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    • By Nocturnes
      Works great, bought for  a specific lens for a film on our FS7/A7S and it worked just fine.
      Just no longer using.
      Ready to ship from San diego

    • By tonydtv
      Finished just in time for October... BURNT POPCORN!
      A dark little ditty, a silly little skiffle, a twisted little tale about a woman (Amber Marie Bollinger) who loves her ricecakes, but hates the oppressive smell of, well, you get it.
      Shot on the Sony A7s and RX100 iv on an assortment of Nikkor and Rokinon glass (and stock lens on the RX), as well as a Fujinon A18x85 BEVM-28 for those zooms. Cut and colored on Premiere CC and VFX done in Blender and After Effects CC.
      Enjoy in either youtube or vimeo flavors:
    • By DVine Mart
      Hey guys, i have a D-Tap to LP-E6 Battery Adapter for Canon DSLR camera for sale.
      I also have for Sony A7 series cameras and GH3 / GH4.
      ....with the adapter you can power your DSLR Camera from a Vmount Cine battery like the Sony or Anton Bauer.
      Please, contact me if you're interested via email: info@dvinemart.com

    • By JFKa
      Hi Friends.
      I have made this spec ad with a Sony A7s, Gopro 4 and Lumix LX100. Hope you enjoy it. 
    • By Jesse Tugas
      Hey guys,
      Here is a link to a short film a friend and I made:
      I'd appreciate any kind of feedback from you guys concerning the film. 
      "Death is an appointment we cannot avoid. The one we most regret." - Unknown 
      Directed by: Jesse Tugas
      Cinematography: Gino Woulard
      Actor: Mitchell Camps
      Sony A7s
      DJI Ronin
      Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8
      Rokinon 16mm f/2
      Zeiss 50mm f/1.4
      Canon 40mm f/2.8
      Special thanks to Dan Harris
      ** Academy of Art University Flashpoint Film Festival Cinematic Storytelling Winner
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