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Samsung nx1 Price Drop

Raymond Poulet

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They wouldn't stop supplying if they had lots in stock. What is more likely happening is that their production runs are relatively small and they cannot supply every market, consequently they focus on certain markets. Their ability to support products in smaller markets may also be limited, which would impact on the decision to sell them there as the overhead for support may make the products not economically feasible.

You can get the camera and/or lenses if you do it by special order through a retailer (any specialist camera store in a market being supplied cameras should be able to do this for you), but finding them physically in stores is difficult because there do not appear to be many demo units out there. In most places you are not going to be able to walk into a store and buy it off the shelf - it would either have to be ordered in or you will have to buy it by mail order.

The price reduction probably reflects the anticipation of increased competition from new products that arrive in 2015.

It is best to consider the NX1 as an experimental camera for Samsung, one to test the waters with and build their reputation in the higher end camera market.

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In Europe it's still €1499 everywhere.


Not in Sweden, €1100, that's roughly what I paid. 

A couple of stores had a limited 20% discount but since this is Sweden they of course didn't sell all.

Can't remember any camera besides the bmpcc ever being out of stock here, not even on launch days.

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You got a nice deal there. Doesn't seem to be a regular price drop though: http://snapsort.com/se/cameras/Samsung-NX1-price

Prices in € seem to be pretty much fixed at €1499. I can't find it any cheaper in NL/DE. Might have to do something with the exchange rate of the dollar vs euro. Recently hardware is getting more expensive because of it, so price drops probably aren't very likely at the moment.

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