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  2. fringer pro yes viltrox has is issues
  3. mercer


    Just curious... if you could have only one lens... what lens would it be? I guess based on what I own now, I’d have to choose tha Canon 28mm 1.8. At the risk of sounding corny, this lens always shows me how I’d really like to see the world. It finds the beauty and character in the mundane...
  4. What would everyone say is the best EF-FX AF adapter? The Fringer appears to be the winner, but I am unaware of any others!
  5. Is it the BT.601 tag that is causing the Magenta skies / clouds? Is there a summary of the various workarounds?
  6. New download location is here: http://www.fatpigtures.com/#lutastic sorry, can't edit the initial post on here.
  7. jpfilmz

    Race to the bottom

    People will always pay for someone to focus in on that aspect of a wedding if they want it done right no matter what the picture/video capture taking box is. My focus is documentary style wedding production and cell phones or fixed ceiling cams cannot make it through 8 - 10 hrs a day of video recording through different environments and locations. Even taking photos would't work. Imagine someone with a cell gimbal phone invading the alter the space of the bride, groom and pastor just to get a close up of the wedding rings. I'd slather that type of customer experience competition every time. By all means have at it....more differentiation for me. It's like to see AI and Robots endure following a bridge and groom around for 8/10hrs a day in multiple locations indoor and outdoor on weddings shoots.
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  9. But....ahhh... at least we have workarounds.
  10. The wedding part is about half way trough. It is not only that Robots Can do it, it is that more and more people are not going to pay ANYONE to shoot it. Keep your day job is the take away. Young people just don't have any money with Student Debt, Credit Card Debit. And a Smartphone on average with 50 people shooting them gets the job done well enough in this day and age for a lot of people that go down to Wal Mart and get them printed. Bingo.
  11. @Attila Bakos Fujifilm Tokyo has responded to the use of BT.601 tag in internally recorded files: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. I don't know anything about DPreview, but I must admit that Chris and Jordan look to me as the most polite, measured, unpretentious, but still with touch of nice humor, reviewers on YT that I have patient to watch occasionally. Even their quasi muppetshow mutual friendliness is cute to me - out of aggressively and vulgar shouting "Hey what's up guys" or different kinds of sticky affectation... But I think they are just from recently members of DPreview. Actually, what I really miss in my infantile imagination is - how to abridge dispersion all around the world of us, members of EOSHD... It'll be so nice that some of us, willing to play and participate, form several geographically-based teams with agreement about competitive goal to make some artistic short movies. Maybe just as in NBA - USA vs other world, or vs UK vs Middle-South Europe vs Scandinavians vs FarEast vs Ozzies&comp etc. In my dream it would be so cool and pretty picturesque scenery to, say, meet Mercer/webruner duo at battlefield with Kisaha's 4x2 NX1 revolvers or Django's collection of canons... And I just hope that such idealistic creative duels would not turn out in brutal realistic question that pursues me even in the dream : what camera has most cinematic look?
  13. jpfilmz

    Race to the bottom

    Im not sure many here actually shoot many weddings. In my market its laughable to think robots and fixed security cams can match what I can do with other humans. Today or anytime soon in the wedding video market.
  14. Cinematography Database YT channel spots them in BTS pics every so often, and Filmmaker IQ owns one and they're much closer to the high budget film world than most of the YT camera channels, so that's what I am basing my judgements on. Plus, you know, that most people who criticise it haven't ever seen one. I think you're right that it does have a place, my point is that that place isn't very visible from the part of the filmmaking landscape most of us occupy, and just it's hard to know how much commercial content is shot with a GH5, it's hard to know how much commercial content is shot with an XC10 because it's good enough to blend in to stuff shot on other Canon cameras. Anyway, those DPreview people... am I right? 😆😆😆
  15. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    Did a bit of redesign this week, got two pieces cut on the waterjet for testing purposes. I changed the design of the ssd holder it now sits beneath the smallrig 15mm rails surprisingly my measurements were rather accurate and all i had to do was a little sanding to made things slide together. if i had to do it again i'd made things 0 .1 mm bigger for some wiggle room. The alloy clamp required the most time, broke out the dremel for that. The alloy holder clamp is a bit tall at the moment, i made it that way as i was guessing abit at the time. The last two pics are a bit of a mock up at the moment. i actually have the original clamp holder on the back at the moment. Not sure if i will get that machined to hold a step down ring or do something different. I am however happy that more progress has been made.
  16. Sigma is very much still a family business that marches to their own beat so the continuance with the cameras is not really based on the cameras turning a profit in isolation. They are committed to Foveon because they believe it to be the best way to go not only technically but also because as they own the technology they aren't reliant on another sensor manufacturer. They also claim that making cameras helps their lens development by giving them better insight into the whole end to end process. Just as significantly though, Kazuto Yamaki, their CEO, also does it in large part as a continuing respectful tribute to his late father who started the company and who always dreamed of Sigma making its own cameras. https://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/latest/photo-news/exclusive-interview-80154
  17. IronFilm

    Race to the bottom

    Spent less than two minutes on google and it looks like they've got cameras built in (that security camera looking thingy on the top right): https://kimchiicecream.wordpress.com/2010/05/24/korean-wedding-hallcastle-culture-jason-when-are-you-and-julianne-getting-married-you-should-get-married/ Certainly a low budget wedding! (although I don't spot any robot cameras in that video)
  18. Hahaha. You jokes remind me of David Thorpe. What I found surprisingly was the curious reason given by Sigma. It seemed to make absolutely no sense. I will read that thread. Sigma is Panasonic's secret lens designer and manufacturer. And I am guessing, that, therefore all Leica branded Panasonic lenses have Sigma collaborating with Leica, by default. The Quattro cameras weren't really doing too well. They probably lose money on that lineup, whereas their lenses seem to sell pretty well. So they may concentrate on the lens lineup, since thay would bring in the money. Hahaha. Sigma may just increase the price of the EF/SA to-L mount converter and share a % with Leica. Hahaha. Or disable or weaken the autpgovus performance substantially. IF it releases with a converter at all, this year. Ah, all well that ends well. Hopefully. And a few agreements, whether oral or written. And more than anything else, users are dying to get the unrestricted VLog which pushes this camera head and shoulder above the competition for video.
  19. Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II Mirrorless Micro 4/3 MFT Digital Camera On Ebay SILVER Price: $499.00 Color: Silver Brand: Olympus
  20. IronFilm

    Race to the bottom

    https://www.theverge.com/tldr/2018/2/28/17062338/ai-agent-atari-q-bert-cracked-bug-cheat That is very cool! The biggest event for me of 2017 was when AlphaGo beat the best human, very impressive.
  21. If I'm not wrong, this is literally the first real world raw video (and graded) that we see. Maybe give a little time until experienced filmmakers try it when it will be widely available. I share the Castorp's view : Nikon is not widely represented in the video world, so you do not come across the same amount of great footages provided by videographers and filmmakers, as with Sony, Canon etc. Most videos I see are graded in a way that departs a lot from what you got straight out of the camera with the flat profile. Maybe people like Matti do apply their Canon or Sony sauce to the Nikon footage... None of the attributes you both see in the videos you came across are represented in the flat profile footages I've shot since November... And no need to argue "You must be the only one than can grade I guess.", cause I grade like sh*t and am still learning 😂 Seriously, when I think of all the videos I watch from gh5, bmpcc4k, a7iii... I can see a lot of identic awful stuff that all try to mimic the same style, or use the same lut. I can not conclude that the characteristics of those cameras are responsible for these styles, because I have a lot of other great stuffs to compare with... It unfortunately is not the case with the z6. But I have personaly found some really good looking stuff that give me hope !
  22. I am facing an issue with the Yandex mail, yandex mail not working whenever I tried to send mail. Let me know if anyone has any idea regarding this issue.
  23. Yeah you see so so many massive crop ins to 320P in a 4K upload by YouTubers that I bet an 8K source would be loved by them for this. But you'd have to be super sure about your focus!
  24. Many of those productions won't be shooting with C300/C700 cameras, and thus then the likes of a P4K would be just fine. Or they'll use a mirrorless/DSLR camera. Even C300mk2/C200 shoots will probably more often use a 5Dmk(something) or an EOS R or a C100 than the XC10 as an additional camera. I've only once ever seen a XC10 on a shoot, and that was for an adverting campaign shot exclusively with a C300mk2. The XC10 was just come kind of extreme emergency camera (if the C300 completely sh*t its pants on them, which to be fair at one point it almost did.... but a reset solved that) that was owned by the agency (which they used for teeny little social media shots done by a one person crew in house, honestly any of FZ100/X70/RX10/GH5/C100/etc could probably have done the same job for them just as well/badly for them and their limited needs) and stayed in the bag the whole time. Am not denying that the XC10 has a place, it just seems to be an odd place.... which is tricky to really nail down / market to, and thus we're simply not seeing it out in use a lot.
  25. Dpreview forums are the forum version of North Korea
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