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Ursa Mini 4.6 3K Anamorphic


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You will probably want to have a 2x anamorphic for the Mini and just about all of the Iscorama's are not, the 3K mode has a 1.2 aspect which desqueezes to 2.4, a 1.5x anamorphic would only desqueeze to 1.8 which is fine but you won't have a true anamorphic aspect ratio. I would say either a Rextilux with a Kowa 16H, Iscorama or a Lomo square front. The reticlux will give you more options since it is a single focus adapter that can be put on many different lenses with different mounts. The Lomo's would have to be PL mount. 

Lastly the anamorphic mode in the Mini is really just a crop of the sensor, you are not gaining any height by using it. In fact you can get a slightly larger image by shooting 4.6K and cropping in post. The benifits come from being able to monitor it properly desqueezed at the correct aspect ratio and the reduced file size which is valuable due to cost of media and shear file size of raw. Just in case you didn't already know 3K anamorphic is raw only.

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