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Another Use for the GH4's Anamorphic Mode (16mm lenses)

David Barkan

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Hello everyone!

With the new ability to shoot a 4K 1.33:1 image with the GH4, I immediately remembered of my film days (as an AC of course) where you had head and floor room on the viewfinder to shoot... and thought that I could use 16mm lenses on the GH4 with a decent crop...  meaning, that one would be able to shoot with 16mm and s16mm lenses, crop out the heavy vignette and still get nice 3K sized footage.

Here's a little proof test I shot:




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Nice man! Looks really good. I own a 26mm f1.1 that I use with my bolex and the image is insanely sharp on my pocket camera… It beats the sigma 18-35 by a mile. I'm not sure what magic happens in that glass but it's amazing. It also goes for 1200 used on ebay, so there's definitely a price to quality ratio. 

There is a lot of potential with that s16 glass.

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