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    • Now you give idea/courage to BM for immediately starting new page of their successful timemachine advertising solution: "Don't kill anybody, instead save a life and be the first in preorder list fok P4K II, available as soon as spring 2023".
    • Accidents with semi-trailers?  Check! This is how my previous car died...  it was borderline write-off before they discovered the chassis was bent. Mine was the blue echo, and the 4wd with trailer went in-between my car and the semi.  Traffic was almost stopped and the semi and I were next to each other and the 4wd comes flying up behind me, does an emergency lane change in-between me and the road train.  His 4wd fit through the gap but the trailer didn't, and was what caused the damage to my car and the dent in the fuel tank of the semi.  For an idea about how much faster he was going than we were, look at how far back the truck (and I) were from where he stopped.   If he hadn't have emergency lane-changed I'd probably be living a very different lifestyle right now. It was amazing that no-one was really hurt, but we sure made a mess of the highway for a while!
    • I keep getting point and shoot cameras from the Op shop I work at quite cheap.     I pay for them even though in many cases they would just be thrown out for various reasons.    The last few I have got have been quite surprising.    A little 16mp underwater Panasonic (this does use folded optics for its four times zoom- starting at 25mm FF angle of view).   Image quality is not the greatest but is ok but I will certainly keep it for when I need an all weather/rugged option. Only HD video.     My favourite so far is the Canon superzoom I posted about earlier (newest so far with a 24-960 lens and great stabilization but poor battery life and again, only HD video).   This week I got an older one (oldest lately by far) but was quite expensive new, a little Panasonic 24-120 but with full HD and manual control and touchscreen.   Image quality is not as good as the newer canon but still much better than other older P&S cameras I have had.   I am so happy with the three that I threw two other cameras into a bin on the street today (no chargers and each had a minor fault, otherwise I would have given them away).  One actually had half decent image quality (for a P&S from a few years ago- A Canon with HD video), the other was another underwater P&S but older and not as good/more limited. I am waiting for someone to donate a C300 or A7Riii or the like. Back more on topic, I keep seeing fewer newspaper photographers out and about and more likely a Journalist with a phone.     The TV stations are not quite using phones or even mirrorless cameras YET.
    • very nice video! I think the highlight is a bit 'hot'?
    • The XC has a brilliant design. It is a mini C100. The old handycam design is what it is obsolete in my mind. I really loved the JVC LS300 but I didn't like the form factor. The C100 is amazing hand held. I would kill one of you, to have a P4K with the XC form factor! Have you ever seen a FS5?? The problem with the XC, and everything that Canon sells, was the price obviously. It was way overpriced! Imagine what a hit a 4K C100mkiii could have been with the right price, but no. Canon put a raw lite there and the codecs of the hypothetical C100mkIII, called it C200, amd priced it to compete against the FS7mkII!! Great strategy..
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