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  2. I feel like if they included 4k60p it would have sold a hell of a lot more. I for sure would have bought one to replace my walk about camera. I'm still kind of hoping it'll be in a firmware update, in the same way 4K was in an update for the XPro 2. I'm loving mine too, and it's so easy to pass to someone with no prior experience of cameras without overwhelming them even a little bit. The only downfall for me is the price of the audio input jack. I'm refusing to buy one for now, hoping someone will make a 3rd party version that works. Of course, DJI couldn't care less about my protest and the only person it's affecting is myself... So not sure how much longer I'm willing to fight.
  3. kye

    Davinci Resolve 16

    I had that confusion at first too. The other part of the puzzle is the Linked Selection toggle switch in the toolbar: It's the one in the middle with the two chain links. If you have two linked clips and that toggle is on then clicking on one will select both, but (what I think you might have done) is to untoggle that option and even if the clips are linked you will now only select or move one of the linked clips and not both.
  4. The fact that XT-30 didn't get more attention is beyond my understanding. It's a great body.
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  6. Tiffen Digital Diffusion or HDTVFX filters function pretty well as a poor-man’s anti aliasing filter. They also contribute to a more old school film look. You have to hack a filter adapter on to some c mount lenses (I cut a hole in the lens cap and superglued a 37mm to 52mm thread adapter to it!)😂 I’ve shot some more Super 8 footage - I’ll try to make a short edit and post it later if I get a chance.
  7. Mako Sports

    Sports videography

    Fujinon ZK 85-300mm T2.9-4.0 with the Servo Motor would be just amazing, However at $32,000 + tax - a man can dream.
  8. GS? 8K? RAW? PDAF? That's what it's going to need to live up to the hype at this point!
  9. Lens Turbo seemed to be the closest to Metabones in terms of quality. You can control the aperture manually with a Lens Turbo. No need for electronics if you don't need AF.
  10. My XT30 with 18-55 packs a big punch in a really small package. The in camera audio is pretty nice as well. Probably would be my go to for traveling light. That said an A6300(or any of that line) with a Sony 16-50 is much more pocketable. The 18-55 blows the Sony 16-50 away but its at least twice as long and heavy.
  11. Overall I do prefer HLG, but in this case I was mainly testing the GHalex LUT and it works better with F-log material in terms of skintone.
  12. and why not hlg you seemmed to be prefering it to flog by far
  13. Hey, totally unexpected, I started to collect your precious claims of racist arrogant attitude, so I'm proud to be thief too against at least one authentic believer of especial kind of morality of USA-leading-West policy: exclusive right to spy and steal from everyone everywhere... And interesting care to polluted area... So please, go on with them
  14. More datarate per group of frame to minimise F-log blocking/banding.
  15. Seems like they are confident their mirrorless lenses will sell. Maybe they are counting on the new guys buying it while the DSLR users slowly die out. I don't know. Sony certainly was the front runner for mirrorless as well as Panasonic, though they got into the full frame game too damn late. The Pana S1 is definitely nice though I feel like Canon and Sony are both cooking up something big.
  16. Very true, but I admit the Panny S1 is hands down to me the best output of all the FF cameras now. It is damn impressive. But yeah Sony is in a enviable position.
  17. Seems like Canon or Nikon could just find a way to make mirrorless cameras using their old mounts.
  18. Dustin

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Okay I need some help..I'm cutting together a project and I can see that my clips are linked/unlinked however, Resolve doesn't seem to be letting me drag them or edit as a link clip without selecting both audio and video. When selecting both and hitting the link clip command I see the linked lock on both audio/video tracks in the left hand corner however again, when I click on a blank part of the timeline and then click on the newly-linked clip, it only selects either the audio or video (whatever I clicked) and is not truly behaving as a "linked" clip. Any suggestions? I'm sure this boils down to my newbness in Resolve but I am using the 16 beta.
  19. kye

    Sports videography

    Nice pics! In a sense, I can't imagine shooting sports with MF either. I do it, but it's about the situation you're in. I do it for myself, I only make highlights videos so 'coverage' isn't a thing I have to worry about, and so basically I just try my best and whatever works is great, and shots that I miss are no big deal. I also kind of have an advantage shooting things so far away (our fields are >100m long) that DoF is pretty deep just because of the distance. If I was rich I think I'd have a fancy parfocal zoom, but actually I'm doing ok with what I have. I used the zoom function on the lens far more than I thought I would, even on the first outing, so that's encouraging. Considering it's so low res and has such a small sensor, pick up almost any camera, put on an all-in-one zoom on it, then in post make sure you over-sharpen, add contrast until you're clipping shadows and highlights, then export at low bitrate 480p (or 360p) and it'll look just like the real thing!
  20. kye


    LOL. I'm assuming it was F8.. the clicks on these lenses are all over the place, some have two clicks per stop, some one click, some have a mixture. It was 4 clicks from 3.8 to 8, which makes sense in a two-clicks-per-stop sense, and it looked like it was lined up to the number, but who knows. Maybe it was half a stop faster. In terms of the quality, I'm pretty happy with it as I don't feel I've lost any IQ from my Minolta primes. I was concerned as vintage primes are considered to be far better than vintage zooms, but being a fixed aperture zoom I figure this one might have been a premium one, plus the fact that the m43 sensor is only looking at the middle of the image circle and has cropped most the nasties in the corners. Looking at the footage I take of the players on the field I've concluded that focusing is my biggest challenge, not lens sharpness. I could make that easier by stopping down, but I do like a bit of background separation, and to do that at any distance requires the lens to be fully open. I'm often shooting at >100m away from the players, so I need all the help I can get
  21. I agree. I have been toying with buying one of the Panasonic S1 or S1R to complement my GH5s cameras. Each time that I have about convinced myself to buy the body and new lenses, I think about the A7III or the A7RIII, all of the Sony lenses, and the potential for the A7SIII (some day...). Sony certainly has a stronger ecosystem than the other mirrorless camera makers. Heck, Sony even makes the sensor for some of their competitors. There are many things that I don't like about the Sony cameras (the color, 30min limits on video, etc.) but they are certainly the leader and probably will be for a long time. If you are considering a 5-10 yr horizon, Sony is a good bet.
  22. We won’t go against anyone if one follows the rule and respect to others effort. However, a lot of China based companies are notorious for their habit of IP theft around the world. It is not sole case of Huawei being part of it but no doubt she did quite a lot. Huawei's Espionage Plans Confirmed by Ridiculously Incriminating Emails (Stole IP from T-mobile) https://www.androidheadlines.com/2019/01/huawei-t-mobile-ridiculous-corporate-espionage-emails.html https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2019/02/28/huawei-pleads-not-guilty-accusations-it-stole-t-mobiles-trade-secrets Huawei suspected to have stolen Akhan’s Diamond glass technology, targeted by FBI at CES 2019 https://www.gizmochina.com/2019/02/05/huawei-suspected-to-have-stolen-akhans-diamond-glass-technology-targeted-by-fbi-at-ces-2019/ https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-02-04/huawei-sting-offers-rare-glimpse-of-u-s-targeting-chinese-giant https://finance.yahoo.com/news/huawei-akhan-semiconductor-202413843.html Huawei P30 Pro alleged to be querying China servers behind the scenes https://en.ocworkbench.com/huawei-p30-pro-alleged-to-be-querying-china-servers-behind-the-scenes/ https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3685669 By the way, how many innovators in kickstarters mourned for their loss when doing business with the Chinese manufacturers? Who does have empathy for them? IP Theft: Crowdfunding sites are being harvested by Chinese counterfeiters https://www.chinalawblog.com/2019/02/kickstarter-and-china-manufacturing-youve-got-it-all-wrong.html Kickstarter and China Manufacturing: You’ve Got it All Wrong https://www.huffpost.com/entry/ip-theft-crowdfunding-sites-are-being-harvested-by_b_580bbee3e4b099c43431971b She is not alone. Other than IP theft, ZTE just helped China government doing business with Iran remotely that ignored the sanctions. This is epic fail case to China because ZTE is too stupid to ask a Jewish lawyer to handle the documents. US slaps China’s ZTE with 7-year components ban for breaching terms of sanctions settlement https://www.scmp.com/business/companies/article/2142002/us-slaps-zte-seven-year-components-ban-breaching-terms-sanctions And the most horrible thing is China see morality is nothing on the critical bio-tech. China baby gene editing claim 'dubious'. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-46342195 No doubt, the technology innovation is strong in China in certain area. But it is meaningless if morality is eliminated. It is so tired to explain why Huawei and other Chinese companies do not deserve your sympathy. Mourning for a loss of optical zoom smartphone just proves how short-sight of oneself.
  23. I've used both Metabones and Viltrox focal reducers and I noticed minimal differences between the two in terms of image quality, certainly not enough to justify the price difference anyway. The only issue I had with my Viltrox, and it was an easy fix with the supplied tools, was adjust the back to focus better with the Sigma 18-35. I haven't used it but I've also heard good things about the Commlite focal reducer.
  24. Kipon makes both focal reducer and non focal reducer adapters that work ok and a lot cheaper than Matabones. I had one of the earliest non focal reducer ones (serial number was 77 form memory) and it worked fine for electronic aperture (and AFS too) after a couple of firmware upgrades (was terrible as sold but very quickly became very useable after a couple of upgrades).
  25. The Chinese can have whatever Industrial Revolution they want. The problem with the “Chinese tech revolution” is their revolution involves stealing technology from the West.
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