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  1. What's your favorite action movie?

    Die Hard With a Vengance is probably top for me for overall entertainment. But films like Predator will always stay close to my heart
  2. Taking lens kit for pre 36

    older summicrons.. 35 (snooted front), 50 (snooted front) and 90. for s35 i don;t think there are a better matched set. serials starting before 28xxxxxxxx tend to have coatings that work well with the single coatings of the isco.
  3. Thoughts on a7rII/a7s replacement for stills and video?

    IMO it's dependent on whether you;re willing to invest in a speed booster ultra for the a7rii. if you can handle the extra $500, the a7rii wins for both video and stills unless you;re shooting 6400iso and higher all the time.. 12mpx isn;t quite enough for still photography IMO. it's ok for shallow dof stuff, but when you want a wide shot with everything in focus I find the 42mpx makes for way more pleasing images - particularly landscapes. I had an a7sii temporarily and decided the low light advantage and s-log3 wasn;t worth getting rid of the a7rii. I'm a still photography hobbyist who earns money from selling tifs for prints, and sometimes do wedding stuff, product photography etc. and for this the a7rii is king. the fact that the s35mm mode on the a7rii is one of the best internal 4k recording images available is a bonus for when I need to shoot video for the day job
  4. Thoughts on a7rII/a7s replacement for stills and video?

    tbh for general video use your a7s and a7rii are gonna be hard to beat. I'd suggest rigging the cameras to add weight and maybe length too - this will drastically affect the motion of the cameras. the a7rii with the ibis set correctly for the focal length you;re using and some added weight will help motion a great deal. here is a pic of my a7rii in a birdcage and a chunk of aluminium billet as a riser - perfect height for a 15mm rail mount I made. for out and out stills image quality.. you're not gonna be able to improve on the a7rii. it is single handedly the best stills camera (other than modern phase one MF cameras) currently available.
  5. Lenses to Invest In

    Leica R - f2 or faster.. native e-,ount and m4/3 lenses will depreciate in value since they'll always be less adaptable than slr lenses. personally I feel if a lens requires electronic contacts to allow it to be used, it's almost certainly gonna devalue rather than increase.
  6. I am depressed by the lack of articles on this blog.

    Yo Andrew. Don't be put off by the huge influx of unemployed people who've recently gone into blogging/vlogging in an attempt to make a commercial name for themselves. The days of celebrities like Philip Bloom are gone - gear nerds literally looked upon him as a god 3 years ago. Personally I'd like to see you in a permanent product development position at Sony, while still keeping this blog running with details like your beautifully carefully written and informative articles. I've been hoping to see your response tothe Leica SL - I'm amazed you weren;t sent one before the rest of the hopeless 'brand ambassadors' who would sell their mother if it gave them a little more online respect from gear heads. Lots and lots of readers here can focus on things for longer than 5 seconds. Even a few millenials might be able to keep reading to the end of the article. Your depth is why eoshd is the best of the lot. One problem is that since the A7S arriaved, we literally got everything we always wanted. most of those who are willing to learn how to use a tool are no longer looking for anything else. I think the acquisition of a a7s and a 1dc makes one less interested in looking for and reporting on better gear - the improvements are so small the other bloggers need to resort to click bait titles. finally, I think a few adverts wouldn;t do much hard to the site. rather than brands, maybe partner with a retailer?
  7. Canon 1DX Mkii vs Sony A7Rii

    That is astounding.
  8. High demand for ARRI Alexa 65

    you miss my point completely. I'm talking about how we associate a look with a type of visual piece. The Alexa65 will have been brought into the equation by arri in order to offer a prestige option to productions in the upper echelons of 'high end' that need to be able to separate themselves from everything else. The Revenant 'looked' different opticallyto anything else. They wouldn;t have bothered with the extra hassle of using multiple different cameras if there was no difference. I'm talking about a situation you obviously don't empathise with = the reason movies began to be shot in anamorphic andtheatres started projecting in a different aspect ratio to tv to bring people back to the theatres when tv's first came into the equation. Half of the promotion for 'The Hateful Eight' specifically went into detail about how they'd invested so much into shooting in 65mm anamorphic. When I say 'crap job', I mean jobs like walmart adverts. cheap clothing brand ads, auto/home insurance ads etc. no matter what the budget, who directs and shoots it, etc, the end result will never be good because of the brand they're trying to sell on a dream. DP's who settle for doing such work their entire lives earn a good living but never really make anything anyone with an artistic eye really takes notice of. They're somewhat artistic themselves and get bored of this shit and then look to new gear to make things more interesting. in doing so they often end up devaluing the aesthetic such gear brings to the equation. Your argument has about as much integrity as a kid telling Roger Deakins that he need not shoot in true anamophic on a 4 perf alexa, but instead shoot the movie on minidv because the script is good enough to carry it through without the need to make it look 'special'. What I mean to say is that I'm on a different page to you in terms of my personal preferences and expectations
  9. High demand for ARRI Alexa 65

    I kinda hope they don;t get too easy to acquire. The more there are, the more they'll be willing to knock down prices and make rental for crap jobs possible. nothing worse than seeing a golden standard used for menial projects. like when a creative director or dp suggests shooting a walmartadvert in anamorphic.. it undermines everything and removes the 'special' option that should only be made available to the true high end jobs like features.
  10. TRUMP +1DC + F35

    Make lenses great again!
  11. Sigma 20mm F1.4 ART review

    what a stunning lens! 20mm/1.4 full frame ! madness. beautiful test images too. on my want list!!!
  12. Is it possible to expose correctly Slog2 in A7RII????

    for typical scenes in outdoors bright daylight with dark shadows:- set your ev dial to +2 then use the histogram. If you're not sure what the histogram should look like for corrects-log2 exposure justset the camera to auto mode and see what settings it wants for a +2 exposure. then you know roughly how to set the camera up and how the histogram should look. for fool proof exposure just use a +2 setting on your ev dial andauto shutter. use a variable ND to keep your shutter as close to 1/50th as you can if you're not shooting in these conditions switch to another picture profile. a cine profile will be more preferable for low light where less priority is given on maintaing highlights of light sources etc. for easiest exposure, I am a fan of cine4. this was shot with the ev dial at -1.0
  13. When you factor in how much of the total cost outlay is dedicated to stills performance;and how much of the video functions have been crippled (compared to an ursa mini, a kine terra, an fs700 etc video camera, or the 1dc for that matter - canon'sprehistoric sensor tech needs all the help it can get when we're talking about DR, and without c-log this camera is not going to deliver the goods that the 1dc does;you have to factor in the performance in stills mode. Anyone buying this brand new forvideo alone - instead of looking at a preowned 1dc, c300mk1 or c100mk2 is mad.
  14. The DPreview tests back up everything Andrew has said here... Journalism is all about presenting information in a concise package. DPReview's article is plagued with positivity - if they're not positive they don't get advertising revenue or free cameras sent early. Andrews article simply points out and opens conversation regardingthe less positive facts that are almost avoidedby dpreview to best play political ball - brushing under the carpet hastily the fact that the 1dxii doesn't improve upon - infact based on the tests can;t even compete technically against a 4year old predecessor. I like the article because it's brought to light that from a stills point of view my investment in an A7Rii was a good one and from what I'm seeing here canon won't offer anything that will compete for at least a few years.
  15. New Canon 1DX Mkii Footage

    A bad workman always blames his tools... inproper wb settings and poor exposure. get them right and you wouldn;t have had a problem