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  2. Rokinon/Samyang Cine DS lenses

    I have the 85, 50, 35 and 24 - I had the 16 but sold it. I'm sure they do have high repair rates for a rental house - I mean, they're robust enough for general usage but I wouldn't want to subject them to much rough and tumble - they're clearly mainly plastic budget lenses. Nonetheless, for me, they perform really well. The 50, especially, I find to have a lovely character and almost a 3D quality in the way it separates subject from foreground. My set are also all fairly close in colour rendition. I've got a whole shelf full of older manual lenses that I like to use for both stills and video from time to time, but the Samyangs are what come out if I have the opportunity to put together something 'proper'.
  3. New EOSHD Pro Color 3.0 and EOSHD Pro LOG comes to Sony cameras

    Went to a hot pot restaurant with my wife and Sony a7sii....and a Canon fd f.1.2 lens. Shot this, minimal editing, all natural light. No color editing. The point? To show what the Pro color 3.0 upgrade "original" looks like "out of the box." Restaurant was very dark!---child's play for the a7sii
  4. How long should my episodic youtube series be?

    Following Mattias I'd suggest three - if it's good then your audience will let you know that they want more. Making it too short and having an enthusiastic audience is much better than making it too long and risk everyone getting bored. Once you've introduced one idea or joke or theme don't assume the credits last - you'll need to keep them coming (your "black eyes" will result in an initial one-off "wow" but you won't get the same reaction in episode 9!) This comment based on experience of live productions rather than film. "I wish I'd done more" is inspirational and a motivation to keep going...
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  6. LG V30 HDR Camera

    You're actually right. LG has mentioned 10-bit so many times, and wouldn't show off about 10-bit photo on a smartphone (it would be embarassing). The only question is whether the 50mbps video bitrate (correct me if I am wrong about the bitrate), would be sufficient for 10-bit video. I hope a 100-200 mbps video firmware update is on the way. I believe it does H265/HEVC, so it should be suffient for 10-bit video (it may be in GH5 territory in some ways). Hoping LG add a firmware. And also improves the super jittery video with better stabilization. It may actually become the first serious smartphone for filmmaking.
  7. How long should my episodic youtube series be?

    Start with a few but leave it open to sequals. If you write three episodes so that they stand on their own it won't be to overwhelming. Its always good to have short term goals. But leave a window that sets the story up for more. If you commit to 10 episodes and get bored after 5 it might be a pain.
  8. Manual focusing on fly-by-wire MFT lenses

    Didn't use Oly lenses yet. The thing is - I do love my Pany lenses optically, size and price wise. But that MF tuning they made for them is just so stupid. And even if someone need it, like still photographers (I didnt find it useful when I was taking photos), it would be so adequate to change their behavior in photo and video photo, which is an easy peazy programmable thingy. Yes I watched that Camerastore-tv video of course. It just frustrates me, that Panasonic being generally a company that tend to listen what its customers want, ignores that matter completely. And Oly PRO lenses are very expensive and will miss Dual IS on my G85 body. For now I am happy that I can focus comfortably with my 25 1.4, but for future purchases I will tests every lens focusing mechanism thoroughly from now on.
  9. Hi guys!!! I need some input here... My new project is im making an episodic youtube series to get my name out there as a director and bc my parents just moved to this beautiful mountain town, and i HAVE to use my 5d3 raw to film something there!!! it would be crazy not to. and im inspired so, basically what im thinking is something with a paranormal, surreal vibe, think the shining/kubrick + the x files ÷ twin peaks lol. i think im gonna do something with black eyed kids (its a thing) because... how easy is that? its not a transparent water monster that looks like pyramid head haha SO, my question is: how long should i make these short, NO BUDGET episodes? and how many episodes should there be for a short 'season'? I'm thinking: (a) with the absolute freedom i have, they can/should be whatever length i want, AND, luckily (b) i want them to be short... like 6-10 min per 'episode'? and i feel like thats good cuz (c) PEOPLE LIKE SHORT VIDEOS. so if i can get in a bit of storytelling, a scare, and a cliffhanger, great. wanna watch more? its coming up next in your queue! autoplay baby!!! so, if i do something like that... (d) how many episodes should there be? cuz of course im gonna write this all at once. it needs to have continuity, and it basically has one storyline, as opposed to a bunch of separate short films. im thinking 6-9 episodes aesthetically, plus that way the whole thingll be +/- 60-90 min like traditional shows THATS IT!!!! what do you guys think? lotta nuances at play here my "friend" justin said that i should make it all way shorter, like a 30 min total time, for reasons im not clear on, but i think hes missing the point that this is ZERO BUDGET. let me reiterate that. therefore, my actors cost the same whether theyre on set for 3 hours or 9 hours – and of course i want to take ADVANTAGE of that freedom in my writing, and the PAGE is the time to do so clever writing is my only chance at this being a success!!! what do you think??? is justin right that i should boil this down to like three ten min episodes?? i feel like i should release, say six, one by one, with a period of time between episodes as i work on post, as i try to build a following for it, and leave the end of the sixth episode on a major cliffhanger, then come back after a few months and wrap it up IDK!!! so help me out guys please and thank uuuu ❤️ 😘
  10. Taking the edge off

    nice work! I encounter this a lot with my c mount glass, you definitely knocked it down a bit.
  11. First Footage From EVA1

    Yes, agree...the image out of the camera is lovely...very detailed...And I've seen enough great shots from the camera, that I would have rseriously considered it...but the EF mount is of no interest...perhaps in a version 2 of the EVA, they will address that need!
  12. Great work Ed! Boy...now I am torn between the Arri, F35, and F65... the F65's are almost very close in price now; someone is selling theirs pretty cheap on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-F65-Digital-Cinematography-camera-/162678695295?hash=item25e067e57f:g:f8UAAOSwez5ZwDOv&autorefresh=true.
  13. Canon XC10 versus Sony RX10 III. The Canon is underrated!

    Fantastic review and tutorial explanations. From watching I've incorporated the reassignment of the push auto focus and will return to experimenting in shooting in TV mode. I was before and got but away from it.
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  15. New YouTubers and bloggers, who to follow...

    @DaveAltizer Uh, prolly '200D' like '550D' rather than 'D200' (Nikon-style), no? And is that how you pronounce the show's name? It sounds a little funky compared to traditional '-tica' words: https://findwords.info/ends/tica (I figured at first it would be 'Key-not-teak-ka', like 'kinetic' and 'electronica' not like 'key-noo-tea-ka'; might just be me tho, lol). - neways, otherwise, good luck with the new gig! :D You're a cool host. Still doesn't get me excited for a DSLR like that tho. -- it's interesting to see that quite a few vloggers opt for the quality, stability and reliability over the convenience over dualpixel AF and/or 'pretty straight out of camera Canon colors'... although, too little convenience is another roadblock... like getting a RED EPIC-Weapon and in the end finding it too much hassle to shoot with...
  16. Which "De-Video" filter?

    GH5. That blown out plant looks bad but we flagged off the sun beam right after this.
  17. BM Ursa Focal Reducer "Speed Booster" Prototype.

    Hi, how can I get in touch with you? Cheers paul
  18. New YouTubers and bloggers, who to follow...

    Posted a review of the new SL2/ D200!
  19. New YouTubers and bloggers, who to follow...

    Wow. Watched his latest one and it’s really good. Might actually inspire me to chuck the 35mm on and go for a walk.
  20. Rokinon/Samyang Cine DS lenses

    I have the 85mm T1.5 so far very pleased with it . Was only Aus $380 brand new the Nikon 85mm f1.4 has autofocus but is $2,300 !! However Lensrentals have found the Samyang/Rokinons have high repair rates https://www.slrlounge.com/rokinon-samyang-bower-lenses-long-term-quality-review/
  21. Taking the edge off

    Or how I lost my fringe Ok puns aside, using old or sometime new glass can be both interesting and challenging. And sometime they give results that are very pleasing just due to their defects. But that can also have a back side with lenses showing strong abberations where you really don't want them. So I wanted to see if I could take some of the edge off the worst part.
  22. Which "De-Video" filter?

    I tend to use Tiffen White promist and Schneider Black Frost. The latter a lot more. On 35mm white promist is beautiful. Always 1/8. Any more than that and it can get too noticeable for my taste.
  23. Manual focusing on fly-by-wire MFT lenses

    It is pretty good but the focus throw is a too short.
  24. Manual focusing on fly-by-wire MFT lenses

    That why some of us use Olympus lens, the dual clutch focus ring design is the best of both world.
  25. Rokinon/Samyang Cine DS lenses

    For the money they can't be beat.
  26. Web Delivery or: How I Hate YouTube

    By the way, I read that YouTube accepts H265 files natively, of course they make them VP9, but still it is another post mortem win for the NX crowd.
  27. Manual focusing on fly-by-wire MFT lenses

    @Amazeballs the Summilux 15 has exactly this linear focus change, regardless of the speed you twist the ring. Highly recommended. Summilux 12 should be the same, @jonpais should be able to confirm that,
  28. DaVinci Resolve 14 released!

    Been using the new update for my last few projects now - been pretty happy about the editing process, coming from premiere! Except I'm pretty unimpressed the fairlight panel (using the free version) Splitting stereo tracks into mono are a nightmare, unless you do it before placing them in a timeline (on multiple clips at a time). Maybe there is a really easy way to do this? If so please tell me... Also don't like the Fairlight ui layout much at all, I'm not sure why they made the mixer so minimalistic. Double clicking the pan box to find the pan-pot seems a little intuitive on stereo channels. Keeping track of auxes and buses is also difficult considering they are just small tiny lines of color that are hard to click on. But what I like the least is that the effects panel are not organized! I use a bunch of plugins from Waves but they all fall in one main category "Audio FX". Hitting the +Effects tab on a mixer track fills the entire screen. Tried to mix some music in it aswell, importing an older multitrack project, didn't find a way to place it in a timeline on different tracks. It's also strange that the audio panel is the only one where you can undock the video and put it on a second display without using external hardware. Can someone tell me if the paid version improves the Fairlight panel?
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