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  2. Ok, you win the internet battles. Honestly, I have had no ill intent towards you Andrew, this is your forum/blog and you should do as you please. I just saw some self destructive behavior in this last year and it seemed out of character. I think that you have demonstrated that you have a ton of potential in this industry and I felt that you had been above some of the nonsense I have seen lately. I guess you can choose to be that dude, Trump did it in politics and says whatever he wants lol. My goal was to just hopefully get you to think a little about what you are doing. I'm sure you don't care and hopefully not, but I think you are severely limiting yourself. Remember, true friends will tell you what you don't want to hear (not that I am or want to be, I just enjoyed your content in the past).
  3. I love the light CA from some of my older lenses, sort of a light touch of surrealism in my opinion. Sometimes even video games add CA to make it more artsy, gritty, vintage, visceral or something along those lines. (Personally I don't like it as much in video games, but at least someone thought it was a good idea.)
  4. Obrigado @Emanuel ๐Ÿ‘ I used a sony a7s ii with canon yellow ring lenses. I like the 4:3 aspect ratio and it seemed appropriate for the subject and feel of the documentary. Luckily, filmconvert nitrate was release and I got a few more lessons on resolve so now I'm much happier with the final images. I did a new test with handbrake and with quality to 15, x265 and medium speed ( was pretty slow ) I got a 3gb files from a 53gb. Much better quality.
  5. I love you bro, why did you reset my rep? I just have tried to get you to put your feet back on the ground.
  6. Parabรฉns Francisco, my compliments! Very well written trailer, meu patrรญcio : ) Just wondering, what capture device(s) have you used for those two works there? And why that 4:3 option route BTW, today? Emanuel : -)
  7. I agree OVF is better for sports most of the time. A9 is far from perfect camera but it is a good example of quite a usable electronic shutter camera! They have certainly made a leap for Canon, considering the dated stuff they WERE using before! I am also curious to see what the R6 brings as well. Will it be as good as a Nikon Z6 in terms of the video specs? Surely it must be. Might even add LOG and 10bit to that. Then it will be a good cheap camera for the majority.
  8. It is (apart from the internal recording limit), just invest in a lot of very expensive memory cards (which were similarly outrageously priced, when the 1DC came out) shoot in RAW and you have access to Canon Log 2 (but no 4k60p AF since it is FF only) The 1DC could only record in MJPEG, no peaking, no AF, it was never a true 'C' camera to being with, just a 1DX with heatsinks, 4k, Log and a crop 1080p mode (a useless 1080p60p 720p upscaled mode) and that's it, the 1DX III has similar improvements in comparison to the 1DX II (more recording options, 10-bit with Log or RAW) They will never do a stills camera with the same processing and codec options as their video cameras. Of course if they do a mirrorless flagship equivalent with IBIS, it may kill the 1DX III for video, but it's Canon, so they will figure something out to differentiate the two models.
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  10. This is why 1Dx III is not a mirrorless they don't have a sensor with that fast read out but the A9 sensor has other problem like less DR also no fast mechanical shutter (led panels are problem in stadium) and also have really limited video modes. Crippled or tech who knows? Personally for sports I prefer OVF, I tried quickly a colleague A9 on a pro hockey match and I did not like the EVF. I had more problem following the action but maybe using it for a couple of games I would get used.... Probably a mix.... finally trying to do their best and not cripple but also they don't have a quantum leap on sensors tech that people are dreaming of..... thinking that Canon would come out with a FF 8k 30fps RAW with great RS DPAF with super sampled 4k 120fps DPAF at 4000 USD is a day dream when their 6 months old 6K FF cinema camera cannot do 4k 120fps..... and no other competitor has similar spec even on the most expensive cinema line I'm really curious to see what R5 will bring the good and bad...
  11. Yeah, looking forward to the improvements that AI can make to both stills and video. I've been pretty impressed with how Resolve Studio handles retiming and scaling (even though Speed Warp eats up my 8GB of VRAM very quickly).
  12. I think your guess will turn out to be right. EOS R5 8K = very bad rolling shutter and unusable file sizes, impossible to edit 4K = pixel binned mush. Have Canon really turned a corner or are they playing the same old games with new, higher numbers?! If they are competing with Sony A9 then they really need to change the rolling shutter in stills mode too, it's unusable compared to the A9 in that respect. The stacked DRAM on the A9 sensor allows for the fastest sensor readout on the market. It's also why the 4K rolling shutter is so low on the RX100 IV / RX10 IV
  13. If the AF is good, Iโ€™m in. Tamron 35-150 f2.8-4 on XT3? Yes please.
  14. I hope that power issue is a firmware bug, if not I can't believe that Leica haven't tested the power consumption of the camera with standard battery in 4K mode with other brand of lenses...
  15. Huh... interesting. Will have to look into it. My vintage Minolta MD lenses have LOTS of CA just naturally.
  16. I have been saying this for the longest. And now it appears that most things can be fixed and improved in post. Theoretically, as long as a JPEG (or any other 8-bit photo or video codec) isn't exposed absolutely terribly, its possible to not just improve (usable) dynamic range, but also increase the bit depth (super useful for post work) as well as increase the resolution. This doesn't mean that all photos will suddenly start looking insanely better, but most photos which don't have severe highlight clipping or way too much shadow noise, can look remarkably better. This also means that codecs can stretch dynamic range (way) above the bit depth, as long as the sensor allows for it. Interestingly, this should be even better for modern smartphone photos, since those suffer from actual details and bit depth, noise (except in night mode), lower resolution and bit depth. I noticed it already in the upressing video of Topaz Lapbs where 480p was upressed to 4k. It removed all kinds of artefacts and banding. Which, implies that, intentionally or unintentionally ir was also improving the vit depth. This particular software is more Phtoos. But the same principle applies. Though it would be super strenuous on a system yo handle this. This JPEG to RAW AI engine should be even more effective for smartphones. https://topazlabs.com/jpeg-to-raw-ai/
  17. Off course you can, why wouldn't you? https://www.youtube.com/user/franciscobfroes/ Judge away ๐Ÿ˜„ That was one of my questions about youtube uploading. So it's definitily worth the extra step?
  18. Correct just check out and they mention same quality from 25-100..... The more I think the more I tend to guess that is the same tech as 1Dx III with more pixels. So FF 8K 30fps and 4k 30fps will be great but bad RS and 4k 60 and 120 will be soft but good RS..... not sure they will offer a 2x crop although a 2x 1-1 4K 120 for some scenarios would be a nice feature. I have hard time to think that they have the tech for 4k 120 super sampled with AF on a FF sensor on a fan less body as no other camera at whatever price can do FF 4k 120fps..... There must be something if not they could have easily offer 30 frame per second in photo mode.... and in photo mode the RS is 16ms > 5.5k and DPAF but max 20fps with electronic shutter as here they are competing with D6 and A9II already going to 22 or 25 would have been a good marketing point
  19. Well, it would work, actually. Some people on Anamorphic Shooters group report that if you have a high quality telephoto extender, then it can be used with anamorphic adapters and works pretty well. So far, I've heard about Leica APO 2x Extender and Canon FD 2x Telephoto Adapter.
  20. The S1 has aps-c crop mode and it also has a pixel-by-pixel mode for 1080p. (It has it for 4K as well, IIRC, but I don't think it make a significant difference over using the aps-c crop). I haven't used manual focus lenses a lot on the Panasonic S1, but in my limited experience with them, they are a joy to use. The IBIS of the S1 is pretty amazing, the EVF is wonderful, and the rear screen is pretty good (as far as rear screens go).
  21. A very short extension tube turns ONLY your spherical lens into a macro one. The anamorphic adapter is an entirely independent optical block and therefore is not affected by it. If you put a diopter in front of the entire setup (assuming it's properly focused, meaning: you can get a sharp image from it), then it acts globally.
  22. Oh yeah, and another tip to @FranciscoB: If you really want to tune video quality, blow up your video to 4K in Resolve, and export, transcode and upload in 4K because YouTube will play 4K video with higher bitrates/less compression artefacts (even when it's just fake 4K). (EDIT: @KnightsFan was faster.)
  23. @FranciscoB x264 is a specific set of libraries that encodes h.264 files, it's not an either or. I'm not sure what library Resolve uses under the hood to encode h.264 if you use the internal encoder. You can also use Nvidia's NVENC. To clarify, NVENC and x264 are different algorithms that both end up with an H.264 video. I haven't compared them myself. In the past, I have seen better results from ffmpeg compared to Resolve when exporting to h.264 and h.265. One thing that I have noticed is that Resolve does much better if you give it a quality preset rather than a max bitrate. Use the dropdown instead of a number and you'll have fewer artifacts even at comparable bitrates. Yes, you can still get better quality up upscaling to 4k and uploading that instead of HD--but only if the user watches in 4k. I never watch YouTube in 4k so if I was your target audience then it wouldn't make any difference. My phone doesn't even stream 1080p most of the time, and honestly I watch as much on my phone as a PC.
  24. Nah even David Fincher added CA in post for mindhunters. You can see it also on "Ozark" and "Big little lies".
  25. Finally!! Let's hope the AF is as good as the Fringer EF adapter is.
  26. What's your YouTube channel? Can we have a look?
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