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Sony RX100IV + DJI Ronin -m = Dolly Slow Motion Test


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This is my first official test with the Sony RX100IV. I wanted to create a project that tests 3 things: 1) Slow motion quality 2) Dynamic Range 3) Slow motion with Dolly (using the ronin-m).


I decided to use my energized furry friend Simba as my talent. The dynamic range is incredible in 120p due to the high bitrate and I found myself having the best grades in post using this mode. Using the Dji Ronin-m made this setup extremely light and I was able to move extremely quick. I shot this video using only 120p, 240fps, and 480fps. Decided to get creative with the editing. Watch in HD and enjoy!


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Epic ! Looked to be shot in pretty good light but those slow motion shots were nicer quality than most I've seen posted all over the net to date. Nearly convinced to buy one of these after watching your video, just waiting on @Andrew Reid part 2 review or a little more feedback of this cam. Low light concerns me for wedding work or any indoor work at only f2.8 and haven't seen many low light tests with this cam.

Liking the look of the Panasonic G7 with Sigma 18-35 f1.8 and new Speedbooster XL combo! Lot of tests showing it has the extra stop of light over GH4 and although only 8-bit, that extra stop and 4K makes it ideal for budget film makers or enthusiasts who don't need or want to grade with S-Log :)

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