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  1. Same thing, but different tech. Lamparte will be better for camera battery life because it uses remote lanc port, with no wifi required. BTM_Pix design will be more configurable/customizable and no need the receiver on camera side.
  2. What about an ibis mode for anamophic? Dou you think we'll get a mode without roll axis activated?
  3. Thanks a lot! Seens to be OK now.
  4. ffmpeg transcode will do the trick maybe
  5. So the bug is still there? Have to wait for adobe or panasonic to fix it? Are there a workaround? I have a paid shoot for tomorrow and need to be in vlog.
  6. Need some help from someone with Vlog, and premiere for windows: Do you remenber the bug with 10 bit footage, when editing premiere shows a heavy cropped preview? After last premiere update this was fixed, but i found that with vlog and 10bit footage the bug persist at least for me. But only with vlog, others profiles works ok. Can someone check this ?
  7. Forget about those lexar card. One like that always freeze my G85 at 4K.
  8. Please Andrew, if you can talk to panasonic people, ask for an "anamorphic Ibis mode" (where there is no roll axis movement of the sensor) because it is so bad for the vertical alignement of the scopes.
  9. Lomo Anamorphic lense 150mm

    Ships from Mansoura?
  10. What's your opinion on these GH5 items?

    XLR adapter is a must have(at least in my opinion)
  11. Power OFF camera. Put dial at "P" mode and and "single shoot". Press Disp. + AF/AE + Right cursor (keep pressing all together while powering ON. Press playback button Press and keep pressing AF/AE + UP cursor. Power OFF. Power ON camera. Now you have to be in service mode. You must see an exclamation symbol when power off. Then to restoring/changing region follow this: Power ON Same P and single shoot mode. Press and keep on pressing Set (center menu key) + Righ cursor Power OFF the camera
  12. Tilt-Shift Dronelapse - Trying something different

  13. @BTM_Pix Where are you now, uncle Traveling Matt ??
  14. Well, don't know if it's jitter or it's other thing like strobbig like you said. When i set the test, i thinked that 1/50ss was the proper for the motion blur with 24 fps. And used a motorized pan/tilt head at his fast/slow speed to always repeat same movements. I can repeat the test outside and with different configuration if needed.
  15. Dirty and not very scientific test. 4k 24fps and 1/50ss. Lens is Leica 12-60mm. With and without Dual Ibis 2.(e-stabilization not used in this test) Sandisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s. Almost repeating same movement with the Bescor Pan/tilt head. Jitter is very noticeable at longer focals lenght. Now i think IBIS is really awesome with erractic movements, and little shakes (like handheld walking shoot) but not for slow and linear moves like pans. Probably jitter when panning is due sensor moving in the same direction to the camera pan, trying to compensate, then canĀ“t go further and came to the center, and then to the same direction again and back to the center again. several times per second, and making a worse image. Hope it help.