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Andrew Reid

First Sony A7R II user experiences - global shutter and native ISO 800?

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Actually, Sony only need bump the A7S2 up to 18MP to allow for a true 4K APSC mode.

If they bump all the way up to 24MP, the question quickly arises:  Why does the A7 exist?  The A7R2 and the A7S2 would cover all bases and the normal A7 gets squeezed out.

Kaizen doctrine would rule that A7 could be eliminated.
I'm praying for a 24MP A7S2 so I can avoid having to buy a second body, the A7R2 for stills.
And yes. I really need the 42MP sensor for some stills.

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You can pray forever. A7S never gonna be 24mp. 

At best 18mp. 
I think 18mp is becoming enough for stills, 12 is very limitating. 


Enough is a cruel word when your still work goes larger format...

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