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Cameras - Avengers 2


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shot by Brit Ben Davis (who I saw 3 weeks ago in Manchester shooting Genius with Jude Law on Anamorphic C and E series Panavision lenses )

Marvel have invested very heavily in the Codex Valut system and are fully committed to the Arri Alexa to keep a look to the Marvel Universe and all their films .

Trent Opaloch was DP on Captain America 2 and did some interviews about Codex Vault system.

There wasnt even a discussion it was you are shoot on Alexa - film was never considered

They also shot Cap 2 on Anamorphic C and E series Panavision lenses.

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It's perhaps worth noting that all the Marvel films have been either all shot on, or mostly shot on film with the exception of the latest ones (Iron Man 3, Captain America: Winter Soldier and Thor: Dark World, Avengers) which were Alexa. 

All of the more recent Marvel films (i.e. post '08) seem to have been lensed with Panavision lenses.


I imagine the main unit and likely 2nd unit will have shot Alexa, whilst 2nd or 3rd units shooting Epic, or maybe for VFX. The BMPCC and GoPro as stunt/action/disposable cams.

I imagine the C500 is for splinter units, VFX pickups, or maybe for run 'n' gun shooting style.


I remember the first Captain America, 90% of it was film; though I could not pick the difference between the Alexa and film shots on the big screen. There were 2-3 5DmkIII shots that were really easy to pick (for me anyway).

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