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  2. From last summer, finally a bit time to edit. Iscorama Cinegon mounted at Voigtlander Ultron 40/2 on Samsung NX1
  3. That could be a wireless follow focus.
  4. Which one makes you feel like getting out there and making kick-ass films?
  5. @ThomHaig have you shot hand-held before with IBIS or OIS? @androidlad may be right or may be wrong, depending on how you shoot (walking, ninja walking, creeping, not moving), how steady your body is, how much you can lean against things, how steady your hands are, what focal lengths you are shooting, how much movement there is of your subject, and how much movement is acceptable for you. I shoot hand-held with the GH5 and manual primes and I have pretty stable hands but the results are still variable. Sometimes I get rock-solid shots which could have been a tripod, sometimes I get shots that look like a hand-held cinema camera (they have human movement but it's not jittery) and sometimes the shots are pretty rough. Considering how much money you're talking about spending, maybe hiring before buying might be useful?
  6. Not mine. From l-rumors. @Andrew Reid your right. Definitely just some rigging in the back. Camera is almost completely obscured by the matte box.
  7. Realistically the US economy isnt doing that well. If you plot the US public fiscal deficit against unemployment ,,,, ..you will see that the deficit is 'rising' near 'full employment' - essentially the economy is being 'pump primed' at its limits unlike '2000' and '2006'. Essentially it isnt difficult to show the appearance of 'growth' if you cut taxes and increase spending (or simply borrow more) but you are simply spending at the expense of future generations.
  8. If you want to do some dimension extrapolation, those are Ray-Ban CATS 5000 Classic sunglasses she's wearing which have a lens/bridge/lens diameter of 131mm. If I remember correctly.
  9. I think I’ve seen better images coming out of the S1. Dont worry guys, in a few days Tony will release a completely contradictory video about the same topic so he effectively covers the entire clickbait spectrum.
  10. That's my guess... but we've been hoping for that to show itself for years... only to be disappointed😞 Still that's what I'm thinking. Pixel level sensitivity for true HDR... we can only hope 🤗
  11. If it’s a “dream” cine camera like we’ve heard from multiple sources it must be packing something special that we haven’t seen before in its price category. The organic sensor is a plausible candidate.
  12. I think the stuff at the back is just part of the rig, maybe there could be a battery plate there, to power the EVF. No sign of a camera body in that area and I think I even see a patch of the daylight between her head and the matte box where otherwise an EVA type brick would be.
  13. What’s against the side of her shoulder then? It’s either v-mount stuff or a camera body. Also all the rigging appears to be coming off something towards the back not something behind the matte box. the follow focus is in a weird spot too. You could be right. It’s hard to tell. Why didn’t your image enhancement work like it does in the movies? 🤣
  14. Lots of high contrast detail with lots of sharpening but almost no texture. No Thanks!
  15. This has NOTHING to do with any regulations that have been lifted under the current administration. From the article you posted: "Reserve sits in the heart of an industrial corridor between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. For more than 30 years, it has been known to many of its residents as “Cancer Alley”. That designation stems from the toxic pollution that is belched out from chemical plants along the serpentine squiggles of the lower Mississippi River." I'll add one additional thought... by an intriguing coincidence Michigan has solidly voted Democate for the past 30 years; It was flipped by the narrowest margin ( less than 1%) in 2016. Thank goodness the air in the USA hasn't fallen to UK air quality levels. Seriously, what the heck is going on there?
  16. Today
  17. Detail holding up very well from such a high resolution pixel binning sensor. The 5 axis IBIS has a lot of jitter and doesn't seem to be working to stop rotational jitter, but then it is shot by a talentless idiot. A well worn Tony thing is whenever he doesn't get invited with his fellow diva children of the camera press to a nice jaunt / holiday, he goes off on one of his rants making sure he name checks the company who smited the chosen one. The biggest names Fuji chose for the trip were Johnnie B and Gordon L, those well known celebrities of the camera kingdom.... Who will sit on the throne at the end? It's a fight to the death and there is only room for one ego in the YouTube camera review community.
  18. Also Metabones are not amazingly well made and are over priced IMO. Optically I've not seen any evidence that the Viltrox is inferior.
  19. Not sure what gave you that idea. You can't see the camera at all behind the massive matte box. Also the use of HDMI and the fact it's launching under Lumix branding would suggest an S1 form factor. If it were a EVA1 form factor there would be an SDI cable going into that nice Zaucto EVF they are using from an SDI port on the camera.
  20. Yes sure. Tell that to the people of Michigan and those living close to the Mississippi River. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/ng-interactive/2019/may/06/cancertown-louisana-reserve-special-report
  21. Neither OIS nor IBIS give you stable images while walking handheld. You'd need a gimbal for that. While linear mode helps, focus-by-wire lenses can't match true mechanical focusing lenses for manual focusing.
  22. Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some advice - I'm toying between picking up either an x-t3 or an x-h1. I currently have an x-t2. It's by far my favourite camera to use out of everything I've ever owned, having toyed with most of the major manufacturer's systems. I thought the Fuji top-dials thing was nonsense / an unnecessary fuss until I tried it. I love that tactility. I've found pretty decent deals on both cameras that include the battery grip, at more or less the same price. I understand that in terms recording options and specs the x-t3 is much better than the x-h1, but IBIS is the one thing I wish my x-t2 had. Whilst I'd love to say I'm a film making auteur, the truth is most of it's use will be casual, walkaround stuff. I very occasionally use my camera for work (mostly studio stuff), and I plan to use it for some low-budget film making hopefully later this year. I own the fujifilm 10-24mm / 18-55mm / 55-200mm which are all stabilised. I I'm keen to get some fujifilm primes, and I love the idea of using them stabilised, hence my decision to make. I know the x-h1 can use Fuji's lenses (focus by wire) in a 'linear' mode. Does this make manual focussing comparative to focusing on conventional lenses? And is this feature in both x-h1 and x-t3? Would appreciate any opinions / steering in the right direction! Thanks!
  23. BTM_Pix


    At first glance I thought that was some sort of Lake Placid Blue coloured fin tailed 50s car with its brake light on !
  24. GFX100 F-log sample (original file downloadable): ISO1600, 1/50, f/4 with sharpness and NR at default "0". Other than very noise blacks, image looks quite pleasing.
  25. kye


    Looks pretty good to me! Considering the grain from ML raw is so nice, and considering that any compressed delivery format normally kills most texture anyway, I'd say you've got a huge amount of latitude. Try pushing it in steps as far as ML will let you take it, then grade it like you would for getting levels and saturation etc right, then upload to YT as a private video and see how it turns out. In other news, here are a few test shots from my new Sun Zoom MC 70-210mm f3.8 lens. I could tell the moment that it arrived that it was a winner, and I'm sure that after I tell @BTM_Pix how much it cost then the result will be unanimous! 😆😆😆 Images from GH5 raw converted to JPG in post but otherwise untouched... Apologies for the fading light, so best to ignore slight colour changes. 70mm f3.8: 70mm F8: ~130mm f3.8 ~130mm f8 200mm f3.8 200mm f8: and a bit more graduation in DOF, with highlights off-camera.. 70mm f3.8: 70mm f8: 200mm f3.8: 200mm f8: and a few random screen grabs from this mornings game: Overall it seems like a nice lens to use, but because it's not parfocal and I'm not practiced with it, if I'm tracking action and I zoom then I lose focus and don't know which way to go to get it back. If only my eyes had phase detect and weren't limited to contrast detect!
  26. Hi. Why not upscale it to 8kp60 from 4kp60 then? 8kp15, is equivalent to 4kp60 in data rate, why not do that, the chip supports it in HDR? It's a shame it's not half the size, genuine 8k and a camera phone. 8kp15 is a negative as far as a feature goes. They better off do it for real, or make a $300 camera phone with it for real (and dual hot swappable storage cards, and extra definable buttons). Now, unfortunately it appears that the 855 video section is too weak for this (but why limit the resolution)? But the chipset can ingress 48mp at 30 fps from a sensor, and maybe a 14 bit interface (though the consumer high res sensor usually tops out at 8-12 bit depth at those resolutions in highest video rate). Now flip that around, that's 48fps at 30mp, so doing an Arri, and close enough upscaled to 8kp50. As it can ingress that pixel rate, it likely also debayers it. Cineform is now open source, but Bayer version requires a user license. By splitting the processing up between the hardware encoder, GPU, CPU and DSP you could encode 8kp50 4:2:2 Cineform, preserve the Bayer values in it like blackmagic raw does, and output to a USBC or wifi ssd. However, there maybe a simpler way. You could use JPEG, JPEG xr or JPEG xl (if functions supported or if programming can be used to make up for missing functionality) and heif. Prores is doable. The old iOS app vizzygig used to use the still camera hardware to take video at 4k and higher, as a series of photos, this started when the iPhone was limited to fullhd video, in 4k days it was a lot higher than 4k. But, you could try this with any 855 camera phone with a suitable sensor. The interesting thing is that even the 835/845 were meant to connect to 32mp sensors. Could the cheaper 48mp sensor phones actually do 8k? Samsung has an 8k capable processor. Ironically their sensor isn't. But they have a 64mp sensor coming, with around 16 stops HDR. The funny thing is, when asking a sales person if they were getting the phone, they brought up a page with might have listed a Samsung processor. I sure hope there are two versions, and the international one is actual 8k. But, it well likely be a mistake.
  27. While Tony may be one of the biggest click bait artists in the business, probably uses more makeup and grooming products than his wife and all the ladies in that part of the world (for the longest I thought that was his sister and they were competing on beauty products), is highly confused about which of his conspiracy theories to believe himself etc, one has to give it to him, the guy is truly entertaining. He couldn't crack a joke, even if the Cohen brothers wrote and shot episodes for him, but his theories are entertaining. He does raise some valid points every once in a while, but he is probably more in love with himself talking in the mirror, than doing anything truly well researched. Regardless, he does entertain.
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