, but why bother when the a7sIII can do everything I need in a camera for a cheaper price (compared to the R5). That's coming from someone who was 100% sure his next camera would be whatever comes after the E
  15. Going early into mirrorless gave Sony an advantage initially, but it also means they made the mistake of APS-C as the basis for their mount. Which they're trying to shoehorn a FF sensor into, which results in limitations in terms of the lenses they can design and what they can do with their sensors. With time, this will become more and more apparent to even the average consumer. Nikon has better camera body IBIS and "better" (in the sense of one of: size/price/performance/value/speed/etc) lenses than Sony. Canon meanwhile has made the deathly mistake of splitting up their mirrorles
  16. Nope, but as above, for photography AF, I doubt there would be much in it though the S5 is probably a little slower, but as accurate as CDAF tends to work that way. My own experience of the S5 is just that, it's not lightning fast, but it is accurate. Sports or any fast moving subjects is not really any CDAF lenses forte. Video AF is another matter and the Sony will slay the Panasonic, roast it and eat it for lunch. Every time. I'm running tests right now between the 2 lenses I have and that is the Pan kit lens and it's 'OK' and the Sigma 56mm f1.4 and that one is so far terribl
  17. For photography you will be fine with either camera. For videography the A7SIII is the only way to go. Talking about AF only here of course.
  18. Hi @Kisaha, sorry for delayed visiting to forum... No, I'm from Serbia, but as you might know, Serbia&Montenegro are actually the exact same people historically/politically being together or divided (as now) to two countries. (Being passionate and trained swimmer at summer and winter without difference) I spend there as much time as I can. If you don't mean actual covid-circumstances, apart of it - it is of course absolutely safe country, especially beautiful at here filmed part of its coast (places of Boka bay) famous as very unique and one the most beautiful and deepest bay in
  19. WOW at lease one poster who has some insight. Panasonic and Fuji are at 4-5% of the market, 4 to 5x lower than Nikon and Nikon is neck in neck with Sony. Guess what its Nikon that is going to die. Then they tell you, but Canon Sony Panasonic form part of bigger companies.............. While Nikon forms part of the Mitsubishi Kieretsu, the biggest, bigger than Sony, Panasonic, Canon etc group in Japan, with one of its investors being the biggest bank in Japan. Nikon has been positive until last year and was sitting on more than 2 billions in cash in 2017 at least. They even have been bullish ab
  20. Heads up. Tilta has a deal on their motor. $135 https://tilta.com/shop/nucleus-nano-motor-kit-i/ But you can get an open box system from them as well for $171 https://tilta.com/shop/nucleus-nano-wireless-lens-control-system-open-box/
  21. I can only speak about the R5 as I don't have a R6 (I think there are to many limitations for video) 10 Bit CLog (apparently canon has promised to offer also CLog3 in a future firmware update, but I would count on it when I see it) does have one major limitation that Zebras are not available in CLog, other minors limitations: you cannot take a screengrab in the camera, starts at 400 ISO (is normal) but you can go down to 100 (loosing a bit DR). R5 crop mode does not overheats and yes you can mount an EF-S lens (you may have some vignetting with some lenses I think but I don't have a
  22. So you really like the EOS R and you mostly use 1080p and you rule out R6/R5 I'm confused about this. The R5 in 4K LQ or 4K crop does not overheat at all and it is way better quality than the EOS R in 1080p. It has the same feeling and you can use the same vND adapter and all your EF lenses works very well with very good AF. So why you want to switch to Sony?
  23. So I am doing some reading up on R5/R6 again (that time again :p) and saw that v1.1.1 apparently improved some of the issues on the r6. I have a few questions, So for 10bit, the cameras have to be in C-Log, right? Does C-Log have some weird limitations like on the EOS R, that you can't use certain modes such as aperture priority/shutter priority, or does that now work fine? The 4k crop on the r6 in 4k/60p mode, does it only apply to 60p mode? Are the other lower fps modes free from FF sensor crop or is it also slightly cropped? Also did anyone try to primarily use the r6
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